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Jen - Ouch. That's never pleasant Greg. Steroid creams are good to calm it down if it's bad. But don't ... More »
Susan - Oh dear. Yes. Kids can make life difficult some times. If you have to go that route, then you ... More »
psomom - Thanks Susan. I too hope that in his future he follows the path I have tried to lead him on. I ... More »
Sarah - You have to go the route you feel is best and at times like that, the options get narrow. Fantast... More »
Sarah - That is very difficult, I hope your psoriasis doesn't limit your new career...
Kristian - " We humans have a limited ability to understand ", thats the point. Wish this knowledge where mo... More »
Rosey - Kristen you will find a group to belong to on Facebook,Im not on there for social,like family and... More »
Rosey - U will find like minded ppl
James - I'm just pre-empting a doctors visit next week. I've had P behind my ears off and on for years. N... More »
Madmum007 - I het it by my ears from sunglasses in the summertime, olive oil there works fab for me there!
Chris - No but I'm constantly cleaning them from eyebrow and eyelid flakes
psomom - Good to note about the face and UV. New spots a cropping up all over. I was feeling like we were ... More »
John, THE HULK - Sounds good psomom, i hope your son will get good results from diet/lifestyle changes, it does ta... More »
Michelle - Psomim, sorry to hear about this and you're doing a great job by not panicking. Think back what y... More »
Rosey - Not an issue,use lemons ,skin missing,but cover up and it's winter,having that won't kill me , li... More »
Sarah - Maybe this is why my skin reacted badly to lemon...
deborah - Maybe, I didn't know it was photosensitive. I think that's important to know. Ouch!
deborah - Over 50 Hurts Michelle. LOL When does a cougar start really? 50 is the new 30... so ....hehe
Jannie - Yeah I'm over 50 also Michelle so shall we make it 60. I've obviously lived in some rough places.
Kelli - Wow that must have been really scary and certainly stressful! I’m glad you and your kitties got i... More »
Dev - @john I usually don't get inflammation my experience with inflammation is totally different. Whe... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Dev! Good to hear you have some creams that are working so well!
John, THE HULK - I see thanks Dev.
psomom - Thanks John, the diet will be very tricky to change but I will work at it slowly. Hopefully supp... More »
John, THE HULK - Yes i know its not easy but ,sounds like you are doing well with him,Lucky to have a mother like... More »
psomom - Thanks John, I meant MEDITATION video game lol
Sarah - Argh Casey yes it is fraught with issues for you but you are being brave trying to give it a go a... More »
Michelle - Melanie. Baby steps still move you forward. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, e... More »
Melanie - yes! Thank you! Encouragement from others helps especially when they can relate to it!
Michelle - This is a great group Melanie with Flaymers who really cares about each other. I wish you well :)
Deleted account - Hey twin. I’m 105lbs now too. It seems to just fall off after my first needle, I have read up and... More »
Rita - I imagine you’re taking other medications for anxiety Casey; I too sometimes suffer from anxiety ... More »
Michelle - That sounds wonderful Casey. Don't worry, you will get there. You are positive and you sound conf... More »
John, THE HULK - Good, sound like you are doing a lot of things to help yourself :)
Deleted account - I turned into a nerd, this is my first flare up at 38 and I was 80% covered by the time I was app... More »
Michelle - I hope the increase can be helpful Casey! Some people seem to notice differences rignt away.. and... More »
Sarah - Welcome Mhsieh!
John, THE HULK - Welcome to FLAYM Mhsieh ,
Erica - Not really. I went for phototherapy sessions last year and apart from the redness that disappeare... More »
Clint - Hydrogen peroxide removes wax and produces pure oxygen that cures your ear
Ava - I saturate a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and CAREFULLY reach as far into the ear as I can, being... More »
Rosey - Wow,im going to get me some hydrogen ,all these things I'm learning
Chris - When I had it they built up the time wit every session.
deborah - Spot on ... lol... yes, I usually start at about 11 seconds. I'm very fair. I think I've gotten a... More »
mohamd - 1st session 30 sec, and the session is for full body
John, THE HULK - Hello Ava , i have been tested but i am not gluten intolerant but if i stuff myself on gluten an... More »
Susan - Not this momma Md... I don't get anything gluten free as it's processed. If I REALLY want noodle... More »
Sarah - I have eaten rice noodles once or twice in the past year but not wheat noodles. I don't eat glute... More »

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