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Jen - Ace do you shower too hot? Just warm is best. Do you use soap free shower wash? What lotion do yo... More »
Ace - I take warm shower s and I use CeraVe soap. I'm trying to use lemons.
Michelle - I remember those days well Ace. It can be so frustrating indeed. Have you tried oils on your skin... More »
Michelle - when I first heard of acv directly on the skin, I honestly thought it was a bizarre idea and didn... More »
Naima - Hi Debbie, I now exactly how you feel! Sometimes my feet are so itchy that it wakes me up and can... More »
Stephanie - The itching is my warning that I’m about to have a flare. And standing or walking in the heat w... More »
roslyn - im not sure what i have , my scalp is very itchy , it is driving me nuts , i feel bits , like pin... More »
Betty - Shaun.. head and shoulder for control of dandruff ... shampoo and condition both ?
Rose - Roslyn I have some plaques on my scalp. Seems to clear up then feels like blind pimples and hurts... More »
Naima - I use ice or a cold footbath with dead sea salt when my feet are itchy... then moisterize, helps ... More »
Michelle - Hi Darren, coconut oil mixed with teatree oil has always been really soothing for me. I am curren... More »
darren - Hello there, i will try the lemon effect and hopefully it may help me stop scratching like a wild... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Lynne! People here talk about diet changes... it is a variety of different kind of ... More »
stacey - 7pm cant come quick enough could easily throttle her lol
leanne78 - Mentally throttle her,physically smile 😊 xx
stacey - sounds like a plan and i got my mate throwing sweets at me aswell so not good for me skin but goo... More »
Paul - Stay Strong,Try looking at Diet/Hydration but mainly Lemons
Sarah - Hi Ruth, welcome to Flaym! Swelling definitely something you might want to get checked out! Do yo... More »
Jen - I don't understand your health care system. Why are there such long waiting periods?
Jen - Here in Australia we don't go through the hospital system. Gp refers you to who ever you need to ... More »
Sarah - The waiting lists are so long. I had to wait 7 months for an appointment last year... such a long... More »
natalie - please take me with you. thats some spot..👙🍹🌞
Bev1e - Hi Michael don't dispare , maybe now things will start to look up, once you get treatment from so... More »
Michelle - Epsom or dead sea salts in the bath are really soothing for me. I also like adding lavender esse... More »
MariaL - When I'm so stressed, I search horror movies in Youtube or in any other movie sites, it can carri... More »
Susan - natalie all I know is that stress is not good for any of us with any autoimmune condition. I did... More »
natalie - Thank you Susan..
natalie - thats great dan. i hope you find some thing that works for u. x
Sarah - Argh how can it take 20 years, that's so frustrating for you!
Sarah - Hey nacho! What an interesting question... I wonder this too. I wonder actually if psoriasis is o... More »
Michelle - Hi Nacho, Welcome to Flaym! I spent many years worrying about what others thought of me. I learne... More »
Millionways - Hang in there, you know there will be better days coming. Try not to scratch. And put on some goo... More »
Sarah - You're in the right place for this! We've all been there. Lots of us are there right now. It's a ... More »
Victor - Being a certified doctor of natural medicine a certified nutritional specialist or a naturopathic... More »
Victor - Susan this is how quacks like Dr Axe sell their snake oil ! They mix common sense good balanced e... More »
Susan - Victor I'm with you on this. I also think we humans are an interesting lot... Our food guide ev... More »
Sarah - Welcome Carla! Difficult locations for p because they are so frequently used and so visible too. ... More »
Diane - Hello, I am a fellow hand sufferer and also have it on my feet and under toenails. I hope you fin... More »
Emma - I have pustular psoriasis on my heel and I’m hacking a really bad flare tonight. We just have to ... More »
Michelle - Hi Angie, I am sorry you are going through a hard time. Know that things can get better. It can b... More »
Sarah - Oh Angi, you are not a lizard! You are a person with soft skin underneath 💛 I hope that being at ... More »
Sarah - Ah no Kelly, what a place for a new patch 😮 I know you can get it anywhere but I always hope that... More »
Kelly - Hi Sarah , no luckily it’s not just in the morning felt really swollen gone down a bit but I’m su... More »
Michelle - Aww Kelly, I didnt realize we could get it in our mouth, I bet that would be painful 😔 I hope it ... More »
Michelle - I am so sorry to hear about your dad Peg, I hope he has a speedy recovery. Sending hugs 💜
Michelle - Hi Peg, I hope your dad is doing well? Stay strong and don't let it get you down. :)
Sarah - That's so sad, I'm so sorry x
Michelle - Hi Susan, Welcome to Flaym, I am happy you found us here. You will find a lot of support and grea... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Susan! Argh when those flakes start peeping out from your scalp, it can be quit... More »
Kez - Have to go back to the doctors to start it all over again
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Kez, How frustrating! The waiting game can be so hard. I hope you hear from th... More »
Sarah - This does not sound like a good process. And hard for you to it's victim right now! Sounds a good... More »

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