Tracy @tracy2020

After 3 + years of total misery I was finally diagnosed by a dermatologist with psoriasis on my genitals in December 2017. She prescribe be a steroid ointment but to be honest I am not finding it much good. Can anyone give me some advice.


Mishlyn - Hey Tracy, I have never tried them, have you done anything differently lately that may have trigg... More »
Sarah - Tracy I'm not sure! I hope other Flaym members have advice for you. Or your derm!
Peter - Just starting on the biologics road. Day 4 post injection. No side effects so far. Good luck and ... More »
Tracy - Not doing great find my symptoms coming back again. Very upset thought I had finally found relie... More »
Peter - Day 18 post 1st injection, no side effects, plenty of improvements on plaque, scalp and guttate,... More »
Rose - Tea tree oil mix is very soothing. My arms , feet and behind my ears, I use sea salt in SHOWER. I... More »
Tracy - Where can you get sea salt. And does the Tea Tree Oil not burn you. Do you just mix tea tree oil... More »
Rose - I get Gold Bond at Walgreens. You can get bath sea salt there too. Or big lot it's cheaper. I get... More »
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