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Kim - Do you think it's because it's playing on your mind?
Debakshi - @Foody -thanks for the reply. Ummm...Of course there is a good chance that it is because I am dr... More »
Kim - That's interesting. I've never thought of anything like that before.
Michelle - Hi Mike, Thats the weird thing, I stopped my treatment for a while because my scalp psoriasis... More »
Mike - Hi Michelle, So when you stopped the treatment because your psoriasis got better was your hair... More »
Sharon (Sherry) - Michelle, a friend of mine had cancer and lost a lot of her hair... doctor told her to take Bioti... More »
Mike - Hair loss from psoriasis is rarely permanent so don't worry. The key is to get the psoriasis unde... More »
Karan - Eat clean and balanced diet cut down animal protein , onion , garlic, gluten , sugar , and drink ... More »
Jullie - Getting my hair dyed help it all the time. I find after washing my hair brush or comb it for a wh... More »
john - I worked in hotel and catering for 23 years and decided to make changes like my lifestyle now , I... More »
adrian - I work as a retail supervisor on a holiday park
SimonLFC1976 - I own my own business running 3 service websites, after spending 22 years in the Telecoms industry
Kim - Err no!
Cheryl - I wish there was one! Its trial and error ...
Shweta Singh - I wish there was a permanent solution for this. Tired of trying.
Jill - It will subside. It sounds like you are having a flare. You need some kind of oil/cream to give... More »
Susan - Gabriela... Answer is yes, or at least that's what I believe. Keep speaking that over yourself..... More »
Gabriela - Thank you Jill and Susan. Your kind words are a medicine in themselves.
Susan - Gabriela... Just hang in there. One day at a time. Put some oil, coconut or whatever in your ea... More »
Diane - Hugs to you honey. I am using hemp seed oil and finding that is helping with the itchiness and re... More »
Susan - Gabriella you have to try everything possible and never stop trying! Life is too precious!! I kno... More »
Kim - Hi Paulo. Well done clearing your skin. This is not a charity forum so I don't think you will get... More »
Lauren - Pat - that's awesome. Yeah, I guess in Canada at a bit different. Most of my healthcare (doctor v... More »
Pat - Lauren that is great! Maybe someone in the USA is reading this too and can get their meds. I like... More »
Lauren - Yeah, I love animals! Only thing I could see myself doing with my life. :)
Deena - I feel sick
john - hello deena, you on meds for psoriasis?sorry you are afraid :(
Pooja - Great if u feel changes plz let me know 🙂🙂
Dave - If it falls out or thins out it generally grows back when the patch clears up.
Sharon (Sherry) - In my experience, yes it is possible that p of the scalp causes loss of hair... it's one of the p... More »
Jane :) - Hello Penny! I suggest you go back to your doctor and complain about the effects of the medicine ... More »
Susan - Oh man.. Totally... I don't have sugar except the odd liquorice or treat once in a while. Sugar ... More »
Jamie - Hi again susan sorry your last response answers my question on the other thread
john - hello jamie,i cant believe i missed your comment:( hank you for getting back,i know exactly what... More »
john - i wish you well harsh,no i havnt , it is a choice though, sorry you are afraid ,good luck
john - hello eilish, its a choice, i have been offered injections and pills i said no because of the pot... More »
Psoriatic4good - No, don't do them. I could write a whole screen of pros and cons, but in short - if You don't ... More »
Nan195 - Your Dr. Can prescribe something for you that will help. Be calm and relaxed, rest as much as po... More »
Cheryl - Sorry you have been having a rough time Lucie. I was going to suggest as Trish did using an antih... More »
Liz - Antihistamine will make you feel very sleepy I would see the doctor too
john - hello fiona , diet changes work for a lot of people and drink 2 litres of bottled or filtered wat... More »
Fiona Wilke - Hi John Many thanks for your kind response, will definitely give it a go!
john - hello fiona, its not easy at all making big changes i know,gradually cutting potential bad foods ... More »
Jorge Ayuso - Are you being treated?
Monuhor - Yes soon going to try acitreti n

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