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Matt - I ordered some dead Sea salts years ago and used them for 4 weeks. Aside from it being an uncomfo... More »
TMC - I use a dead sea salt scrub and it helps a lot so probably the real thing will help more but I'm ... More »
Gerald - I tried a float chamber and it does help
john,Hulk - hello tmc, yes the joints more than anything for a few days after with aching and crunching .low... More »
Peris - it usually dont affect so much but i can understand. Sometimes when i wake up after some drinks i... More »
Katey - Mine is very bad as I drink probably more than I should. I gave up smoking and have a healthy die... More »
Amy - i was told to apply cream and then put on flight socks as it helps circulation
TMC - Hmm I will try the flight socks. Thanks :)
Cheryl - I have some flight socks. I will give them a go.
Josephine - Just coming back from Mexico. It felt so good to wear summer clothing - especially a bikini! I kn... More »
TMC - *sea salt scrub
Jack - Solid advice TMC. Welcome to Flaym!
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