Rosey @sue2023

Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different story.


Linda - Hope you can fit in some rest and relaxation too Rosey!
Bev - Remember to have some me time
Rosey - I will Linda and Bev but p Rob not till second week off,just good to have time off
Bev - Sorry to hear Rosey I hope your P heals up quickly
Rosey - Haha Bev,comes on quicker than it goes,hasnt left me yet,but thanks for caring,x
psomom - So easy to forget about ourselves!
Kristian - " We humans have a limited ability to understand ", thats the point. Wish this knowledge where mo... More »
Rosey - Kristen you will find a group to belong to on Facebook,Im not on there for social,like family and... More »
Rosey - U will find like minded ppl
john,Hulk - So true Michelle, Theres a lot of wonderful one parent families out there,, I better learn how ... More »
Michelle - Hahaha John. Good luck with finding someone to teach you!
john,Hulk - HAHAHA Michelle, that would be interesting :)
Lindakay1948 - Rosey can you retrain for a different area..?? That might help a bit...also make sure no one can ... More »
Rosey - All's ok,thanks Linda,company hires all the time ,most font last more than a few weeks as they do... More »
Rosey - Yes have searched and searched for new job,lots of people are out of work,something will slap me ... More »
Erica - I see is says on a health group that "Ginseng has beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory pr... More »
Bev - Unfortunately I can't take it because of high blood pressure:(
Rosey - I have that too but the post where I saw this ,the poster had high BP and tabs didn't effect at a... More »
Michelle - I hope you feel better soon Rosey :)
Rosey - Been 2 years but got to keep trying,am Sue,but changed name and pic as found out all was out ther... More »
Michelle - You picked a good name. Glad you're still with us Rosey. Xxx
James - You might be on to something Michelle, in Game of Thrones, at the centre of the banner of the Bo... More »
Michelle - Thats right James! Terrible way to torture someone. Love that series. :)
Sarah - I think maybe to me it is to do with the burning sensation under the skin!
JODI - wow! Michelle. your diet must definitely take much discipline and will power. thank you to all o... More »
Michelle - Oh and cut gluten out of your diet! Good luck Jodi ;)
Michelle - Its not a diet anymore but a lifestyle change. Never liked rich food anyway ;)
john,Hulk - yes i used to get tired a lot when my arthritis was bad years ago Sue,I am sorry about your other... More »
Lou - Sue, My primary care dr has no idea how much pain psoriatic arthritis causes nor the amount of f... More »
Rosey - Agree with you there Lou,drs really have no idea about the pain and tiredness am sure mine doesn'... More »
Bev - Lost my brother to it 4 years ago. Still keep thinking I must tell him or ask him something.
Rosey - She's palliative care now,ive lost some to cancer and some to other stuff,and weird,but I communi... More »
Jane - So sad, don’t know what to say. My Grandma died over 34 years ago but I still feel her near me wh... More »
Jane - I use coal tar shampoo but find it’s not doing much to help my flakes , I really don’t like the s... More »
Jannie - I use coal tar soap and nope no red in them senior highlights
Michelle - My hair used to be plum but I looked like a Casper with a burning head. Love the red color on hair.
Glenn - I have always had a dog, mostly welsh border collies and all apart from the thing I have now, use... More »
Crystal - Oh gosh my jack Russell dog called Teddy. He always lick my psoriasis on my lower legs. I allowed... More »
Erica - Mine just licks me anywhere (ears are gross) anytime she can, a real nurturer my JR. Want's to ta... More »
Sarah - Love this positivity! Microdermabrasion... I've heard of that. My p on my face has become fairly ... More »
Glenn - Sue, put a large handful of raw oats into an old clean stocking, tie a knot to stop escape and dr... More »
Sarah - That's pretty tough Sue. I can see how that would feel demeaning. There is such a lack of awarene... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Sue, I used to manage a restaurant years ago in a hotel,i also did cooking, lu... More »
Rosey - Hi Lorna,was on a diuretic as for bout 8 mths,for heart,when finger got very painful x-rays done ... More »
dennis - Here in the US I have health coverage through my employer and it covers the biologics though ther... More »
Mahommed - How much Is it
Rosey - It's like a record,goes round in circles,is pretty bad how works treated me,but like my job,but w... More »
Michelle - Sue, yes, its like a record going round in circles. They say our P might get severe the older we ... More »
Rosey - Maybe your p isn't severe ,the type that sends you to hospital that's what happened 2 and a bit y... More »
Rosey - Seems that in exactly a mths specialist is away lol so appointment is 5 weeks away,stupid how wor... More »
Michelle - We might think about the same song Sue. lol. Well, at least you have your appointment and it's ... More »
Rosey - By then and hoping I don't need his scripts anymore,but one has definitely improved my scalp,my h... More »
Michelle - I see you found your Mr Right Sue ;)
Rosey - As long as they have a job or at least a car not that fussy really just a decent guy will do but ... More »
Michelle - I'm sure he's not just any guy Sue. :)
Rosey - Organic chicken,roast beetroot ,beans for tea,I don't eat junk,not much at all,the biggest person... More »
Michelle - True Sue, I only eat organic food and my gut has improved. Most of all is that I don't suffer fro... More »
john,Hulk - I agree Sue, dont go to the dark side, that leads to anger and anger aggravates P :)
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