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Mavis - I know how you feel. I had to cut my hair due to plaques and thinning. Everytime I go to the hai... More »
Sarah - I found a hairdresser who has scalp ps and that has really helped
john - hello vanessa ,the way I see it, you shouldn't have to feel like that but, I do understand how yo... More »
Susan - Very funny Janice. If it's not yummy I won't eat it. LOL... Crap is crap. Thank God I can do a... More »
Mickg48 - We had a paella tonight with crab meat, baby prawns, Atlantic salmon,Torizo sausage, chicken, red... More »
Susan - Mick I'm sure you will be fine... I love sea food. Not much of a sausage girl though. The rest ... More »
Susan - Awww. Sorry to hear that my dear...
Cheryl - Go for it Tamara ... get it out of your system then treat it in your normal way. Dont let it get ... More »
Kate - I feel you. I have been waking up with 100 plus new lesions a day
Susan - Tamara I'm not sure if you have seen my posts... Suggestion... Cut out sugar at least for a few ... More »
Cheryl - Oh no! I hope it has been sorted now!
Sid - This happened to me as well...only it was from the consultant's side. I chased the techs for ligh... More »
john - i woud be ideal to get it sorted fast i know cheryl,uk , you can be in quick or wait for ages to ... More »
john - hello susan, sorry to hear that,when i ate crap and drank, my crunching thumb and fingers clickin... More »
Kim - Have you recently had a sore throat?
meika - No. Find it weird it was going really well. Could be something I ate, or the sun. To much sun I g... More »
john - sorry about that debbie,what meds are you ding, if you dont mind me asking? thanks . sorry you ar... More »
Dave - Hi Deb, like John said, what meds are you taking? Long term, short term..?
john - hello debbie,we are here to try help each other if we can, please get back to anyone of use here... More »
Salim - Hiii sweetheart how are u
john - hello leandro, i am sorry about this,yes i know it can do ones confidence in,sure most of us have... More »
Sherry - I know what your going thru.....unfortunately theres no quick fix, miracle cure or duct tape to t... More »
santosh - it happens to everyone who are suffering with PS...even i do days go i become More »
Jess - Yes all the time. Because it is going against your immune system it tires you out. I hate P 😢
Susan - ra11 Moringa is awesome... The stuff from the naturopath and health food stores is not the greate... More »
Ra11 - Hi Susan @godcares I am just about to email you, sorry it has taken so long to message you back, ... More »
Jan - Seems the cause is as complex as we are. It's a process of personal researching. But this grou... More »
Lucie - Hi Charmaine, im with you on that sister mine has got to that stage where i scratch it sooooo har... More »
Dave - Hi Charmaine, Plenty of water if you don't already and moisturise thinly and often with something... More »
john - sorry you are angry :(
Ajit - Rightly said John...Choices, makes way for changes; but am sure we all share the same concern as ... More »
Ajit - Glad to hear you succeeded in managing your psoriasis...Happy Life
Harold - It must be one of the most difficult types to treat because it's in skin folds like under breasts... More »
darren - I have inverse and I don't have it on any skin folds etc mine is on my shins and legs and arms - ... More »
valerie - i have it too, and it is a bitch to treat! is alot of what Harold has already said ....coo... More »
exx - Hey! Definitely not an expert, but in my opinion, you have a choice to make. I'm in no way saying... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Thanks exx. Will keep you guys posted. Any day soon, I'll be free.
Janice - My husband is causing me so much stress and it is getting worse, I think he has early stages of d... More »
Clawbare - Have you tried soaking in a bathtub using Oilatum plus anti septic bath emollient? it works well ... More »
Jeni - Hi travel rocker ,when you,ve showered always pat your skin dry ,do not rub with the towel your o... More »
Jeni - yes as though your dirty ,I just say if you had what i have you would know how pain full it is an... More »
Jennifer - On the other side, as a cashier at my last job, customers did that to me, one person called after... More »

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