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Bev - Me too but if I moisturise twice a day it helps a lot. Sometimes more often
Rosey - Olive oil ,just a few drops inside ear,works wonders and Vaseline or oil coconut,hemp,olive aroun... More »
Michelle - True Bev, moisturising does help. If I don't, my skin becomes dry and cracks. Rosey, I've heard... More »
Rosey - Hi Julie,had mountains growing out of my head,always had scalp p but not like this,tried natural ... More »
Rosey - D a v o b e t but not allowed to say in this site,
Dean - It's so good to get positive feed back .And any help between fellow sufferers is really good can'... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Fantastic,I love your positive attitude Dean, that does help for sure Thank you :)
Michelle - Well Dean, since I've joined Flaym my P has improved. It's good to share and to care about each o... More »
Michelle - Hi Cazza. Insecurity is an inner feeling of being threatened or inadequate in some way. We all ha... More »
Cazza - Thank you everyone for showing me that I’m not alone as I though I was. Sorry it took me so long ... More »
Michelle - Fantastic news Cazza. Remember, we are all here for you. Don't hesitate to talk to us. We have al... More »
Jen - That's great Patty. I'm glad you are feeling better. Quality sleep is very important.
Dakeyras - Good for you lass, however my friendly advise is do not over use which version you do have as is ... More »
Riffat - I dont eat pork and drink wine ( i m a muslim... it’s forbidden) ;) but i sometimes eat sugar and... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Yes , sugar is a big evil for us as well as fried foods Riffat,, lemon water does seem to help ma... More »
john,AQUA MAN - alcohol can be a big trigger also Riffat, i know with my joints
Michelle - Hi Mally. I'm sorry you're feeling down. P can make us miserable I know. I've been there, but onc... More »
Peter - Hey Mally , Michelle is right, also add Turmeric (good to help reduce inflamation) to your diet w... More »
Genevieve - Hi Mally, I know how you can get to that place...psoriasis can make me feel utterly miserable. It... More »
Charlotte Bailey17 - I totally understand how you feel. With the Christmas season coming soon, the loneliness gets wor... More »
Tracey - Sorry for your loss. It is never easy but when it happens so quickly it can be such a shock. Take... More »
Stephen - Tracy Thank you.
Lou - Stephen I'm sorry for ur loss also.
David - Sorry, no. If an effective product was available from what city would you order it from? would i... More »
K - I haven't met someone javing psoriasis in Pakistan. The frequency is very less or maybe people hi... More »
Sarah - You are a fighter. We are strong people!
Jill - So sorry to hear..I know how you feel as I too am pretty much covered...I have given up dairy, ni... More »
Erica - Sounds like you are having a rough time there Deborah. Hope you will feel better soon x
Michelle - Oh my, d. I am sorry to hear that. It sure is a lot to go through. I love that your sense of humo... More »
D - Thanks Michele. I have decided getting angry about it only makes me tired. I need all the stren... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, D. You have so much experience for us to share in! I'm sorry to hear about your... More »
Liz - No it just happened if low or had an accident which will set it off but as fast as it comes it le... More »
Lela - yup. I have it in my bloodline... my grandpa's sister, mom's cousin, me and my little girl 😢😢😢
Jill - So fa I am the only one with P in my family...It was triggered by a beta blocker med in my early... More »
Glenn - Sue, put a large handful of raw oats into an old clean stocking, tie a knot to stop escape and dr... More »
Sarah - That's pretty tough Sue. I can see how that would feel demeaning. There is such a lack of awarene... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Sorry to hear this Sue, I used to manage a restaurant years ago in a hotel,i also did cooking, lu... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Patty. It sounds like a real down cycle with your psoriasis right now. I really... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hello Patty, have you tried diet/lifestyle changes? i improved my arthritis a lot by changing my ... More »
Sarah - Hi David Adam, welcome to Flaym! You are not alone here, there are loads of us living with psoria... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hello David and welcome to flaym, plenty of support here , sorry you feel alone
Michelle - Hi Angel, anxiety is not nice and can be really difficult.. especially for our skin. It sounds li... More »
Sarah - These are all extra pressures that certainly don't help our skin, but so hard not to feel the str... More »
Millionways - Aloe vera gel might cool it down and better the wounds. And you can put on vaseline during the ni... More »
Michelle - Hi Jan, Welcome to Flaym. Have you ever tried oil soaks on your scalp? It can be really soothing.... More »
Sarah - Welcome Vivien! Argh no split scalp is so sore, I've had this a lot of times too. Mine has split ... More »
Marisa - Dietary changes cleared me 100% It took 20 years but much of that time was spent using medication... More »
Sarah - Hi Marisa. That is so great! You must be so happy you did that with your diet. So is the above li... More »
Hellen - Tar shampoo, helps a little bit
Millionways - Getting used to a diagnosis takes time. Its hard but you will get there. You will feel beter. I... More »
Sarah - Ah Amanda, living with p is so so difficult at times, and this is surely one of those times for y... More »
amanda - Thank u all for ur support and lovely kind words. I wouldn’t normally Write something like this, ... More »

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