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I make fish food all day every day


Deleted account - Hmm I could feel the vibe
Janice - Brilliant news, I stopped taking Vitamin D when the summer started in June but will commence agai... More »
Jullie - Congrats my friend glad to hear. 🙂
Mickg48 - Thank you Travel Rocker I will give it a try.
Nicole - 20000 iu that seems like a lot? I have the drops as well and it says 1000 per drop. I wasn't sure... More »
Jennifer - The nurse had me start taking those when I was pregnant 4 yrs ago, and said I should probably tak... More »
darren - ive been taking these for months hasn't had any impact - waste of time and money - glad it worked... More »
TravelRocker - Danced the night away like the good old days
Allyson - Good for you!
KateL - no I have not but will look into it this week I do bath in a tar based product but that only give... More »
KateL - that is my first and last moan about the whole thing as it does not help at all smiles all the way
Nan195 - Have you tried a Coconut Oil massage. Get better soon and take care 🌹
Rodparis - I use the manual one, and I like it cause it doesn't dig deep, which can make it worse
Janice - It is in East Anglia too, loving it.
Prue - Good on you👌
Nan195 - Have fun 🤗
john,Hulk - hello travel rocker,you want to see lot of skin ? :)
Flaym - We are definitely considering adding an image sharing feature. Thanks for the heads up ;)
Jeni - Hi travel rocker ,when you,ve showered always pat your skin dry ,do not rub with the towel your o... More »
Jeni - yes as though your dirty ,I just say if you had what i have you would know how pain full it is an... More »
Jennifer - On the other side, as a cashier at my last job, customers did that to me, one person called after... More »
Allyson - Do you think it could be tension or stress causing your headaches?
Angelina - It makes me tired to put on cream every day. or even few times. If I will miss some day it will b... More »
TravelRocker - I am always tired, whether I have had 4 hours sleep or 13 hours. Permantely 😴
Allyson - I am also tired and have no energy. My theory is that our bodies are in over drive making all of ... More »
Ella - Ouch?
Ilze - I have one set especially for my bed sheet, and one for the floor..! :D
Allyson - I know what you mean. Half of my dust pan is full of skin and the other half is full of dog hair.... More »
Jullie - Are you kidding me!!!
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