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Sarah - I think loads of us can relate to that and you describe it very well. You are not alone here Beck... More »
Candice - I haven't yet. I have an appointment next week to see if I qualify for the clinical trial. I was ... More »
Daniel - hi I have for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. it really helped. I was on the biological drug. ... More »
Mishlyn - I never have either Candice. I was offered to try years ago, but the risks were to high for me. S... More »
Mishlyn - It was too difficult for me as well md. I also felt tierd and weak a lot. Back to chicken and tur... More »
Md - I am afraid I can not tolerate more protein, when I live on very low protein, psoriasis become ne... More »
Sarah - I lost bodyweight too when I started AIP. About 7lbs in one week! And I really didn't have any to... More »
Sarah - For I have stopped buying spinach altogether now, and other high histamine foods I was eating thi... More »
Md - My food list is going to small, what I will eat?
Sarah - Hey Md, have you considered trying a different kind of diet? For example you could choose a diffe... More »
Ruben - I'm sure medication can be a trigger! My uncle his P only showed it's ugly head after chemo. Neve... More »
Michelle - Could be the surgery as well. When I broke my arm (I never knew it was broken and left it for 2 d... More »
Harold - Hi. The surgery is the most likely culprit. check out the The Koebner Phenomenon on the WebMD sit... More »
Sarah - A scorpion! Oh my! So scary. That is so sad to hear about the funding, it's so tough out there in... More »
Mandy - ooh I've not tried Aveeno. That's being added to my next shopping list right now. And the vitami... More »
Sarah - Great, hope you get on well with the Aveeno! I know I do. The vitamin d analogue cream is on pres... More »
Paul - Yes it's good to take and safe
Sarah - I haven't Md! I'm not eating any seeds right now.
Mishlyn - Hi Md, I use them in smoothies and on salads. Hemp seeds are one of the few plants that are compl... More »
Carrie-ann - I have truly found something that may work for the scalp Natural and effective. I love the idea o... More »
Susan - What is it Carrie-ann? Share away!
Carrie-ann - Have you ever heard of modere or biocell collagen? All natural and have seen amazing results!!
Mishlyn - I can understand that completely Elaine. We sure do need to Love and approve of ourselves, it is ... More »
Sarah - My p came Elaine when I started puberty. I can only imagine it was the surge in hormones that tri... More »
Elaine - Oh Michelle, you poor thing :( I did see the fresh lemon suggestions, and I'm gonna do it!!! Th... More »
Julie - Has anyone had any success in treating scalp psoriasis m and what was used ,please ? X
Ruben - Swimming, but seborrhea and P keep me out of the pool (Psoriasis, not pee..)
Michelle - Yes definitely. It gave me a very low self esteem. Permitted me from wearing the clothes I love t... More »
Sarah - You can buy special nail oils. I haven' done it because they are so expensive. At times I have cl... More »
Susan - I have big toes that are Brown can't understand why.
Mishlyn - Could it possibly be bruising as well Susan?
john,Hulk - Hello Liam So true paul,plenty of lovely people out there if all dosnt go well?hopefully she will... More »
Jim - I was misdiagnosed for months, dr told me it was a fungal infection and highly contagious so we d... More »
jon - have to try
Kelly - Thanks every one I’ve decided to try a new tablet I can’t write what as it part of the rules on h... More »
Ruben - Fingers crossed!!!!
Joyce - Keeping everything crossed for you Kelly! xx
Chris - Hey thanks Michelle you are such a great help.
Sarah - Yep Chris they do thin the skin! I used them quite a lot on my ears for a while and the skin is s... More »
Sue - I have always found that the change in seasons affect my skin. It doesn't matter if it is cold to... More »
Sarah - So glad your son is looking clear now Michelle, what a turn around. You must be very relieved!
Mavis - That's really good news Michelle
Mishlyn - Thanks guys! Such a relief! Don't know it was p for sure, but it was red, inflamed, bumpy with sc... More »
Joshua - I have tried using Clinique Intense Hydration Moisturizer around my eyes and nose. It keeps the p... More »
Jen - Hi Patricia have those helped clear the areas?
Kathryn - I don't mind giving anything a try. I find that palmers range very good on the elbows. Anything w... More »
Nicola - I don't think so at all
Janice - I get both.
Dakeyras - There is and isn't Daniel...'P' is a autoimmune deficiency; the why and were for's are many and n... More »
Deleted account - I avoid sugar. I think it makes my inverse plaque psoriasis worse.
john,Hulk - Hello rynn,,potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,caffeine,eggplants, sugar,sweetners,smoking alcohol,gluten,... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Rynn! I think the best way I cope with it is that I've tried to learn as much a... More »
Sarah - Oh that's a surprise for you then! But great that you've got a new treatment option on the cards.... More »
Michelle - Hi Nikki. No sorry, I have never used any autoimmune medications but I'm open to new treatments. ... More »
Jakub - I would also love to hear more about it. Is there any special stuff I have to do while taking it?... More »
Mishlyn - I would also love to know more about it. I keep seeing ashwagandha mentioned when researching nat... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Jakub! It sounds intriguing, but I see it is from the nightshade family and I spend a lo... More »

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