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Judi - Thank you Sarah. I will talk to him about it next week.
Michelle - Hi Judy, have you ever tried Tgel Extra Strength? I have had the same large scales too & it has h... More »
Ruben - Hey Judi, welcome to the Flaymily! Be sure to check out some questions about diet changes and th... More »
natalie - hi elaine. if i wer u i would just throw it out there. just say it like its no big deal u no. if ... More »
Sarah - Maybe if you have any appointments coming up, you could just say "yeah coz I'm going for an appoi... More »
Michelle - Hi Elaine. This is something I also struggled with for many years. I was always so worried and fu... More »
Julie - Has anyone had any success in treating scalp psoriasis m and what was used ,please ? X
Ruben - Swimming, but seborrhea and P keep me out of the pool (Psoriasis, not pee..)
Michelle - Yes definitely. It gave me a very low self esteem. Permitted me from wearing the clothes I love t... More »
Sarah - You can buy special nail oils. I haven' done it because they are so expensive. At times I have cl... More »
Susan - I have big toes that are Brown can't understand why.
Michelle - Could it possibly be bruising as well Susan?
Paul - Tell her about it Liam ,If she dumps you she's not the right one, if she doesn't then all cool,P ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Liam So true paul,plenty of lovely people out there if all dosnt go well?hopefully she will... More »
Jim - I was misdiagnosed for months, dr told me it was a fungal infection and highly contagious so we d... More »
Kelly - Thanks every one I’ve decided to try a new tablet I can’t write what as it part of the rules on h... More »
Ruben - Fingers crossed!!!!
Joyce - Keeping everything crossed for you Kelly! xx
Chris - Hey thanks Michelle you are such a great help.
Sarah - Yep Chris they do thin the skin! I used them quite a lot on my ears for a while and the skin is s... More »
Sue - I have always found that the change in seasons affect my skin. It doesn't matter if it is cold to... More »
Sarah - So glad your son is looking clear now Michelle, what a turn around. You must be very relieved!
Mavis - That's really good news Michelle
Michelle - Thanks guys! Such a relief! Don't know it was p for sure, but it was red, inflamed, bumpy with sc... More »
Joshua - I have tried using Clinique Intense Hydration Moisturizer around my eyes and nose. It keeps the p... More »
Jen - Hi Patricia have those helped clear the areas?
Kathryn - I don't mind giving anything a try. I find that palmers range very good on the elbows. Anything w... More »
Nicola - I don't think so at all
Janice - I get both.
Dakeyras - There is and isn't Daniel...'P' is a autoimmune deficiency; the why and were for's are many and n... More »
Deleted account - I avoid sugar. I think it makes my inverse plaque psoriasis worse.
john, DARTS VADER - Hello rynn,,potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,caffeine,eggplants, sugar,sweetners,smoking alcohol,gluten,... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Rynn! I think the best way I cope with it is that I've tried to learn as much a... More »
Sarah - Oh that's a surprise for you then! But great that you've got a new treatment option on the cards.... More »
Michelle - Hi Nikki. No sorry, I have never used any autoimmune medications but I'm open to new treatments. ... More »
Jakub - I would also love to hear more about it. Is there any special stuff I have to do while taking it?... More »
Michelle - I would also love to know more about it. I keep seeing ashwagandha mentioned when researching nat... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Jakub! It sounds intriguing, but I see it is from the nightshade family and I spend a lo... More »
Nikki - Bloods being done this morning, in time for my Dermo on Monday. Fearing the worst and hoping for ... More »
Sarah - Good luck Nikki, keep us posted how you get on!
Nikki - My anaemia is worse than it was 6 weeks ago. My Hb is down to 8.8 and my iron has gone up a tiny ... More »
Susan - Aww lisa. Not sure what treatment you mean. It's tough with our kids. My daughter has Tourette... More »
lisa - my light treatment at hospital thanks Susan has it's hard glad someone understands :)
Susan - lisa I'm writing a book. I absolutely understand but I can't tell you how you feel. That's your... More »
Lindakay1948 - Hello Alexandra I am following you now I also have P on 70% of my body I have the Plague type and... More »
Jenny - Welcome Alexandra.
Bev - Welcome to the Flaym family Alexander
Wendy - Thanks Sarah. What does it taste like? Sounds strong! I'm used to coconut milk, I also try to sta... More »
Sarah - It tastes a bit like a coconutty chai latte! Although previously I used to also add green cardamo... More »
Michelle - Aww Wendy, I am sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. I hope the Turmeric can be help... More »
Michelle - They sure did Susan. Quite sad to see them go. Their spirits and teachings will live on forever ❤... More »
Steve - Yes it can, I had to stop Biologics for 90 days when I switched jobs & my body other than my face... More »
Brenda/joy - Hi don't stress that will make P happy that's the last thing you want You want to be happy not th... More »
Susan - I think it's the acid. Same thing happens to me.
Bellammae - Better safe than sorry
john, DARTS VADER - yes, too much acid can make your mind go funny
keri - i love the uvb light box. just wish i had more time/energy to get to the derm office. sad most in... More »
Line - Thank you everyone❤️ you are all so kind. Thanks for all the different advices. When i try someth... More »
Sarah - And for you, lovely Line! 😄

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