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Ellen - Yes patches on eye lids and red patches on hairline. I was told by dermatologist not to use [....... More »
Ellen - And a bit of vasaline for eyelids. Even if u do apply eye makeup put this on first. You will find... More »
Sarah - Hi Dianesflakey, welcome to Flaym! Yes I get redness around the hairline. I use Aveeno cream to s... More »
Polyp - Fight the good fight, it can be mitigated, it might take a while to find out how. Never let it de... More »
john,Hulk - yes i got both, i treat them with diet/lifestyle changes though thats a choice a choicefor everyo... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Dawn, as you can see, you're not alone here :) Try to stay strong and know that there are dif... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Alison, Welcome to Flaym, you are not alone here, we are in this together ;-) If you browse t... More »
Cherie - Coconut oil. It is edible and quite gentle . 🌺
Sarah - Hi Alison, welcome! I love to use Aveeno on all the sensitive places. Well actually just any old ... More »
Sarah - Welcome Muriel! If it's a bad flare I would try something topical like a steroid gel to see if it... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Meg! That is really frustrating. I've heard that when the psoriasis clears the ... More »
Chris - I've done the same Meg easier to cope with hope your ok
carol - I haven't lost all of mine. I had lots but very thin and spindly now. Makes me sad but it is ea... More »
john,Hulk - hello raja, welcome to flam, there are a few people here from india,sorry you feel alone, you are... More »
Raja - Thank for your words and support.
Sarah - Hi Raja, glad you found us! Welcome to Flaym. We are all here flaking together on the global scal... More »
Diane - Of course. Your partner will love you regardless of your psoriasis.
Carol - I had three husbands. All passed away. Never had a problem getting one, just can't seem to keep t... More »
Sarah - Hi Abdul, yes of course you are eligible! Everyone has their health "stuff" to deal with, no matt... More »
Jen - Haha...yep sorry that's 'biologics' of course.
Geraldine - Hi Jen I see you are a Queenslander😀
Jen - Yay Queenslander!!!
Mishlyn - I have spend many years feeling that way myself Sulthan. I also used to think that people didn't ... More »
john,Hulk - hello sulthan,sorryto hear this,i improved mine with diet/lifestyle changes ,you will find many w... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sulthan! So glad you found us here. I don't feel alienated anymore since findin... More »
Mishlyn - ahh.. I have had this same thought throughout the years.. I am an avid recycler....just to think ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, David.
melissa - Hello David You're not Alone...
Mishlyn - Hi Grace, I would suggest a slow wean off the meds. I feel the same way as you and just over a mo... More »
john,Hulk - so true michelle, not like what i did just stop them get all red faced and flake all over the pla... More »
Sarah - Hi Grace, welcome to Flaym! I think it's good to go slow, and eliminate one med at a time if you ... More »
Michelle - Yes I am... I'm new to group!
Allegra - Thank goodness my husband is used to me by now... One has to remember to dust off.
Debra - I use a dog hair roller to pick up flakes and sometimes right on my skin!
cheLLe - Not on well water but I live in a rural area. I hardly go outside so I think mine is bc my meds ... More »
Rose - Could that be why I feel like something is biting me at night?
Shawn - Are you taking a pharmaceutical that suppresses your immune system? If so I suggest ditching phar... More »
cheLLe - Thanxxx!!
Sarah - For me, oatmeal, and grapeseed oil
john,Hulk - diet lifestyle changes will help but, its not cheap for me, healthy living is good for anyone tha... More »
...feeling alone Elisa @elisa

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Elisa. I think I've asked myself this question before, and wondered what it is ... More »
john,Hulk - why anyone thats the question? welcome to flaym if you are new elisa, some things to help you her... More »
Sarah - Hi Javad, I think many people of Flaym have probably encountered some degree of these feelings at... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Tracy, what is thrive? :)
Babette - I am fortunate that my P is only elbows and back of thighs. I do wear long sleeve shirts! My trea... More »
Peter - lemon, turmeric with black pepper in my food ,a diet with very little to none night shade vedge ... More »
john,Hulk - pears not peas,though peas are okay
Alana - I have found I can eat any food. My triggers are stress and aggitation... Dr. Axe. Believes Leaky... More »
Alana - Dr Axe has a lot of information on a low inflammation diet.....His site is wonderful for Psoriasi... More »
Ray - Hi Jimmy I’m in New Jersey maybe an hour from you
Lala - I am in Ireland but chat away here
Lynn - Im in PA jimmy but I dont go far from home 😕
Ruben - @ Otto, so we meet at our worst :p
Michelle - lol. I wish I could join you guys but the most awesome of the meeting would be that everyone has ... More »
Bryan82 - Love to meet some girl with psoriasis and work on reducing flair up and creams and also love xx

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