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Afina - That's a real problem....I can't really relate to your situation because I am blessed with two so... More »
Paul - if the boy doesn't learn how to do things for himself now, how will he be when he's on his own?
Dave - Bad news Will, you’ve enough to contend with, time to make him toe the line...
Dave - Lol, you aren’t helping James....
Robert - Oh, lol ive been wondering and thought a few peoples post very odd.
Dave - I must have reported 7-8 this afternoon to evening, just done another...its a joke!
john - thats pants gail, sorry to hear this, i get dry eye syndrome, lucky not as bad as years ago,i kno... More »
MishLyn - Ah Gail, I hope you are able to find some relief soon 💖💖
Susan - Gail I have blepharitis too. No issues to speak of but it was my diet/lifestyle changes that hel... More »
Victor - Had it confirmed today Steroid induced diabetes - no warning about that in the small print!
john - i have stopped steriods now victor for sure, just got to ride it out with healing my face otherw... More »
Susan - Victor thanks for confirming that. I found that out too, although I don't have diabetes. Good a... More »
Christopher - Embrace the ginge! I'm sure it's a trend in levels of hotness these days!
MishLyn - Hi Cheryl, have you ever looked into hair dyes that have a more natural base?
Cheryl - Thanks Chris. Hi Mish yes I have tried more natural ways but with no success
Sarah - That is just unattainable for most people surely, how can they ethically charge that?!
john - geeeze ,whats it called miracle cream for that money ?i am glad i made improvements myself ,they ... More »
Jill - The United States has no cap on what they can charge for meds. I went to get a salve. It was ti... More »
Sarah - My only tip would be to get some sunshine (safely) on it if you can!
Harold - And along with the sunshine mentioned by Sarah, I'd add moisturise & have lots & lots of fun.
Annette - I stick to light material long skirts or dresses over my swim suit. When no one is around I can s... More »
Jill - Hi Barb! Have you tried any dietary changes? It seems like a lot of folks on here have had posi... More »
dac - had psoriasics treatment more 7yrs medication cycloporine not longer
john - hello barb, sorry to hear this , diet,lifestyle changes do help,psoriais is not from the skin its... More »
Jill - It seems to be that when they "take something out," the have to put something else in to take the... More »
MishLyn - Jill, That would be so incredibly frustrating to find out! Sorry you had to go through that :(
john - yes, i had some gluten free sauce quite a while ago and my skin wasnt right, itched a bit,its the... More »
Susieann - I do and I hate it sometimes they crack open and it's so painful to walk ugh.....
Rains - Starting to get it on my feet but mostley plac psoriasis on my elbows knees down and on my bel... More »
john - hello Stephan, I made lifestyle changes or diet if you will, I don't have aggressive patches ,mai... More »
Mavis - I know how you feel. I had to cut my hair due to plaques and thinning. Everytime I go to the hai... More »
Sarah - I found a hairdresser who has scalp ps and that has really helped
john - hello vanessa ,the way I see it, you shouldn't have to feel like that but, I do understand how yo... More »
Susan - Very funny Janice. If it's not yummy I won't eat it. LOL... Crap is crap. Thank God I can do a... More »
Mickg48 - We had a paella tonight with crab meat, baby prawns, Atlantic salmon,Torizo sausage, chicken, red... More »
Susan - Mick I'm sure you will be fine... I love sea food. Not much of a sausage girl though. The rest ... More »
Susan - Awww. Sorry to hear that my dear...
Cheryl - Go for it Tamara ... get it out of your system then treat it in your normal way. Dont let it get ... More »
Kate - I feel you. I have been waking up with 100 plus new lesions a day
Susan - Tamara I'm not sure if you have seen my posts... Suggestion... Cut out sugar at least for a few ... More »
Cheryl - Oh no! I hope it has been sorted now!
Sid - This happened to me as well...only it was from the consultant's side. I chased the techs for ligh... More »
john - i woud be ideal to get it sorted fast i know cheryl,uk , you can be in quick or wait for ages to ... More »
john - hello susan, sorry to hear that,when i ate crap and drank, my crunching thumb and fingers clickin... More »
Kim - Have you recently had a sore throat?
meika - No. Find it weird it was going really well. Could be something I ate, or the sun. To much sun I g... More »
john - sorry about that debbie,what meds are you ding, if you dont mind me asking? thanks . sorry you ar... More »
Dave - Hi Deb, like John said, what meds are you taking? Long term, short term..?
john - hello debbie,we are here to try help each other if we can, please get back to anyone of use here... More »

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