Zumara @zum

London, United Kingdom

Itchy and scratchy since I was 18. I hate my scalp!


john,Hulk - that is true james, i work in a nursing home in maintenance, when the vacuum cleaners are broken,... More »
James - It's the same as thermos John, unless Thermos made it you should say vacuum flask. Oh, and Zumara... More »
Sarah - Woah that's brave @zum! I've seen dads using hoovers on YouTube to put their kids hair in ponytai... More »
Sarah - Oo let us know how you get on with it, Zumara!
Theresa - From a grocery store, is that where you buy it
Mishlyn - Hi Theresa, I found mine at a health food store :)
John - How did the grape seed oil help you?
Roxanne - Ive used it on my scalp before.
Roxanne - I put baby powder in my hair after an overnight treatment to help get the oil out.
Rose58 - Bit did it help your legs?
Sarah - Haha Zumara! Wrap the sandwiches in tights, and the legs in clingfilm. Role reversal! How are you... More »
Zumara - Nope! It didn't help.. onto Grapeseed oil!
Chris - Have to change your profile pic Zumara only way at the moment
Jennifer - I think you'll be fine. I use an injectable and have no major problems
Mishlyn - Hi Zumara, I hope it is working well for you!!
john,Hulk - oh dear,good job your flakes dont glow in the dark otherwise you have bigger issues zumara,glad t... More »
john,Hulk - funny you say that sarah, when i had cream on my face years ago, no different than now of course ... More »
Judith, Judy, nickname is Jude - I just got a new Shark with light in front — love it. News is always talking about the “snowfla... More »
Michelle - Have these medication been tested on animals?
Susan - Hi Zumara, I haven’t been on a clinical trial but I used to do clinical trials for my work. I hav... More »
Erica - I am currently participating in a clinical trial for psoriatic arthritis. Got two injections begi... More »
James - My scalps been free for a while now but when it had plaques, I tried shower caps and plastic bags... More »
Olive - Hi, I also use coconut oil on my scalp, and tried a bunch of things to cover my head. I found a m... More »
Rich - Carrier bag 🤔 hope you put breath holes in 😉
john,Hulk - sorry to hear this zumara, i hope you can get the symptoms down,sorry for your sadness
Sarah - You're not alone Zumara and it will get better. I had the exact same when my psoriasis was at its... More »
Aimee - Ask your doctor for diprosalic application for your scalp, apply it at night and wash it off in t... More »
Deleted account - No! Please don't put any type of steroids on your skin it will weaken it and thin it out, you'll... More »
Deleted account - I have and use T gel shampoo, it works wonders, gets rid of the itch and the scales lift off
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Zumara. Glad you've found us! We have plenty of threads about immunosuppressant... More »
Deleted account - Hi Zumara, looks like we are the same age...Welcome to Flaym. I've had psoriasis since I was abo... More »
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