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Michelle - Hi Gina :) please know you are not alone here 💜 so much great support and tips here. Many of us h... More »
Cc - Hi Gina, I know what you mean. I have psoriasis on my both hands, both arms, both elbows, both ... More »
Sarah - Hi Gina, I have it on the back of both hands too. Never had it there before, but a couple of year... More »
Polyp - Been better; can't sleep and loads of itchy
Sarah - Hi Angela, I'm good thanks. I'm worrying that I ate too many trigger foods are you?
Michelle - Please know you are not alone here 😊 Welocome to the flaymily! 💜
Don - I have took my specialist almost a year to figure it out...something about t4..t5 le... More »
john,Hulk - hello debbie, i am on diet/lifestyle changes, seen big improvements,my psoriatic arthritis is bet... More »
...feeling alone Deleted account

Deleted account - Kim, I hope you don't leave. For what it's worth, constant religious talk puts me off too. I have... More »
Susan - Kim I'd hate to see you leave. I agree with the religion thing. Not really a religious person. ... More »
Flaym - Flaym is a community forum and a social network. We don't pass judgment on content as long as it'... More »
...feeling alone AOmid @aomid

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym AOmid
Jammie - why do u say that?
James - That's when the scratching begins. Until I get to my comfortable temperature it's like playing th... More »
Lilia - Hi Debra have you tried coconut oil? Ever since I started using the coconut oil I'm not as itchy... More »
Joann - Yes, very aggravating!🙄
john,Hulk - hello joanni dont bother them for psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, wasted my time too many times... More »
Diana - I once sent a doctor a bill for keeping me waiting for 2 and 1/2 hours. They send you a bill if ... More »
...feeling alone kim @kim6

kim - yea ok I c
Deleted account - Let's just get to the pain ass spect of it lol! Jk Never did I think I would be in remission b... More »
Ats - Keep extra warm
Sarah - Hi Bonnie, welcome. What kind of psoriasis do you have in these areas? And what has your dermatol... More »
Bonnie - I had such a bad experience w/a derm. that I never went back. I have plaque.
john,Hulk - hello bonnie, have you tried lifestyle changes, diet? it has helped me a lot, i have both conditi... More »
Jennifer - I feel you on this..I was told to dye my hair n it worked for a couple days not sure why..but lik... More »
Sarah - Scalp p is so pervasive isnt it. Me too I've had it 20 years. I can see why you might feel alone ... More »
Michelle - Hi Renee, I have found relief with t gel as well as tea tree oil based shampoo. I hope you can fi... More »
reza - 🌷🌷🌷🌷😉
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Reza, you're not alone here now you're connected!
john,Hulk - hello reza,sorry you feel alone, you are not now here at flaym and welcome
Shane - Definetly not. Yeah we do. Nice to know not the only one ha
Ruby - I find regularly soaking in a warm not hot bath with one or two cups of sea salt and baby oil hel... More »
Bill361 - No alone Major pain .gets worse at night
john,Hulk - hello melissa,i know about this melissa,dosnt make things better we know,psoriasis is from within... More »
Michelle - I know the feeling ive had mine since i was 5 its on a mad one at mo breaking out everywhere agai... More »
Melissa - i feel like i can never catch a break with my skin its always breaking open and bleed and hurting... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Sara, thats a tough ride you've been on with psoriasis. I know its no consolatio... More »
Susan - Madison you are not alone. When I was young and in school of course I got embarrassed. I'd say ... More »
john,Hulk - you are not alone madison,i am lifer with it since birth and i have always managed to cover most ... More »
Annie - I have been dealing with psoriasis my whole life. I don't remember a time without it. Most of my ... More »
Joel - Lucie we are all afflicted. Share it with us and we will greet it with the love that only people ... More »
Flaym - We are considering adding an image sharing feature. But images are tricky, because they need A LO... More »
Sarah - I think pics would need to be very well managed as some of the Facebook psoriasis sites are real... More »
john,Hulk - hello dave , diet/lifestyle plan is sent to you , it is a choice, a choice for everyone, i wish y... More »
Jill - I have been having some success with earth longevity salve. They advertise on Facebook. If you ... More »
melissa - your not alone.. i am suffer psoriasis for long time
anil kumar - hello there... am gonna b a Dane for 3 months from tomorrow. Is there anyone with P to meet and h... More »
john,Hulk - welcome to flamy anil sorry you feel alone , you are not here
john,Hulk - flamy, wrong, flaym sorry anil thanks

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