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Mishlyn - Hi Emily, having p on your face has got to be one of the hardest places. Maybe try dapping a litt... More »
Peter - Hi Emily self asteam is very important I find in helping with your P, maybe look at doing a cours... More »
Sarah - Psoriasis of the face is very awkward isn't it. Very visible and very hard to treat without use o... More »
Sarah - Hi Emily, that is hard to feel that there is something you want to do but psoriasis is stopping y... More »
Mishlyn - I once felt that way too Emily. My kids really helped me overcome it as well. When my skin wasn't... More »
Michelle - Emily. If swimming is still on your mind, it's worth taking the risk that people might see you. I... More »
Michelle - Taralyn. You can still look like a summer flower wearing the right clothes. How much of your body... More »
john,Hulk - So true Michelle, you ladies have a good way with words which is true of course, :)
Michelle - lol. sometimes I have to choose my words carefully to not offend anyone and I hope I haven't so f... More »
Richard - Hi Emily, hope your feeling better, every one on here knows exactly how you feel, im effected fro... More »
Michelle - Oh Emily. I feel your depression my girl. I've been there and I became a very horrible person. I ... More »
john,Hulk - Indeed we all are here for you Emily, plenty of things to try to improve things for yourself,i h... More »
Elaine - One thing I chose to do to help my self-esteem, and feel more accepting of myself, is tan! Just ... More »
allan - you have something special be proud .
Michelle - We all have. Well said. Acceptance is the key to progress. :)
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