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Phil - You may have Psoriatic Arthritis. Go to your Dr
Sarah - I’m feeling the same also 😔and my elbows and wrists
Michelle - Hi Rosie. I try to wear flowy dresses from soft material. I wear a lot of Denims too but they are... More »
Carolyn Modesty - Sweet potatoes figgy and sun.
john,Hulk - Hi John and welcome to Flaym :)
john,Hulk - Hahaha, Ellen, Myself and Michelle met up again but in Ireland ,not a place of choice but the onl... More »
Rosey - I work with it, Its ostioarthitis for me in finger now feet, and will continue to work for as lo... More »
Rosey - I'll go to neurologist,am over the nerve damage pain and it was so bad last week, hoping it's no... More »
Linda - Hope you get some good advice to help you out Rosey! Hang in there!
Rosey - Mm yes had bad memories of p all over and in bum , painful hope you get that sorted soon think I ... More »
Michelle - James, the improvement on your P is tremendous and I hope the last bit will disappear as well. Yo... More »
Rosey - Michelle miss your pic ,you are so sincere and wise in helping people on here and like John ,you ... More »
Michelle - There is no quick fix Max unless you resort to a very strong steroid. Hope the holiday is going w... More »
Max - I’m going on holiday, I’m applying enstilarr to try at least look normal. Sir far looking kind a ... More »
Michelle - I know how you feel. People used to think I was burned by oil or fire. Sorry I thought you are on... More »
James - Almond oil applied warm will help loosen plaques so they come out when you wash your hair, that s... More »
psomom - There is a youtuber ‘lamblike’ who has an excellent scalp Psoriasis protocol that was very good.
Dakeyras - Hi and welcome to Flaym . :) Lots of excellent information about such in this forum lass... ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Claire, Sorry about this with the burning,I dont use creams from Docs,I have been given cre... More »
Claire - Thanks everyone. Good news is it has calmed down this morning. It's still red but not sore. That ... More »
Clint - Hot legs
Michelle - Dionna, we are not always there to keep people happy but to do our job. Going for a job interview... More »
Dionna - Michelle, you just inspire me to be better always! I’ll definitely let everyone know here how it ... More »
Michelle - Wonderful and again, good luck :)
john,Hulk - Yes i know about this James, I put a post about it near 2 years ago i think then? i know i put p... More »
Michelle - Hi James. I think this might be an old article? "GPs warned about risks of flammable skin creams.... More »
Michelle - Sorry to hear Nicola. Do you take any vits for your immune system?
john,Hulk - Hello Nicola, i am trying Liverel supplement at the moment from Holland and Barrett , it takes 3... More »
Peter - Aye cheers.... bought my 1st jar of decaf today, it’s not the worst 😂😂😂
john,Hulk - HAHA it be okay once you get used it ,i have mine black no sugar or milk :)
Sonia - I also drink decaf coffee - milk only .. but my fave is decaf latte - that’s the best!
Aleksandar - Contagious*
Jen - Is there a reason you think that Aleksandar?
Aleksandar - Yes, we had sex without condom with my girlfriend. That time I had a spot on my private part, and... More »
Yolandi - I know what that feels like. I was 18 when I was diagnosed and my anxiety never decreases
Jasmin - To be honest, i'm still pretty down about it, my anxiety never leaves me aswell, and it is my big... More »
Jen - Ouch. That's never pleasant Greg. Steroid creams are good to calm it down if it's bad. But don't ... More »
Susan - Oh dear. Yes. Kids can make life difficult some times. If you have to go that route, then you ... More »
psomom - Thanks Susan. I too hope that in his future he follows the path I have tried to lead him on. I ... More »
Sarah - You have to go the route you feel is best and at times like that, the options get narrow. Fantast... More »

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