Anton @tarquinious

London, United Kingdom

A New Zealander living in London for the past 12 years with designs of return home once I've made my first million (not any time soon then).


Michelle - Isn't it actually cannabis oil? I've tried the soap and will never again. Sorry, I googled it an... More »
Geri - That’s awesome!! Never heard of it. So glad it works for you !
Sarah - That's ace, Anton, welcome back to Flaym! Thanks for sharing this, sounds very encouraging. Espec... More »
Kelly - I've been using moogoo brought from Amazon that's the best stuff I've ever used and u can rub it ... More »
Helen - Wow will need to try that!
Anton - @Kathy: the tub I got is very thick, so I wouldn't put it on my scalp (unless I was bald, which i... More »
Stevebiker - Cheers I'll try a few out thanks
Vixen - Oatmeal/Mushrooms/Dairy
john,Hulk - i have given the lot up potential stuff that aggrvate psoriasis and go from there :)
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