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Susan - Madison you are not alone. When I was young and in school of course I got embarrassed. I'd say ... More »
john,Hulk - you are not alone madison,i am lifer with it since birth and i have always managed to cover most ... More »
Annie - I have been dealing with psoriasis my whole life. I don't remember a time without it. Most of my ... More »
Joel - Lucie we are all afflicted. Share it with us and we will greet it with the love that only people ... More »
Flaym - We are considering adding an image sharing feature. But images are tricky, because they need A LO... More »
Sarah - I think pics would need to be very well managed as some of the Facebook psoriasis sites are real... More »
john,Hulk - hello dave , diet/lifestyle plan is sent to you , it is a choice, a choice for everyone, i wish y... More »
Jill - I have been having some success with earth longevity salve. They advertise on Facebook. If you ... More »
melissa - your not alone.. i am suffer psoriasis for long time
anil kumar - hello there... am gonna b a Dane for 3 months from tomorrow. Is there anyone with P to meet and h... More »
john,Hulk - welcome to flamy anil sorry you feel alone , you are not here
john,Hulk - flamy, wrong, flaym sorry anil thanks
john,Hulk - sorry to hear this lynda,i have been doing lifestyle changes for 6 months or more now, my scalp i... More »
Niamh - I find using mild shampoos like baby shampoo or those aimed at babies help but also either olive ... More »
Cindy - Oh man... I can relate. I found recently that I had a yeast problem that was making things worse... More »
Tee - Yup since i was 27
Susan - Each and every one of had it, have it, struggle or don't struggle. We are a support system in ev... More »
Steve - Yep going on 40yrs. for me, welcome to the club!
john,Hulk - hello allan and michele, one month is too short to see results,3 months is not long enough, you n... More »
john,Hulk - i am not gluten intolorant but, choose to leave gluten out, i have been tested for intolorance,th... More »
john,Hulk - and michele,you are not alone here, you are considering making changes. it will help you for sure... More »
Deleted account - It's ruff but the more you stress yourself the worst it might get. Embrace the burden and attack ... More »
Sarah - If it's any comfort there are lots of us here going through the same thing, we're in this together
Mishlyn - Hi Raquel, We are here for you. Whenever I am having a bad day I try to focus on all that I am g... More »
john,Hulk - i agree too , if it was hot needle type itching then ok,thats normal for p, i get that and thats ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sharon, when I was severe I had incredible pain. It hurt to stand, walk, sit, sleep. It was ho... More »
Aimee - I had the same thing as MishLyn. Stabbing nerve pain in my feet when they are broken open.
Mishlyn - **Have never, sorry for the typos ;)
john,Hulk - hello ruby, i have heard of it and i looked it up,sorry you went through that ,sorry you feel alone
Ruby - It lasted 4 months, and I still have trouble maintaining body temp....just the grace of God
Mishlyn - Hi Noluthando & Welcome :) You are not alone in this. We are all here for you. I hope you will be... More »
...feeling alone saeed @saeed

Mishlyn - Hi Saeed, I hope you are well and feeling better today! You are not alone, we are all here for yo... More »
Clive - Hi there Saeed , sorry to see your comment but really glad you are here on the site , a really go... More »
Trina - Hello Saeed, I am so sorry you feel alone but let me just say, you are not alone. We are all here... More »
Sarah - Hi Danielle for me I drink a spiced tea with turmeric, clove, fresh ginger, cinnamon and cardamom... More »
Jill - That sounds great, @sarah!!
Diana - Jill I drink a herbal tea similar to the one Sarah drinks. I also so use tea tree oil for myscalp... More »
...feeling alone Mero @mero

john,Hulk - hello mero, how are you , you have psoriatic arthritis aswell as psoriasis and welcome to flaym,s... More »
Jill - I have....and I know some others have as well. If they can't accept me in my problem skin, then ... More »
Zoe - I hide mind if possible on the first date! Long sleeves, makeup, etc. Depending on how the date g... More »
john,Hulk - good attitude zoe :)hello caesat usually, I get to know the person and them me after a few dates ... More »
john,Hulk - a few beers would do that for me gavin,clear my mind :)
john,Hulk - hello susan, sorry you feel alone, I made lifestyle changes ,diet changes if you will, long proce... More »
Kim - Hi Susan. Nothing has helped me. I've hated being different, I've hated having something that no ... More »
Jill - Awwwww are beautiful! Don't let psoriasis determine how you feel about yourself! ... More »
Mishlyn - It sure is a long battle Heather. I'm 38 and have had it since I was 14. Quite severe for about 1... More »
john,Hulk - hello heather ,as mishlyn has said here. lifestyle changes can help you ,some improvement is bett... More »
Susan - You know Craig, we all have qualifications to live an abundant life. I do not mean money either.... More »
john,Hulk - hello craig,you dont want to think stuff like that, it will not help you I know and most here do ... More »
Jill - Craig- It's so good to hear from you again. I know you do not want to be a burden to your famil... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Rains, Hope you are doing well and your skin is being kind to you! :)
Mishlyn - I hope you have a better day tomorrow Rains.
Ronda - Rain is the worst for the pain :(
Rains - Thanks

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