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Sarah - No, psoriasis has no respect of where it goes. Anywhere is a potential target for it 😣
Monuhor - I had light therapy but it dint work out well I went from knees and Elbows psoriasis to more or l... More »
Melanie - Hello! I go to phototherapy three times a week. I’m 2 months now and somehow it helped. They are... More »
Sumonds (SUE) - Thank you all for your comments. Michelle I am taking turmeric capsules and probiotics. Am lookin... More »
Sarah - Hey Sumonds, it's the waiting game. So frustrating. I was on a waiting list for light therapy for... More »
Diane - Oh no Sue, it’s terrible how long it takes to get anything done. It was 3 years before I finally ... More »
Nikki - My P started in October last year after I stopped taking a really evil medication that I’d been o... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋 rubbed on or sunburn gel with [...] for irritated spots
dave keyes - Ouch poor you sue, join the ever lengthening list of sufferers, yet no sign of a cure. We manage ... More »
Michelle - Does Aveeno cream contain coal tar?
Chris - Chlds Farm for me
Sarah - Hey Michelle, no it is unmedicated. It is oatmeal based. Fantastic, Sumonds!
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