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Renea - Yes constantly..
john - I try not to but,i am a lifer, I know no different, I try to avoid sweating, pools ,i try not to ... More »
Vanessa - Yes, sometimes just want to hide away from everyone and everything around me. I have bouts of dep... More »
Cheryl - I am sure you will get some good tips here Amaal. We all have something in common so you know you... More »
Ronnah - Hello Amaal.....I get you 100%. I felt like it ruined my life as well. The awesome thing is that ... More »
Nisha - Oh Amaal. I have had Psoriasis since 14 now 49 it's awful. Terrible horrible traumatic but there ... More »
Alex - Hope I feel good
Mary - I have asthma and pneumonia about twice a year hospitalization. On breathing treatment tobramycin... More »
Karan - Hi 👋 dear I have psoriasis for 15 or more I stoped counted and just start hoping that a permanent... More »
Maggie - Hi Michelle! I'm 13 and I have had it for two years! You have nothing to worry about! There are s... More »
Sarah - Hi I'm 20 years in to my psoriasis history and can only day the thing just comes and goes, waxes ... More »
Mary - Keep your focus on Gods word
TravelRocker - Less than 12 months ago I tried to comit suicide, luckily I failed. Life is precious Jane, psoria... More »
Debakshi - I am with you sista. Going through the exact same shit myself! Experiencing pain, emotional uphea... More »
john - hello mavis, I do black decaf coffee with honey,my skin is ok,dont know if this bad or not,dont ... More »
muki maher
Roxanne - I find humidity helps me a lot so someplace hot and humid.
john - I try to go the canary islands in the winter for a week ra11, holidays are cheap and I go all inc... More »
Brickie72 - I've been using arko Turkish shaving soap on my body. My sister in law has it like you on head. S... More »
Kim - I don't suffer with it Mick but have you tried to use a salt soak and then body butter to soften ... More »
Vanessa - I have heard about these fibers that get into your skin causing itch.
Mick - Hi ya , yes i have tried a salt bath and used body butter , but to np evail x
Cheryl - Its hard . . Try not to let it get you down. I try to get outdoors when I feel that way 🍭
Sani - I also feel the same many of the time.
Kim - Hi Phillip. Diet and supplements are the way to go.
Shawn - I agree with Kim - start with diet - google search holistic approach to psoriasis and diet and ps... More »
john - life style changes will help you phillip, do it gradually and it gets easier in time ,2 litres o... More »
Raymond - We know what you're going through. Just try to relieve some of your stress somehow as you know th... More »
Gabriela - Thank you so much Susan and Raymond. Your support is so helpful.
Mark - Hi Gabriela sore throat is one off the triggers to my p soon as I feel it coming on I get a jug o... More »
Claire - Wow, I am so sorry.
john - sorry to her that rory,sorry you feel alone, you are not here thanks
Shelly - Nicola what is Alphosyl shampoo?
Shelly - I'm suffering too!! Keeps me awake all night!
Aurora - Coconut oil,I works great
Deepika mahna - I wanted to how has bio logics helped psoriasis
Lauren - I am about to start biologics, I really hope it works for me
Lauren - I feel alone too. Psoriasis sucks 😒
john - hello toyou fahim and lauren, you really are not alone, theres so many of us out there,i know it ... More »
Susan - Mickg48 you are right. We all have different things that can trigger our condition to be worse. ... More »
Susan - Linda I don't know if you've seen any of my comments. Google Moringa. Might be worth a try for ... More »
Linda - Thanks Susan I will check it out!!!

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