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Chrisb - Hi Susan, forgive my ignorance but I don't see how canned tomatoes can be fresh ?
Susan - Not ignorance Chrisb... I canned them myself last summer when they were in season and fresh. I d... More »
Michelle - Sounds delightful Susan! I really miss tomatoes! lol
john,darts vader - Sounds good jennifer and shawn :)
Paul - Thank you Jennifer...I'm look into it :)
Paul - I meant to say or type :P "I'll " look into it
Sarah - Sounds delicious, Susan! I've heard of gluten free sourdough starters too... I've seen lots of au... More »
Susan - Hmmm. I didn't know that Sarah. Very cool. I actually forgot about tapioca flour. Man I love ... More »
Michelle - No you don't Susan :D You're having a Blast! You know that you will find the perfect place for yo... More »
Lizzie - Michelle nothing is like the real thing, but I was very pleasantly surprised :)
Michelle - I Love those pleasant surprises along the way! 😃
Sarah - Yummm, Ive got quite a few recipes in my AIP cookbooks from the library that include nutritional ... More »
Susan - Sarah I am going to post of facebook for some kefir grains today. That's how I got my scoby mush... More »
Sarah - Great Susan! Yes I didn't have anyone to get any off, but just bought some instead. Mine is water... More »
Michelle - Good to know! Thanks Sarah, I may have to give that a try too, especially if it can be used to ma... More »
Jen - Sounds great Sarah. Love it. Can almost smell it. I'm doing a Chicken curry right now!
Sarah - Ooo Jen delicious, you had curry Friday too! Give it a whirl, Don, it was delicious! I also cooke... More »
Michelle - I have never tried spiralising carrots, Thanks for the the tip Sarah! I have a hand one as well, ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Nermin! Great when people share what works for them, and this lifestyle sounds ... More »
Michelle - Good Luck Eduin! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Eduin! I think a two pronged approach helped me. Short term I used some topical... More »
Eduin - Thanks for your information 🤗
Jeiniris - Hi! Welcome, I also just arrived.
Michelle - Laughter is the Best medicine Joan :) I Love your outlook! Well done. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Joan. We all love a good laugh and looking forward in you sharing your P experie... More »
Michelle - Lol Sarah. You're funny. I've tried Aveeno and it makes my skin very oily. Is there an Aveeno pro... More »
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Michelle the lightest Aveeno product I've found is the Daily Moisturising Lotion... More »
Michelle - Thank you Sarah. The organ meat...well...I will skip that one lol. But the sea veggies sounds int... More »
Susan - Michelle the way I started was just a post on Facebook. I just said I am looking for a scoby mus... More »
Michelle - I think I will have to give it a try :) Thanks Susan
Susan - Michelle it's just soooo easy. Fun too!
Sarah - A chain pub is where there are lots of branches of the pub across the country. This one is Wether... More »
Jayne - Sounds good Sarah - am off to Wetherspoons tonight - I will try it x
Sarah - Do it Jayne! It was nice! And great to have something cooked for me, instead of having to do it m... More »
carol - I have just recently realized that stress is probably at least part of my problem and my stress c... More »
Brownie - I agree with carol. I seem to have little control over the stress. But I don't take anything fo... More »
Michelle - I try to be in the moment as often as I can. I find it very helpful with enjoying what is right i... More »
Michelle - Isn't it actually cannabis oil? I've tried the soap and will never again. Sorry, I googled it an... More »
Geri - That’s awesome!! Never heard of it. So glad it works for you !
Sarah - That's ace, Anton, welcome back to Flaym! Thanks for sharing this, sounds very encouraging. Espec... More »
Bev - Welcome to the Flaym family Robbie
Deleted account - Thanks everyone great to be onboard!
Michael - Welcome Robbie!!
Zigmars - Sarah, now with fish farms, when most of salmon and trout are grown here, i think its not the bes... More »
Zigmars - Michelle, I use oil blend from fish oil and olive oil and with vitamin D. Won't name company as i... More »
Michelle - Thanks Zigmars, mine it orange flavor and it is pretty good as well!
Susan - Steve that's cool. I don't think people realize how great fermented foods are for gut health. J... More »
john,darts vader - Thank you steve, i shall purchase one soon, give its go and see, thank you :)
Sarah - Steve yes the sauerkraut is great! So good to add to so many different meals, and great for crunc... More »
Paul - Thank yo Susan, God did put you in my life the exact time I needed that nudge:D
Bev - Welcome Joan I hope you will find what works the best for you
Joan - I am always trying something with my provider, she got me on A biological meditation right now! T... More »
Susan - I look forward to it. Might help me in the process too financially. I love your video's and you... More »
Michelle - I enjoyed your video RSE :) I love your dedication to empowering people with Psoriasis the natura... More »
Sarah - Go RedSpot!
Ruben - Hey HollyDan, welcome to Flaym! Mine cleared up after adding vitamine B to my diet. Gone since.
Sarah - Welcome back, HollyDan. My tips are: grapeseed oil soaks couple of times a week, Aveeno Daily Moi... More »
meriniko - I do not know if what I have is psoriasis, but sure it is similar bcz I have crusts/scabs all ove... More »

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