Susan @susangoosen

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


Susan - Thank you John! I know, we must relax as well!! Thanks for your geniune concern and interest! Hav... More »
Susan - Susan not stupid. It takes alot of discipline to take our health into our own hands and try to c... More »
Ruben - Hey Susan, we all have to find the thing that works for our self. Everyone reacts different. I ... More »
Mickg48 - It seems strange using salt as that would be very drying like if you want great crackling rub the... More »
Susan - Yes Mick!by making crackling out of myself I got myself in a bit of a pickle!! Shall I add some a... More »
Cheryl - Soaking in it is good but not scrubbing Susan. I was advised not to scrub with anything at all. I... More »
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