Jake @wshotgunsp

Albany, NY, United States

I really just want to be hunting all day every day.


BBw71 - So what do you think has made the difference? Did you have guttate p?
Stefany - Hi Jake and co, I’m not in full remission yet, but close to it. Not to mention other issues hav... More »
Susan - Good for you Stefany. I don't use the word remission otherwise my mind will think my autoimmune ... More »
Merle - Share the diet. I’m sure it will help
Llain - I've had itchy ears, neck, back and chest for four years now and don't get much sleep, sometimes ... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks for sharing Jake, I have not head of these dr's but I am always up for learning new approa... More »
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaym-ily, Jake! Quite a few Flaym members are on biologics - check out the themes... More »
Bev - Welcome Jake you will find this group very helpful
Mishlyn - Hi Cheryl, I have eliminated Gluten, dairy, red meat, nightshades and sugar. You can always start... More »
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