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Sue - Seems that in exactly a mths specialist is away lol so appointment is 5 weeks away,stupid how wor... More »
Michelle - We might think about the same song Sue. lol. Well, at least you have your appointment and it's ... More »
Sue - By then and hoping I don't need his scripts anymore,but one has definitely improved my scalp,my h... More »
Ruben - @Robin, indeed, the Kinks already sang it in '79 in the song National Health.
Michelle - I agree with you Robin. Life is short. We should enjoy life and what it has to offer. I have made... More »
Sarah - That scalp mix sounds great Casey. Thank you for sharing it. You have been through so much, let's... More »
Psoriatic4good - Thank You very much Michelle <3
Kim - Me too. My knuckle joint of my right index finger. I am right handed so everyday is a world of pa... More »
Ava - I don't know if this will help, but here goes: I've had arthritis in all of my finger joints for... More »
Jen - Hi Ace maybe change up your diet. Eat different things for a while. It sounds like something is n... More »
Vinay - Hello Ace, I've had psoriasis since 17 and i'm not completely clear. I had to avoid all meats, eg... More »
Vinay - Sorry, there was a typo error its actually "i'm now completely clear" :)
john,DARTS VADER - Ok nice, never been there, i know of many people from there though :)
Peter - Summers are as hot as the ones in South Africa, so cant wait after the -1 this morning
Michelle - Ai Peter. I'm sorry and I do hope it gets better quick. The nice weather will also contribute to ... More »
Glanis - Thank you
Michelle - Such sensitive places to have it Glanis. Do you feel you have a good treatment plan going? If not... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Glanis! Those are all difficult areas to treat. Mind you, psoriasis is difficult to trea... More »
Linda - I am new to this too Tammy. It is very upsetting for sure! Reading about the success others are ... More »
Sarah - I understand the anger that goes with this. And on the face too, it's so hard to treat as we try ... More »
Ava - About a year ago I stumbled across a remedy that has worked since - castor oil. Some people (gen... More »
Ant - Thanks. Iv just brought colloidal silver gel to see if this helps. Aveeno is good might have to ... More »
June - Hi ant cetraben is good but I find Epaderm better but listen too the group it you will find it in... More »
Ant - Thanks, I'll give it a try. Great group they cover just about everything.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sandra! I think that too, that it can't be good for my body to be constantly on... More »
Grace - This the first group of this kind I have ever joined but I will tell you I have a really tough ro... More »
Sarah - Hi Grace, oh I ams o plased you could come back from such coverage and severity and find a way to... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thanks Michelle, Good luck mishlyn with the house renting and going back to work, hope all goes ... More »
Bev - Wishing you the best of luck with finding a place to rent Michelle
Michelle - Thanks so much John, Michelle & Bev ❤ I am hopeful. Making this decision not to move in with mil... More »
Michelle - I am reading it too Ryan. I have had it for a couple of months but have just been able to pick it... More »
Michelle - Hi Ryan. I'm trying not to change my diet as it may be a shock on my immune system. It sounds gre... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Ryan, i know of this book but never read it, i do follow his diet, which is simple enough t... More »
Michelle - Hi David. Welcome to Flaym. I know it must be difficult for you. Psoriasis is unfortunately a par... More »
Sarah - Yah, it's tough David. Really really hard for sure. And I know what you mean about the financial ... More »
Lee - I cut alcohol and most dairy. It worked amazingly for about a year but then got really bad again.... More »
Jinger - Been there heck live there what's up
Michelle - Hey Hannah. I can sense you're not in a happy mood. Does this involve your Psoriasis?
Sarah - Oh dear Hannah, drama no good for anyone, and especially not anyone with psoriasis. Skin does not... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Cool, the movie Venom will be out soon i see on adverts :) i was reading about bad foods on the ... More »
Michelle - Oh I would love to watch Venom. I'm a Marvel fan. I know that popcorn is bad but for some reason ... More »
lisa - big hugs to all of you...truly wonderful people..yes we all go through crap,some bad people in th... More »
Heather - I have been struggling with itching lately too. This is a new symptom for me. I’m new to this sit... More »
Sue - Will try the Apple cider vinegar,thanks Jennifer for that tip,am tired and itching and burning,wa... More »
Chel - You can try bathing in Epsom salt to make a a bath with Epsom salt soak in there I usually do it ... More »
Ace - I've tried that already. I've been eating the same four things for the past two in a half weeks. ... More »
Michelle - Wow Ace, that's a lot in 2 weeks, good for you! May I ask what kind of acv you tried? I think qua... More »
Sarah - The only things that help me with night itching are keeping cool and moisturising a lot before be... More »
Shaun - Eva I found the best response approach them and ask them if if they would like some the tables so... More »
Honey - I also don't know how to deal with it but what I always try to do is just smile at them. There's ... More »
Shaun - Honey go for it you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
Sarah - Oil that bad boy up Laura! Oil soaks on my scalp are one of the best things I have discovered in ... More »
Michelle - Hey Laura, I agree oil and lemon would bith be helpful! Tgel ex strength works really great for m... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Laura, i do Diet /lifestyle changes, this can help in the long term in treatment, psoriasis... More »
Jen - Ace do you shower too hot? Just warm is best. Do you use soap free shower wash? What lotion do yo... More »
Ace - I take warm shower s and I use CeraVe soap. I'm trying to use lemons.
Michelle - I remember those days well Ace. It can be so frustrating indeed. Have you tried oils on your skin... More »
Michelle - when I first heard of acv directly on the skin, I honestly thought it was a bizarre idea and didn... More »
Naima - Hi Debbie, I now exactly how you feel! Sometimes my feet are so itchy that it wakes me up and can... More »
Stephanie - The itching is my warning that I’m about to have a flare. And standing or walking in the heat w... More »

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