Suzanne @suzanneh

Deltona, FL, United States


Suzanne - Thanks everyone. U guys said more than my doctors. All they do is pass the buck. PCP says its ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello suzanne, i think we all learn a lot more here than any where else about psoriasis as we all... More »
Rosanna - I spent years on treatment after treatment to try to remain mostly clear. Then about 15yrs ago I... More »
Suzanne - Hi Jill, ty for asking about the Sarcoidosis. I am on plaquenil 200mg twice a day. I only had 1... More »
Jill - Thanks for the info, Suzanne! Sarcoidosis can be just as frustrating as psoriasis! We fight bot... More »
Jill - One more thing friend has also had great success with mixing milk and turmeric. H... More »
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