Will @will22

Mannington, WV, United States

43 yrs old, married. Worked in a machine shop 20 years and also tattoo now for 3. Served the US Army 8 yrs. I have 2 kids and enjoy anything outdoors.


Deleted account - Sorry to hear that Will, have you ever had a bath in Oat meal? IUt's very comforting and reduces... More »
Will - I tried a couple different things. Shampoo, oatmeal body wash and usually what ever moisturizer i... More »
Deleted account - I know it's terrible to face something like this alone and feeling alone on top of it. I'm gra... More »
Will - Ive tried all that Susan. Im in a no win situation! I don't know why I even stick around honestly.
Deleted account - My Mom sent my brother to the school of hard knocks, he was acting up like that and worse. He w... More »
Susan - Will I hope things will change for you soon. You know how stress is not good for us.
Will - Your on the money Will21! 40 hrs in 3 days. Well lucky for me....36 pays 40. LoL
Deleted account - I always got stuck on swing shift, and more overtime than I ever wanted. Cnc Mill guy , multiple ... More »
Rich - Working one or two jobs along with stress can make p flare up.
Timo - I do something similar as James suggested. I freeze water, about half the bottle or more dependi... More »
Deleted account - Good for you Will, just got to dig deep in the short term until your body adjusts then you can ma... More »
Will - Thank you Dave! Im diggin and duggin! LOL.
Susan - Alan that's funny.... Beer... How's that working for your flares... LOL. I don't drink beer exce... More »
Will - I also love to cook Susan! More than that...i enjoy eating! I don't mind beer every once in a whi... More »
Susan - Will, for me, cooking is kind of meditative. I get in a zone and am very relaxed. I do know peo... More »
Jack - Haha, welcome to the lizard clan, friend. I would avoid beer and alcohol generally. Cut down on g... More »
Will - I appreciate the advise! Thanks to all! The sugar alone is going to be tough for me. Potato's imp... More »
Deleted account - Hi will, definitely stop the Pepsi, most of the bad stuff in potatoes is in the skin, if you can ... More »
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