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Jane Tsipi - Hello Penny! I suggest you go back to your doctor and complain about the effects of the medicine ... More »
Mickg48 - Yeah Jamie I kept a food diary for 2 yrs wrote down everything I ate and the rashes I got in or a... More »
Jamie - Hi mick, do you have psoriasis, eczema?
john - i wish you well harsh,no i havnt , it is a choice though, sorry you are afraid ,good luck
john - hello eilish, its a choice, i have been offered injections and pills i said no because of the pot... More »
Psoriatic4good - No, don't do them. I could write a whole screen of pros and cons, but in short - if You don't ... More »
Nan195 - Your Dr. Can prescribe something for you that will help. Be calm and relaxed, rest as much as po... More »
Cheryl - Sorry you have been having a rough time Lucie. I was going to suggest as Trish did using an antih... More »
Liz - Antihistamine will make you feel very sleepy I would see the doctor too
Fiona Wilke
john - hello fiona , diet changes work for a lot of people and drink 2 litres of bottled or filtered wat... More »
Fiona Wilke - Hi John Many thanks for your kind response, will definitely give it a go!
john - hello fiona, its not easy at all making big changes i know,gradually cutting potential bad foods ... More »
Jorge Ayuso - Are you being treated?
Monuhor - Yes soon going to try acitreti n
Nan195 - So sorry and thank you all for your responses. Get better soon 😊
Lorna Penner - Not sure? I never experienced that before. Maybe ask your doctor.
MJ - I just read this article the other day. It seems that this is part of psoriasis, unfortunately. ... More »
Psoriatic4good - I've been offered for biologics injections also for free. In short - no. If I had a psor rh... More »
Lucy - See I have psoriatic arthritis in knees and arm, I know I need something but I'm terrified 😩
Psoriatic4good - I'm sorry to say but nothing else will fix You in a short amount of time like injections.
Betrice - Can someone help please!!
Harold - When I was still nursing we would liberally apply lotions like LPC based creams and then do wet b... More »
Ivan Aleksic - Dear @exx nobody has an answer to your question. P is addressed like abnormal activity of your im... More »
Harold - Hi. Most of us get psoritic arthritis, starts usually in the small joints like fingers & toes but... More »
MishLyn - Loving your self is truely the first step in the healing process. And also leaning about the Law... More »
MishLyn - Loisue Hay does not have P but she did cure herself of Cancer! 😆
Monaka - Sarah sun screen and the sun will give you a little relief, stay moisturized and please stop worr... More »
steven - how long have you been on uvb theraphy and is it working for you
oz - Appreciate the support everyone. Had 3 more UVB visits since this post, one visit with the same e... More »
Cindy - Sorry oz you didn't get a good result, but just remember some things work for some and not for ot... More »
Cindy - Hi oz, just curious to what immuno suppressant your taking? and how it's working for you, as I'm ... More »
Michael - Hi Zul. I feel for you and can imagine how frustrated you are. Feel free to share if you like. Ho... More »
Ragazza - Don't be afraid Zul... it doesn't work against Psoriasis. We know that you suffer... we all suff... More »
john - ragazza,turmeric raw, no problem, i spread like sugar on cornflakes :) i dont eat cornflakes or s... More »
Jennifer - Yay! It's amazing to to have your pain eased right? Especially without prescription drugs that ar... More »
Dave - @littlelee ...good to hear you are getting some pain relief at last Lee, long may it last!
Joe - Chinese herbs work great dor psoriasis a d jointbpain with acupuncture must find the right herba... More »
MishLyn - Hi Liz, I did cut out cheeses as well. Except goats cheese. Everything from a cow. I am no long... More »
Tania - Hemp oil where do u get it ,I'm in new Zealand, cheers
Dave - @Christobel..hi Tania, hemp oil can be bought in some large supermarkets and health stores here i... More »
Rodparis - Hmmm, never connected the 2. I noticed my eyes get dry and blurry. But I have them checked every ... More »
john - allergic to psoriasis? :)
Sharon (Sherry) - I've started with this same problem the last month or two. It's very annoying and uncomfortable,... More »

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