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Jennifer - So sorry, mine too though. More severe than its ever been.
Sarah - Hi Janet, welcome to Flaym. Have you already seen the themes section? You'll find posts about sca... More »
Otto_M_Moon - You aren't diabetic right?
Sarah - I do get this from time to time but I don't really ever see a connection with my p. I never truly... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Oh my, I had a tibial plateau spiral fracture, you get a plate and a bunch of screws :) mine happ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Deb! I have no idea if it is related to psoriasis but I do know that my teeth h... More »
Sarah - Hope you're OK Alyssa! Glad skin is doing better but hope the tonsil area will follow and improve... More »
Alyssa - Thanks sarah, kept in hospital on antibiotcs and other meds to help the bleeding hoping to be hom... More »
Nan195 - Hi Alyssa, take care and get better soon 🌹
Cherryl - Hi pegge, welcome to flaym. I have been tested for food intolerances and by eliminating the foods... More »
Sarah - Hi Pegge, welcome to Flaym. Hope your light therapy will help! I've recently been on a waiting li... More »
Pegge - Thank you Brian..after light therapy I look like a paint pony..blistered skin and thousands of re... More »
Sarah - Alyssa, yeowchh! Hope it's going ok with the recovery. I'd love you to keep me posted about how y... More »
Dex - Where most of strep bacteria that enter our microbiome comes from our teeth. When we get our cl... More »
Nan195 - Hi Dex, your responses to this Post are interesting, tell us more please 🌹
John - How did the grape seed oil help you?
Roxanne - Ive used it on my scalp before.
Roxanne - I put baby powder in my hair after an overnight treatment to help get the oil out.
Julie - Welcome Chris
Chris - Thanks for the responses guys, It is comforting talking with folks that have and are going throug... More »
john - hello chris, rant away,what it great for here thanks
Lucy - so today I just signed paperwork for the injectables company and have to wait for the home deliv... More »
Sarah - Glad you're on the road to a treatment option that you're happy with, Lucy. I've got a derm appoi... More »
Lucy - I know how you feel Sarah I saw my dermatologist a few weeks ago and I won’t be seeing them till ... More »
john - we are all different on the effects of alcahol,i am ok with low strength lager at 3.8% max and i ... More »
Cyril - Maybe it's just me, but Guinness is okay. larger, wine and whiskey react terrible with my skin.
Dave - I don’t have any reaction at all to alcohol (un)fortunately, nor any of the “Avoid” foods....its ... More »
Julie - Sorry your not feeling well. My shins have flakes , they haven't done that in ten yrs so guessi... More »
Margarida - I'm sorry to hear that, Julie! I hope you get better soon!
Sarah - Hmm lots of us might be in for a flakey winter. It's starting to affect lots of us in the Flaymil... More »
john - hello alice,how long have you had psoriasis of the scalp?it may not spread,some just get scalp ps... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Alice. You're amongst scalp p warriors here! I'm with you. There's always a wor... More »
john - that is true as mishlyn has said,i like a treat now and again but,i dont crave it,i find i stuff ... More »
Don - fizzy drinks mean beer.?...I want to be supportive....but...everything out but beer.... you can ... More »
john - beer aswell don is bad but, on the odd occassion, i have low alcahol lager and thats ok, no infla... More »
Otto_M_Moon - It's all kind of related ...OA P, PSA., RA ,PAD and diabetes..... plaque ....grrrrr
Don - follow the stream... through all my my experiences....specialists like to share information with... More »
Janice - So sorry to hear this Diane, sending (((HUGS))).
MishLyn - Aww Diane, I am sorry to hear this. It's always scary reading about side effects for medications.... More »
Shawn - Hey Diane - I can certainly understand this is not welcomed news however gathering information is... More »
Will - Your on the money Will21! 40 hrs in 3 days. Well lucky for me....36 pays 40. LoL
will21 - I always got stuck on swing shift, and more overtime than I ever wanted. Cnc Mill guy , multiple ... More »
Rich - Working one or two jobs along with stress can make p flare up.
Susan - Robert I also want to say that life is never over till it's over. Maybe it's a new chapter to yo... More »
Nan195 - Hi Robert, some people are just downright obnoxious, Ignore them the're losers. Here's hoping y... More »
Julie - Incensitive, their is a national referral service in US, not sure where you are. I have a lawyer... More »
Paul - try some Psoriasin, it's been working wonders for me, doesn't have a smell too it and works right... More »
Lilia - Thanks Paul!!! I will give it a try.
Paul - My pleasure Lila :) this is the second day today that lastnight I stayed in bed all night!! :D:D... More »
MishLyn - Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow Jennifer! I have experienced cuts being turned to P before, ... More »
Susan - Jennifer I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. It's all going to be ok my dear.
john - hello jennifer, hope all gone ok with surgery? yes, i cut myself accidently then the psoriasis li... More »

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