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Denise - When my legs were really bad I used to wear shorts to canoe and kayak keep your head up ignore th... More »
Sarah - This side of psoriasis is really hard to deal with. Loads of us just cover up to avoid the issue ... More »
Rosey - Had the fire comments too Lynne and worst it was constant for about a year ,was a horrible year ,... More »
TONY - well I had Psoriasis for years on my legs until last month now its gone bur cannot say on here wh... More »
Sarah - I use oil on my scalp to soak it and it is very soothing. I use grapeseed
James - I had it there for years and found if I softened the plaque it would come off over a day or two w... More »
Rosey - Fahd,yes,and did it,was friends that didn't understand why I didn't want to go out anymore etc,wa... More »
Chel - Yea I have I first try to explain everything to them and than say screw this I'm out here
john, Psoriasis terminator - I have walked away from negativity many times, one dosnt need it in their lives ,be good to yours... More »
Michelle - Awwww Rosemary. I know how you feel. I'm not near your age but I had it on my hands. Its terrible... More »
Kim - Hi Rosemary. Both backs of my hands are affected. I know how you feel, it's awful having it on di... More »
Erica - Ouch, sympathy for you James it hurts like hell and is so annoying as you will have to wait for t... More »
Ellen - Well now you have to be footloose & fancy free on your holiday...
psomom - Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been managing my stress with YouTube videos by Micheal Sealey and... More »
Rosey - Oh Aimee really feel for you , keep trying to find what works be it natural or on scripts,no one ... More »
Aimee - Thanks y’all! (Yes I’m from the south 😊) It just really helps that other people understand this r... More »
Rita - We all have days like that. Try to relax Robin and hopefully your skin won’t react.
Michelle - Best of Luck Robin, I hope your skin will stay calm. ❤
Michelle - If you can't change anything then don't worry about it. Just keep moving and stay positive. I wis... More »
Erica - @Suze one way to clear the pool and have it all to yourself hey. What people doesn't seem to unde... More »
Glenn - So far, in the short period ive been here, ive come to notice youre all insane 😂😂 If by any chanc... More »
Michelle - Aaaah Glenn you're talking my language, imagine all us flakers on an island! Priceless.
Rosey - Seems that in exactly a mths specialist is away lol so appointment is 5 weeks away,stupid how wor... More »
Michelle - We might think about the same song Sue. lol. Well, at least you have your appointment and it's ... More »
Rosey - By then and hoping I don't need his scripts anymore,but one has definitely improved my scalp,my h... More »
Michelle - I agree with you Robin. Life is short. We should enjoy life and what it has to offer. I have made... More »
Sarah - That scalp mix sounds great Casey. Thank you for sharing it. You have been through so much, let's... More »
Rosey - When Mum died suddenly last Sept ,I was so overwhelmed,Drank heavy for a month and it's the only ... More »
Millionways - It’s okay to feel sad for a moment. But do not let it take over your life. After a while you have... More »
Psoriatic4good - Thank You all for the support! I'm gonna be ok, just a little bit down right now.
Kim - Hi ps4. We have all been where you are right now. Take it a day at a time. Good luck to you..
Jen - Hi Ace maybe change up your diet. Eat different things for a while. It sounds like something is n... More »
Vinay - Hello Ace, I've had psoriasis since 17 and i'm not completely clear. I had to avoid all meats, eg... More »
Vinay - Sorry, there was a typo error its actually "i'm now completely clear" :)
john, Psoriasis terminator - Ok nice, never been there, i know of many people from there though :)
Peter - Summers are as hot as the ones in South Africa, so cant wait after the -1 this morning
Michelle - Ai Peter. I'm sorry and I do hope it gets better quick. The nice weather will also contribute to ... More »
Glanis - Thank you
Michelle - Such sensitive places to have it Glanis. Do you feel you have a good treatment plan going? If not... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Glanis! Those are all difficult areas to treat. Mind you, psoriasis is difficult to trea... More »
Linda - I am new to this too Tammy. It is very upsetting for sure! Reading about the success others are ... More »
Sarah - I understand the anger that goes with this. And on the face too, it's so hard to treat as we try ... More »
Ava - About a year ago I stumbled across a remedy that has worked since - castor oil. Some people (gen... More »
Ant - Thanks. Iv just brought colloidal silver gel to see if this helps. Aveeno is good might have to ... More »
June - Hi ant cetraben is good but I find Epaderm better but listen too the group it you will find it in... More »
Ant - Thanks, I'll give it a try. Great group they cover just about everything.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sandra! I think that too, that it can't be good for my body to be constantly on... More »
Grace - This the first group of this kind I have ever joined but I will tell you I have a really tough ro... More »
Sarah - Hi Grace, oh I ams o plased you could come back from such coverage and severity and find a way to... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - Thanks Michelle, Good luck mishlyn with the house renting and going back to work, hope all goes ... More »
Bev - Wishing you the best of luck with finding a place to rent Michelle
Michelle - Thanks so much John, Michelle & Bev ❤ I am hopeful. Making this decision not to move in with mil... More »
Michelle - I am reading it too Ryan. I have had it for a couple of months but have just been able to pick it... More »
Michelle - Hi Ryan. I'm trying not to change my diet as it may be a shock on my immune system. It sounds gre... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - Hello Ryan, i know of this book but never read it, i do follow his diet, which is simple enough t... More »

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