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Roxanne - Sure Susan .Send me the info.
Marty - I am very interested in this! Could you please send me the info?
Susan - Marty I can't send it to you as there is no way to private message you. Not sure why? If you pr... More »
Michelle - Hi Stuart. Looking forward to sharing my experience with you as well and vice versa. You will abs... More »
John - Looking forward to read your experiences.
Sarah - Welcome Stuart, that is indeed very exciting! Love to know more...
Susan - Hey Chris, yoga and moisturizing as the same time. Great multitasking. LOL
Sarah - Hehe wow, good efficient planning, Chris! Just don't get so slippery you can't get up from the lo... More »
john - yes its because the writer dennis potter had both diseases, he had psa bad i believe, never watch... More »
Ruben - Bond, James Bond :D Indeed not some sorry character, but a strong person. As everyone here!
Jack - I watched a documentary on psoriasis called my skin is on fire . Check it out it was really good ... More »
Dianne - I guess I really never thought of food being a problem. I thought stress. Auto immune ? I guess ... More »
Michelle - Good for you Diane, trying to lower your cholesterol naturally before meds. Dietary changes will... More »
Susan - Dianne, Michelle is on the right track. Try the Moringa. A bunch of us on this site are startin... More »
Carol - Hi Rabby. Welcome. Xx
Brian - Hi Rabby
Don - I would think that the temps and weather would be a little warmer than pec....but not too much. ... More »
Carol - It's cold here in February. Bring your duvet! You can get all the creams you need here in any hig... More »
Susan - Lucky you! Roxanne you are going to have a super time!
fern - Spa time is always wonderful!!
Sarah - No it doesn't irritate my plaques really at all! I go swimming once a week with my baby too, some... More »
Roxanne - I find that sream and heat help clear my skin.
Susan - Sarah I betcha you smell puuurrrrty!
Javeed - Keep it up, enjoy your shopping
Michelle - hahahahaha. I love the sense of humour on Flaym.
Michelle - That's really great to hear Mike! One of the first steps of energy healing is being open to it. A... More »
will21 - yes Reiki big in Bay area and Cali in general . Also big here in Santa Fe Watsu big at Harbon H... More »
Teresa - yes i would love to try it
Sarah - That's really brilliant Lauren!
Susan - Hey Lauren! That's such a blessing for you. Have fun!
Janice - Great news Lauren, have fun with your family.
Raynor - looking for something natural. Tired of medicine that doesn't work
Michelle - Welcome Raynor! Very happy to have you hear to support your loved one. If you browse through the... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Raynor. That's great to see you supporting someone living with psoriasis by con... More »
Susan - Dex about 10 years ago I was on this path of self discovery. That's one of the best things I eve... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Not like you have real surf in the Atlantic Rex , says ex-cali dude
Nan195 - Touché and thank you Susan 🌹
Dex - Hey Sarah! Definitely would like to DM you something, but need a follow back! Have some important... More »
will21 - Knowledge is Power, Sir Francis Bacon Father of rules that could demonstrated as opposed to une... More »
Nan195 - Hi Will21 and everyone else, Sir Francis Bacon quoted that...Some books are to be tasted, others... More »
Julie - I found a House Dr. At the hospital two yrs ago. He helped me get my health better and with so mu... More »
Otto_M_Moon - septic , not good. Glad you got hooked up with a good doc
Ron - Hi Brian Good to see you All the best
Shawn - Hi Brian - Glad you found the community - you are correct - lots of great info and everyone is qu... More »
Shane - Welcome:)
Theresa - How did you get clear, this is new this year for me, I know nothing
Sarah - Hi Irena, welcome to Flaym. That is great that you are pretty much clear now, and equally great t... More »
Leasha - You must be doing something right, I just turned 50 I've had it since I was about 7, the beginnin... More »
Dex - Self-improvement is key to psoriasis!! Ayurveda is a great source of information towards healthy ... More »
Sarah - Hi Dex, welcome to Flaym! There's a lot of interest in natural approaches here, there is also a t... More »
Dex - Thanks Sarah!! Definitely look forward to helping share anything/everything that has helped me! ... More »
Michelle - Have a wonderful holiday Rhonda!! 😊
Nan195 - Happy Thanksgiving Rhonda, enjoy and forget about your P for a while. Take care 🌹
Susan - Rhonda you have a super time. I've never been to very many places in the States. Eat healthy an... More »
Sarah - That's a lot of sugar for one serving of anything! But then again I saw a bottle of orange juice ... More »
agb - One serving won't hurt you. Unless, you are lactose intolerant.

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