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Michael - Hi Sara, you're not alone!!
Michael - Welcome to the journey!!
Michael - Sarah and Michelle are amazing cheerleaders on here full of great advice and tips! As well as ma... More »
Jen - Yes whatever treatment you use comb/gently scrape off the flakes off your scalp. It works really ... More »
Mishlyn - Ooh yes, a good oil soak will be helpful indeed and help lift the plaques naturally. A fine tooth... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Deanna! I never scrape my scalp. It's too much like an injury to my already sensitive sk... More »
Lynn - Hi Freya, Welcome to the group! You will definitely find some useful tips here m everyone. Its a... More »
james - It is hard to live with psoriasis without someone to listen to you when you are low. This group ... More »
blubu - Hi Freya! I will be glad to help you. I was in your shoes, so I remember how it was to wake up a... More »
Chris - Hope this hasn't happened to you!
amanda - Sadly yes
Michelle - No never. For some reason they stayed with me. I think it was because of my personality. But no... More »
Susan - Yes Michelle the Moringa is truly a mood stabilizer as well as the best supplement ever, in my op... More »
john,Hulk - yes, i know what thats like susan when i was living with someone who had PTSD very severe,luckil... More »
Cazza - Thank you to all! It’s really good to know that I am not alone going through this rough time and ... More »
Jennifer - That was when I got psoriatic arthritis after my first child, it helped to swim a ton I found out... More »
Sarah - Yep mine is very hormone related...Same, first signs at 13 years old. My worst p was this past 4 ... More »
Carol - You know ..... I tried to tell the dermatologists for years that I felt it was hormone related an... More »
Chris - Hi Trish welcome to Flaym,why does he not believe you ?
Mishlyn - You have found a great place in Flaym to relieve the feeling of being alone Trish :) How is you... More »
Sarah - Hey Trishacox, welcome to Flaym! It certianly shouldn't be your job to convince your GP, they sho... More »
Sonja - I appreciate all of you... I cooked for my family and had to go to bed a couple of days to rest...
Lynn - Ouch, me too. We can ache together, itch and scratch together, etc... We're one big happy family... More »
Meryl - Totally understand . This has been me for nearly two months . I look forward to my remissions 😘
Stacy - That’s great Eugene it’s nice when you’ve people around that are understanding 😊
Joanne - I feel exactly the same way. My ears drive me nuts... My GP just keeps giving me lotions and poti... More »
Robin - I know the feeling. I was on lots of cortisone for my brain tumour after my biopsy. P cleared up ... More »
Cindy - I was 25 when stared I'm 60 now
Sarah - I've had it 21 years Zharmeyas. Welcome to Flaym! Glad you found us here. We're all in the same s... More »
john,Hulk - hello zharmeyas, since birth so i am lifer, i know no different without it and 34 years later p... More »
Penny - Hi Richard ~ Brainstorming sounds great !! I have found tanning can help. It is my understandi... More »
Lynn - I’m on the other side of the country 😊, Pennsylvania. I wished I lived in Florida or Arizona for ... More »
Dan - I'm here in Seattle
Sarah - Hi Kim, welcome! Yes absolutely Flaym folk use medications. Many use them to relieve symptoms and... More »
Irene - When you all speak of meds ...What are they? Are they prescribed by a Doctor?
Kim - Yes Irene, I was speaking of prescription meds. We're not allowed to talk about name brands.
Cazza - No way?! Yeah I'll admit it's not the greatest place. But Hawaii?! Man I'm jealous.
steve - I think homemade kombucha with pineapple, ginger, and turmeric cured me. It might cure you too. ... More »
Deleted account - Caroline , yes I was at Lakenheath helping defend the threat of the Russians, now one is in the W... More »
Lisa - My sister used tanning beds to help her skin psoriasis.
Mishlyn - Hi Pat, I am sorry to hear about your drug plan not covering what your dr prescribes. How frustra... More »
Sarah - Yep definitely natural approaches topic is the place to browse for all the non medical stuff that... More »
Allegra - Hey Maxine, I feel your pain. Literally. I use Vicks (as it's called here in South Africa) or Vic... More »
Sarah - Loads of us have this Maxine! It's not embarrassing here at least amongst flakey friends. For me ... More »
chris - i have really bad patches behind both ears and sometimes it flares up in my ears, i use epaderm c... More »
Allegra - Hi Johanna - Came across something new on Facebook: making tea from a few twigs of thyme. Since... More »
Sarah - Welcome Johanna! Loads of people have p and tinnitus... many in the same boat as it were! Glad yo... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Karen, sorry to hear you are having a bad skin time at the moment. My step dad had one of his... More »
Sarah - Hi Karen, welcome back! Perhaps the themes section about moisturising may be of help? Hope others... More »
Deleted account - May be a sign of thyroid problems or just the damn P. I'm 6'3" I see the top of most peoples hea... More »
Mary - Not thyroid. I have funny feeling bumps and nothing stops the itch!
Mishlyn - Mary I have found amazing relief from the itch with apple cider vinegar. I just dab it on a cotto... More »
john,Hulk - hello florence and welcome to flaym, psoriasis is from the immune system a faulty immune if you w... More »
Sarah - Hi Florence, I think psoriasis is commonly triggered by and exacerbated by episodes of stress, bu... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Ann, cold tar works really great for me. I use tgel extra strength shampoo and it works quite ... More »
Sarah - Hi Ann, welcome aboard! Yes I've had good results from coal tar shampoos as a child (Alphosyl), a... More »

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