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Jill - Everyone is so different with their psoriasis....what we react well too....and what we don't. Mo... More »
john,Hulk - lifestyle changes and suppliments as jill and kim have said,its the only thing that's kept mine r... More »
carol - Thank you for your help its good to know people care. take care carol x
Mishlyn - Hi Lupa :) the most soothing thing I have ever put on my skin I made my myself this past year. I... More »
Lupa - Thank you so much MishLyn .xx
Lupa - Thank you Susan ☺️
Kim - Hi Jayne. I had a feeling that's what you meant! Hope you find somewhere nice to visit.
Jayne - Hi kim - have found a cottage in lyme regis that will accept dogs and well behaved friends - will... More »
john,Hulk - hello Jayne. I have been there to lyme regis,cant remember it though has was very young, that's c... More »
john,Hulk - hello lupa,try things to help yourself if you can, depression is the worst thing,like kim said an... More »
agb - Hi Lupa. I have been there. For me it comes in waves. Some good others not so good. It was rec... More »
Gail - That is a normal response to this terrible affliction. I have often felt that way. I have had t... More »
Mishlyn - Hello & Welcome Alain! 😀
john,Hulk - hello alain and welcome to flaym, I hope you find things to help you here, plenty of things to tr... More »
Adam - Stay strong
john,Hulk - sorry you feel like that gage,i am sorry you feel alone, you are not here,look at the posts and I... More »
michael - Stay strong and focused. Remember to do something nice and good for yourself today .mick
Deleted account - Kim, I really think Flaym should seriously consider re-thinking their logo! 😝
Jack - Why would you love someone who doesn't want you in your life? There's millions of people out ther... More »
Kim - I agree Jacqueline.
Susan - Good Lord! I have never had anyone laugh at me. Never! Looks of looks and stared though. Brin... More »
Robert - How are you today Aurora? No laughs today i hope !
Aurora - No laugh today Robert,pretty good day
Kathryn - Hi, I have had psoriasis for 60 plus yrs. I fight depression. But I keep on plugging along. It i... More »
Susan - Kathryn. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried a lifestyle/diet change. I did and pretty much all... More »
Susan - Javad depression is common with psoriasis. Keep looking at the Flaym site and you will find a lo... More »
Mike - Definitely see a doctor.
Kim - You should see a dr.
john,Hulk - hello, is it p realated you think,do you smoke ? if you don't mind me asking ? thanks ,sorry you ... More »
Susan - Welcome Fadeela and Javad... You will find some awesome things here on the site. Things to help ... More »
Kathryn - welcome
Jill - Hello! Feel free to ask questions and make yourself comfortable. We are all here to help and su... More »
john,Hulk - I try not to but,i am a lifer, I know no different, I try to avoid sweating, pools ,i try not to ... More »
Vanessa - Yes, sometimes just want to hide away from everyone and everything around me. I have bouts of dep... More »
Christine - I start feeling a bit depressed when I start itching and it's spots trying to come out. I will no... More »
Cheryl - I am sure you will get some good tips here Amaal. We all have something in common so you know you... More »
Ronnah - Hello Amaal.....I get you 100%. I felt like it ruined my life as well. The awesome thing is that ... More »
Nisha - Oh Amaal. I have had Psoriasis since 14 now 49 it's awful. Terrible horrible traumatic but there ... More »
Alex - Hope I feel good
Deleted account - I have asthma and pneumonia about twice a year hospitalization. On breathing treatment tobramycin... More »
Karan - Hi 👋 dear I have psoriasis for 15 or more I stoped counted and just start hoping that a permanent... More »
Maggie - Hi Michelle! I'm 13 and I have had it for two years! You have nothing to worry about! There are s... More »
Sarah - Hi I'm 20 years in to my psoriasis history and can only day the thing just comes and goes, waxes ... More »
Clive - Hi Jane , i can not by any measure know the amount of physical pain that you are in , but prayers... More »
Joezi - Szia! Javaslom, Magyarország Harkány város gyógyfürdő, kimondottan javaslót a problémánkra. 4 -5 ... More »
Joyce - Prayers....
john,Hulk - hello mavis, I do black decaf coffee with honey,my skin is ok,dont know if this bad or not,dont ... More »
Roxanne - I find humidity helps me a lot so someplace hot and humid.
john,Hulk - I try to go the canary islands in the winter for a week ra11, holidays are cheap and I go all inc... More »

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