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Annette Gill - I've seen some and I totally understand how frustrating it is. Just when you feel you've got a ha... More »
valerie - Ty Annette, maybe someone actually does!....hearing too many negative comments about food lately.... More »
john - the diet for psoriasis and arthritis very bland and hard work i know,no one should feel guilt as... More »
Nan195 - Miracles do happen every day but to claim a Meds or Cream is a miracle cure for P is a sales pitc... More »
john - hello victor,there is no cure but one can make symptoms better for themselves as i have done , to... More »
john - what ever works for each individual is great i think, what ever helps them, we are here to give e... More »
Salim - Hiii sweetheart how are u
john - hello leandro, i am sorry about this,yes i know it can do ones confidence in,sure most of us have... More »
Sherry - I know what your going thru.....unfortunately theres no quick fix, miracle cure or duct tape to t... More »
santosh - it happens to everyone who are suffering with PS...even i do days go i become More »
Jess - Yes all the time. Because it is going against your immune system it tires you out. I hate P 😢
Susan - Hi ra11... I think I tried everything in my life... Being 56 in a few months, my life is very dif... More »
Ra11 - Hi Susan, thanks for your message I'm going to Google search Moringa and give it a try, how much ... More »
Susan - ra11 Moringa is awesome... The stuff from the naturopath and health food stores is not the greate... More »
Sanita - Im totally fine. Was surprised about some messages and my own naive first reaction.
Sanita - Topic closed.
Cindy - Don't blame yourself for other people's careful 😀
Lucie - Hi Charmaine, im with you on that sister mine has got to that stage where i scratch it sooooo har... More »
Dave - Hi Charmaine, Plenty of water if you don't already and moisturise thinly and often with something... More »
john - sorry you are angry :(
Ajit - Rightly said John...Choices, makes way for changes; but am sure we all share the same concern as ... More »
Ajit - Glad to hear you succeeded in managing your psoriasis...Happy Life
Harold - It must be one of the most difficult types to treat because it's in skin folds like under breasts... More »
darren - I have inverse and I don't have it on any skin folds etc mine is on my shins and legs and arms - ... More »
valerie - i have it too, and it is a bitch to treat! is alot of what Harold has already said ....coo... More »
exx - Hey! Definitely not an expert, but in my opinion, you have a choice to make. I'm in no way saying... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Thanks exx. Will keep you guys posted. Any day soon, I'll be free.
Janice - My husband is causing me so much stress and it is getting worse, I think he has early stages of d... More »
Clawbare - Have you tried soaking in a bathtub using Oilatum plus anti septic bath emollient? it works well ... More »
Jeni - Hi travel rocker ,when you,ve showered always pat your skin dry ,do not rub with the towel your o... More »
Jeni - yes as though your dirty ,I just say if you had what i have you would know how pain full it is an... More »
Jennifer - On the other side, as a cashier at my last job, customers did that to me, one person called after... More »
Angelina - I think if there will be a cure people who have psoriasis will pay any prise, becouse it easier t... More »
john - its true as said here, to much money to be made and while we are all using these products,why fin... More »
john - mind i shouldnt complain as the job keeps me paying the bills,its sad though
Angelina - It makes me tired to put on cream every day. or even few times. If I will miss some day it will b... More »
TravelRocker - I am always tired, whether I have had 4 hours sleep or 13 hours. Permantely 😴
Allyson - I am also tired and have no energy. My theory is that our bodies are in over drive making all of ... More »
Tracy - Do u suffer clare
Cindy - Sorry To hear that Tracey....I know how you feel...I have no answers with this stupid disease...b... More »
Allyson - I'm feel so bad for you. I know how you feel. My finger nails and toe nails just kind fall off wh... More »
Psoriatic4good - Chris... Sorry, but I don't agree with You. Getting rid off psor is not just diet because stat... More »
john - i do agree with you p4g,the mind does play a big role in it for sure i know, i have done a lifes ... More »
john - and i am sorry you are leaving here suzie :(
Psoriatic4good - I got too :D
fiona - you are in a very elite club 😀with a lot of very nice people - flaky and itchy - but very nice
john - yes,theres a lot of us,plenty of things to try and dont stress philip if you can ,look at the pos... More »
john - no way for me, been offerd,they can keep their needles,mostly why i am doing diet,for my joints a... More »
Mrsjonesjnr - Try putting glycerin on your legs when you go to bed at night let it sink in (it's a bit sticky, ... More »
Lauren - Im sorry 😐 I got some ointment from the dermatologist and that seemed to help a lot with the itch... More »

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