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karen - hope it brings lots of relief x
Michelle - Ho Rosemary, Thanks for sharing. I am happy you have found something that brings you relief!
Sarah - Hello again Rosemary! Have you ever used the E45 bath oil? I use that when my p gets really bad a... More »
Jayne - Welcome Charles x
Michelle - Hey Charles. Welcome to Flaym. We are all here to support you and give advice. I have never been ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Charles! Yes I never knew of a support group before I found Flaym either. So gl... More »
Heather - Welcome! I just joined the group here too. I've had P for about 23 years since I was 10. Everyone... More »
Sarah - Hi Lana! Well here you are, you found us! And we're glad to have you.
Lynn - I’m in Pa, Heather! The other coast, lol.
Fran - Same coast, same time zone, but north! Vancouver BC, Canada.
john,Chewweeeeee - Nope, i am a lifer michael, i have had it on my privates all my life,hard place to shift without ... More »
Heather - Michael, I've heard of people going into remission meaning it becomes inactive for awhile but nev... More »
Sarah - Ah Michael, have you seen your derm to see what options you have available to you? Some people ha... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - My girfriend has hairier legs than me,she dosnt have psoriasis so, she has no excuse,well you can... More »
Sarah - I just shave the bits I can, and the bits I can't....well I just let the forests of hair hang out... More »
Shelly - Same but I shave where I can. I plan on exposing my legs. The sun usually helps in small doses.
Andrew - I know it's good that i found out what can cause my flare up just sucks at min in till I get u no... More »
Sarah - Yes those weather changes are really not helpful... I hate the dry heat. Winter is usually worst ... More »
Andrew - I know can't wait for summer the sun is definitely welcome hopefully the bump will be nothing and... More »
Gill - Thanks John what the best changes to diet that I can do I'm also insulin diabetic
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Gill! Your flare up sounds painful. It's great you're connected here now, to sh... More »
Gill - Thanks sarah
Sue - T gel shampoo for psoriasis
Julie - I'm sorry about your son. This is such a horrible thing to have. I hope we all find something tha... More »
Sarah - Hi Mumof6! Welcome to Flaym. I've had scalp psoriasis for 21 years since age 13. When I was young... More »
Michelle - I have also had moments like that Fran, At my worst pain I would describe it as duct tape wrapped... More »
Sarah - Yes Fran that description is spot on for me! My skin has spent years cycling between white, dry a... More »
Fran - Interesting Sarah, inflammation has run through my thoughts lately as the cause but to What? Th... More »
lynne - Wheat, my bad
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Amanda! I guess it depends a little on what type of psoriasis you have and wher... More »
Michelle - Hi Amanda, dietary changes and suppements have been really helpful for me as well. It has brou... More »
Susan - I am from BC Canada. Hope you meet many friends on here curtis. Not just women. It's a great s... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Curtis. If you want to check out which Flaym members are near you, you can use the ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Par for the course when you have P
john,Chewweeeeee - Hello sharon most of us know about that for sure, i had a few looks last year, aaaghhh whats that... More »
Sarah - Oh man, Sharon that is hard to deal with. I wish people could keep their comments to themselves! ... More »
Jan - I have united healthcare and they are paying for most of my costs. I am having the light treatmen... More »
Bev - So glad the light treatments are working for you Jan
Cindy - I am switching from employee insurance to Medicare with a Medigap policy and RX plan next month. ... More »
Michael - Hi Sara, you're not alone!!
Michael - Welcome to the journey!!
Michael - Sarah and Michelle are amazing cheerleaders on here full of great advice and tips! As well as ma... More »
Jen - Yes whatever treatment you use comb/gently scrape off the flakes off your scalp. It works really ... More »
Michelle - Ooh yes, a good oil soak will be helpful indeed and help lift the plaques naturally. A fine tooth... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Deanna! I never scrape my scalp. It's too much like an injury to my already sensitive sk... More »
Lynn - Hi Freya, Welcome to the group! You will definitely find some useful tips here m everyone. Its a... More »
james - It is hard to live with psoriasis without someone to listen to you when you are low. This group ... More »
blubu - Hi Freya! I will be glad to help you. I was in your shoes, so I remember how it was to wake up a... More »
Chris - Hope this hasn't happened to you!
amanda - Sadly yes
Michelle - No never. For some reason they stayed with me. I think it was because of my personality. But no... More »
Susan - Yes Michelle the Moringa is truly a mood stabilizer as well as the best supplement ever, in my op... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - yes, i know what thats like susan when i was living with someone who had PTSD very severe,luckil... More »
Cazza - Thank you to all! It’s really good to know that I am not alone going through this rough time and ... More »
Jennifer - That was when I got psoriatic arthritis after my first child, it helped to swim a ton I found out... More »
Sarah - Yep mine is very hormone related...Same, first signs at 13 years old. My worst p was this past 4 ... More »
Carol - You know ..... I tried to tell the dermatologists for years that I felt it was hormone related an... More »

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