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Clint - Hydrogen peroxide removes wax and produces pure oxygen that cures your ear
Ava - I saturate a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and CAREFULLY reach as far into the ear as I can, being... More »
Rosey - Wow,im going to get me some hydrogen ,all these things I'm learning
Chris - When I had it they built up the time wit every session.
deborah - Spot on ... lol... yes, I usually start at about 11 seconds. I'm very fair. I think I've gotten a... More »
mohamd - 1st session 30 sec, and the session is for full body
john,Hulk - Hello Ava , i have been tested but i am not gluten intolerant but if i stuff myself on gluten an... More »
Susan - Not this momma Md... I don't get anything gluten free as it's processed. If I REALLY want noodle... More »
Sarah - I have eaten rice noodles once or twice in the past year but not wheat noodles. I don't eat glute... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Tracy, I have never tried them, have you done anything differently lately that may have trigg... More »
Sarah - Tracy I'm not sure! I hope other Flaym members have advice for you. Or your derm!
Mishlyn - Thanks John! Its from the late and great Dr. Seuss! Many words of wisdom found from that man ;-)
Melanie - Thanks Michelle! I have tried lemon the back of my knee and my back as well. I will try lemon in... More »
Mishlyn - I have used on my scalp and it seems to do the trick! Best of Luck & have an amazing time! 😊
Peter - Be positive, dont let fear rule you, we all try things to help us no matter what it is , stay str... More »
Sarah - Got to be done Patty to get to a better place! Good for you, trying something new to help yoursel... More »
Patricia - I didn't do the injections my immune system is low iga efficeny so I cant take them bio after all... More »
Zerrin - Thank you I will try
Handyman - Hi zerrin. Just seen this on internet. Geranium Oil Geranium Essential Oil renders wonderful e... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Zerrin, have you thought about Diet/lifestyle changes? psoriasis is not from the skin but f... More »
Martha - I have it on my scalp and in my ears need advice
Chris - I find for my ears Vaseline works best
Bev - Martha I used a steroid gel for a few days and since then I moisturise at least twice a day. I st... More »
Peter - Great to hear it went well hope it works out
john,Hulk - I wish all the best Rachel,hopefully all will be better by september for you :)
Sarah - That's fab Rachel, really pleased you thought it went well. So often these appointments are disap... More »
Sarah - Hi Steve, reading your post and can relate massively. This was me a year ago! I got strep throat ... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym Steve, It is really great you can be here to support your husband. Dietary chan... More »
Michelle - you know, in my eyes P is a broken immune system. I have spent thousands trying to fix mine but n... More »
Dakeyras - Not that uncommon for such a systemic medication to be prescribed far as I know...however in my h... More »
Sarah - Hi again Angela. I understand your concerns, i think about this option as being quite intensive a... More »
Ruben - Hey Nikola, be careful with corticostéroïde creams. When used on a regular base it will damage yo... More »
Michelle - I agree Ruben. Steroids are bad for our skin. I used it more than 20 years ago and will never go ... More »
Nikola - Thx for tips. Am using it on and of only on some parts of my body. Know that they are bad and avo... More »
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaym family Angela! Lovely to see you supporting family with psoriasis. I was pre... More »
Mishlyn - I am happy to hear that Angela :)
Kathryn - Yes Michelle, it was a common treatment at that time. Fortunately i never had side effects.
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym nomonde! Great to see you here! Have a browse through the themes section for sla... More »
Sarah - Welcome Nomonde! Good to see you. I have scalp psoriasis too, 21 years. I find lots of relief fro... More »
Michelle - Jinger, I'm so sorry. We have to make peace with the fact that people will stare. It makes us fee... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jinger! It's really tough to break that mental barrier of what we feel about pe... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Jinger, it can be quite hard in moments for sure. I cover my skin when I have a bad flare up g... More »
Sarah - Oh man ouch ouch ouch please don't stick things in your ears! But I know that itching gets to us.... More »
Pon - Hello Michelle, it took loads of squirts, maybe a dozen in each ear. It started coming out after ... More »
Mishlyn - Ohh so good Pon!! :D
Jinger - Hot water always irritates mine severely. But I am pretty much affected every where now so it's g... More »
Genevieve - I've just had a friend invite me to a place with natural hot pools...she's tall and slim and gorg... More »
Clint - That's a shame it might be the best thing for you I think you should reconsider.😎
Sarah - Hi Fahd, I haven't used injections before, but many on Flaym have, or have considered it. You can... More »
Michelle - Thats great John! so the ecigs are working for you? I heard that the ecigs are more unhealthy tha... More »
john,Hulk - well i used to suffer a lot with smoking Michelle really bad,i think i still may have damaged my ... More »
Michelle - I wish I never started smoking as well John. I'm sure I can easily stop but, I'm a lazy little bu... More »
Catherine - Thanks Michelle and Michelle ... I will try to see a GP . It's a nightmare to get an appointment ... More »
Sarah - Ahhh duvet day, sounds absolutely amazing! So sad about the PA pain though. A duvet day is no fun... More »
Catherine - Oh bad news about black pepper Sarah ..I love the stuff 😕 well and Banana ... feeling better tod... More »

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