Sophie @sofia

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Mishlyn - Good Luck Sophie! I hope it works out for you!
Sarah - Great stuff! What is in the herbal remedies you are trying? Be great to know! Let us know the res... More »
Sophie - Thanks everyone,, I will try it and if its work I will write it soon, , if not I will let you kno... More »
Sophie - Thanks everyone x
Sarah - Yep I have used coal tar shampoo and coal tar lotions before. I've got some relief from both duri... More »
Michelle - I guess I'm very lucky then. But I'm not complaining. I know what I can look like and I'm trying ... More »
Michelle - Hi Sophie. I agree with you but lemon and cheese are awesome. I have cheese once a month with foo... More »
Sarah - Hi Michelle, that's interesting. What foods do you eat / not eat then?
Michelle - Hi Sarah. My kids say I can live on a very low budget because I don't eat much. lol. what I don'... More »
Sophie - Hi Michelle I used it topically after my shower every day when my body still wet, if without a s... More »
Maggiec645 - Glycerine soap like Neutrogena?
Sophie - Not a soap, it is liquid you can buy it from the pharmacy, pure glycerine
Ruben - @ Otto, so we meet at our worst :p
Michelle - lol. I wish I could join you guys but the most awesome of the meeting would be that everyone has ... More »
Bryan82 - Love to meet some girl with psoriasis and work on reducing flair up and creams and also love xx
Bryan82 - Glasgow
Ruben - Belgium (between Ghent and Kortrijk)
Lynne - Yes I'm in Edinburgh . I would be itching to meet you! 😄
Cheryl - I havent tried it Sophie I am glad its working for you 😊
...feeling hopeful Sophie @sofia

Tee - Hello there..
john,Hulk - hello sofia, i am glad you are hopeful and welcome to the club :)
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