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Alan - Welcome back, Judith!
Psoriatic4good - Hope everything is ok and welcome back!
Nan195 - Hi Judith, always welcome back and hope you are okay now. Life is hectic but there are the golde... More »
Clawbare - Sorry to hear that
Ghulam Mohd Dar - Patches on skin and its itching surely affects mental health and the affected person gets sad and... More »
Ed - I find stress makes everything worse including psoriasis. I suffer from depression and I have rea... More »
darren - be positive and hit it straight on :-)
john,Hulk - thank you not bad this week so far judith :) this week, my mind may be a bit flaky but my skin is... More »
Jack - I normally have a stern talk with the P and tell it to cut that s*** out.
Psoriatic4good - Immunosupressant is a really border-line walk, it has to be heavily controlled. It can help, b... More »
Lisa - I cannot spell it but i have had chronic urtacaria for years xx
Karon - I have eczema
Janice - Nothing as I get my moisturiser on prescription.
john,Hulk - free, as i get it from where i work as they throw them away when not in use :)
Ghulam Mohd Dar - There is no comfort in spending a lot of money on psoriasis, however, i use to apply some cream o... More »
Gerard - Be careful with what creams u take i had a nightmare getting through baggage control thought. I w... More »
Jack - Enjoy Berlin and don't worry about it! I'm trying to get tickets to London but everything is sold... More »
john,Hulk - have a great holiday judith.,every where we psoriasis sufferers go we leave a piece of us there :)
Ankur Kumar tanwar - Which medicine you take right now ,avoid alcohol,smoking ,milk
Deleted account - I have cut all those things and more out and still have it I believe it is stress and need to do ... More »
john,Hulk - i am ding some of the diet now not all but,most of it and other things too,true the mind does hav... More »
Eftychia - With a headache on Sunday, from staying up late on Saturday dancing out in a latin club.. bachata... More »
Josh - Judith, can I come next time?
Deleted account - have a lot of psoriasis on my head and one arm hurting and itching so much
Rex - Yes. I hate winter!
sue - my skin definitely dryer and sore, cracks all over the place
Ineke - afcourse for me when the sunshine is out my skin is getting better
Deleted account - Like a *house guest* from Hell...out stayed it's welcome... 😫
Don - its fading with the sun xx
Deleted account - been very sore on my head, and my arm in fact it has been killing me. I really need help.
Carmen - I try swimming daily.
John - when i had a bathtub, i took a bath. Scrubbed very gently the flakes of my skin and later on, dri... More »
Don - go for a walk in the woods and chill xx
Haraness - I'm OK with it.
Graeme - since I have had this on my hands my wife is reluctant for me to touch her intimately, resulting ... More »
Scobe - Turn the light off and nobody will know unless you have a scratching urge during and lose interes... More »
Gail - What meds is it please?
john,Hulk - thing is,there maybe a lot of ways to clear it etc but,what a lot of people dont say is,whatside ... More »
Deleted account - what is this new medication I am desperate I am in so much pain with my head and arm
john,Hulk - hello ragazza , i hope all is well and you are to :)
Ragazza - @ John My Psoriasis is fading, inflammation is slowly going away. Just that diet + the right kin... More »
john,Hulk - dafalgan mmmm,no i havnt heard of that?yay ,you are clearing up,thats great,yes,seems one needs k... More »
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