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theophile Le Grand 1
john - hello chissiechad, welcome to flaym, glad you are excited thanks :)
Mavis - Welcome
Miah sharon
Kim - I'm sorry Miah but the answer is no, but you can do things to help it.❤️
Nan195 - Wishing you all the best Lisa with your new venture...Love does make the world go round ❤️
Kim - Ditto what nan said. Good luck. X
Williams - yes lisa its a good idea please i am intersted
john - hello anwaar, good poetry,glad you are excited :)
Kim - Good luck.
Janice - Good Luck with the trial!
Brenda - There is no cost to me for being in the trial and the company will pay up to 145.00 per trip trav... More »
Hassan Daniyal - I was doing research on cod liver oil, what should i take now? Check your inbox also
santosh - hi Hassan Daniyal...just try like above i said may be it will be helpful to u...even i am trying ... More »
Pooja - It's ur efforts which helps u in ur ps... My best wishes with you ✌✌
Nan195 - Keep us all updated and thanks for the information 🌹
Mickg48 - My 2 yrs food diary showed me anything in the lentil family and nuts . But that was while I was u... More »
john - hello tom, yes its ok as long as its not put straight at people then its fine, i say what helps ... More »
Mickg48 - The moisturizer I use is Emu oil from BigW if you are in Australia it's cheap @ about $7.50 per l... More »
john - hello dolores,i can believe it :) good for you :)
Charmaine - That is awesome Dolores. Very happy for you.
Shahieda Brown - Hi Dolores, you mentioned a UV lamp? Can one purchase that at a pharmacy or do you see a dermatol... More »
Oliver - buy me various tools to help with reaching my back so I can scratch it!
john - a tree ,a wall a door ,a door car mirror, a stick,i have done them all and more :)
Dolores - My husband says he doesnt care and he loves me just the way I am. He married me this way so what ... More »
Nan195 - You are never alone, with P or not. Communicating with others is as near as your finger tips or ... More »
Rahul - Don't know what to say
Carisa - Me too, me too. Just found a scalp treatment of 2 drops lavender, 2 drops frankincense, 1-2 tsp c... More »
Beth - Thanks Carisa, will try that. I use cocois on my head but sun makes it really bad x
Sabrina - I can understand that! I made the mistake of dying my hair yup back to square one...oye!
john - good for you dominic,mine has improved considerably since diet, my joints are a lot better, glad ... More »
b marius iulian
Kim - When you practice you should consider treating the person not the condition. So much of Psoriasis... More »
Naida Giangrosso - Thank you for your responses. I totally agree with you that treating the one who has the conditio... More »
Jānis - True! Every case is different!
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - The names of what you used arent showing, but i was in the same position 3 months ago! Sweeping u... More »
Andrew - my posts have been edited or removed as i mentioned particular medicines, had an email from Flaym... More »
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Yeah it is pretty pointless actually, and that sounds like a good idea to do. Id definitely be in... More »

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