Sonia @summerdressenvy

Toronto, ON, Canada

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Zia, Cousin, Neighbour, Friend ... who I am to the most important people in my life. Living with Psoriasis day by day with hope in my heart.


amanda - I saw the episode too. Was a big inspiration to me that P can be treated
Sonia - Rosey it’s been a great feeling and one that has been foreign to me for over 20 years! I can actu... More »
Rosey - Shh,enjoy being this clear and don't worry about the what ifs,am hoping the cancer drug clears me... More »
amanda - Congrats on the clear skin.
Julie - Just having a break away from the normal everyday life is good, although we do take some of it wi... More »
Michelle - You know Sonia, my arms were covered in P too, but I'm clear now. I just decided to change my lif... More »
john,Hulk - Yes true Michelle, I accepted my condition around 35 years ago, i knew as soon as it was said as... More »
john,Hulk - your welcome, Yes never a hurry to make changes even some changes Sonia, This is my original name... More »
Sarah - Food a good idea to try, and some people discuss with their GP using antihistamines for itching
Rosey - Sonia I too spent a fortune on moisturizers,till I came here and virgin cold pressed coconut oil,... More »
Sonia - Aimee, thank goodness for swimming lessons!
Sonia - Michelle - I try to participate when I can with the kids around water activities - but man, it’s ... More »
Sonia - Genevieve - what an aspiring quote! I will have to remember that one.
Ruan - Has anybody heard or even used a product called Zudaifu?
Michelle - I'm happy to hear Sonia. Well done on the improvement :)
Sonia - Michelle - small steps and tiny victories to help stay positive - I try not to give up hope.
James - Freddie Krueger, I don't need a mask for that.
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