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Robert - I feel like life is over ! I cant work and i have to fight for benefits to keep me afloat ! Isnt ... More »
john - sorry to hear this robert, shame you dont live in the uk,they would help you here,the money is no... More »
Christina - Wow some people are just so ignorant. I use to work in the restaraunt biz & one time the table I ... More »
Paul - try some Psoriasin, it's been working wonders for me, doesn't have a smell too it and works right... More »
Lilia - Thanks Paul!!! I will give it a try.
Paul - My pleasure Lila :) this is the second day today that lastnight I stayed in bed all night!! :D:D... More »
Jennifer - Thanks guys ❤️ will update tomorrow or so depending how long I’m at the hospital
MishLyn - Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow Jennifer! I have experienced cuts being turned to P before, ... More »
Susan - Jennifer I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. It's all going to be ok my dear.
Jacqueline - Jessica - so far my 14 year old has escaped it. But then she could still develop it when older, l... More »
Jacqueline - Yann, Il s’agit d’un groupe de personnes atteintes de Psoriasis, pas un site de rencontres. Vou... More »
Jacqueline - ....Et je n’ai jamais été divorcé 2 fois??
MishLyn - Thank you so so much everyone 💖 it has been a long stressful day. Good news is no meningitis or e... More »
Ruby - 🙏❤️
Sarah - Sending wishes to you MishLyn xxx
Susan - No link for me as I had my tonsils taken out around 10 or 11 years old. No throat infections for ... More »
Sarah - Hi Santos. I have guttate psoriasis, my first episode started 6 months ago very suddenly after a ... More »
Jayne - I have repeated sore throat / infections and have been told it is related. Not sure if throat cau... More »
Atul - Moons got black spots but still is considered best.☺️
john - hello psoriasis you have ?i dont know about black spots,please explain thank you sorry you are af... More »
Sarah - Hi buhle, welcome to Flaym. I hope that connecting here can help with your fear. I had a kind of ... More »
Susan - santosh don't believe everything on the internet. I used to go to church and it was drilled into... More »
santosh - Thank you Susan and I haven’t stopped yet .. 😃... seriously for now that my life and a stress rel... More »
Susan - Swelling and stiffness. As Don said, you will be able to feel the swelling but it may not look li... More »
Sarah - Hey Vandit, I run too and I sometimes wonder this but so far I've only ever pulled my knee and no... More »
Gail - When I was first diagnosed the pain was in my wrist and hand. I have had two surgeries to remove... More »
Betty - I use tea tree oil and vicks vapor rub and it works sobwellnfor me. And Ive tried everything
Sarah - I find stress to be a massive trigger too. In winter I use more oil based creams, and I soak my s... More »
Emely - thank you @betty1 and sarah! 😊
john - sorry about this becky,what are you worrying about, your psoriasis?
Sarah - Hi Becky, what kind of p do you have?
Shelley - Sending you a hug! I hope that you are able to find a help for your worries. I would be glad to c... More »
Sarah - Ah that's tough! For me I would only ever mention it if they asked a direct question about it. M... More »
Dave - No! honest about it. If the interviewers know what it is and you make it out to be something... More »
MishLyn - Hi Mila, I am sorry to hear this. Both can be scary and debilitating. I hope you are able to find... More »
john - sorry ,embarrassed,dont be ,
Dave - If you have it elsewhere then more than likely, if the dic thought it was C instead of P....he wo... More »
Dave - Lol..."The dic..." no pun intended should have said "the Doc" ....admin...edit function please, t... More »
john - hello sosefina, have you tried lifestyle/diet changes? some people say they tried everything and ... More »
Liz - I was asking about sa what are symptoms but as before you all ignore me thanks for nothing sorrr... More »
john - hello liz, i wont ignore you ,usual type of arthritis symptoms,we areall different on how it effe... More »
Janice - Good Luck and wishing you every success.
Susan - NggetsMcr (Klo) I think that's terrific. Hold on tight, use your relaxations skills, and enjoy t... More »
john - hello nuggets, good luck ,hope all goes well :) :)
john - sorry about your hands,i have never had it severe on hands though i have seen it bad on someone a... More »
Kim - Ha ha Dave. Think we have all done it!!
Annette - I just got the arthritis. I started drinking tumeric tonic. But did mix with lemon. It seems to h... More »
Dave - You can buy curcumin tablets to take instead of going through all that...curcumin is the active i... More »
Sarah - Hi Lauren, new treatments always put me on edge. Ive never had injections but recently refused im... More »
Lauren - Thanks for responding sorry it's took so long to get back to you well my p is pretty bad so I thi... More »
Bonnie - Have you tried any? If so, did you have side effects? Thanks.
Adan - Hello Bonnie. I've had Psoriasis for about 12 years now and have tried the light treatment, pills... More »
Susan - Not sure how old your son is. Have you noticed how much better people like me, John, others are ... More »

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