Stewie @stewie

London, United Kingdom

Addicted to golf in the summer in shorts and t-shirt with my mates, which is why the P is really P'ing me off!


Brian - get out in the SUN
john,Hulk - it is if you got some :) uk is bad for sun :)
Chelle - My friends mom got her a Vitamin D lamp. Maybe you could look into that?
Stewie - Mary Jane, I was wondering if you could tell me how you take your VitD? Is it pill form or throug... More »
erick - ally, no i have not heard wrong about uv treatment. Both types of UV (UVA, UVB) has a small risk ... More »
erick - i know UV is quite effective, but try to exhaust all possible solutions before opting for that
JODI - hi Stewi. I used to have the very same concern as you do, however 3weeks ago I decided to stop t... More »
JODI - just wanted you to note that even though I learnt about the dangers of my medication 3years ago!!... More »
Stewie - Jackie - That's great, it's good to hear a success story once in a while, gives me and others rea... More »
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