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Aiza delacruz
Karan - Hi pooja never tried yoga but doing exercise for 40-50 min and balanced diet keep me clear and if... More »
Emil - What's that? Can you explain?
Pooja - Hi Emil, it's a kind of mediation where we chant some mantra which creates vibration on body and ... More »
john - wow that's good mariebar :) its good you have been with her with changes by doing the detox,most... More »
agb - Yeah!
Susan - David that is really interesting... I just googled lectins and the foods we eat that put lectin i... More »
Mickg48 - Will that is great very pleased for how happy are you yippee .haha.
john - yippeeeeeeeeeee p gone :)
will21 - all i did was start massaging the plaque loose where it prevents the plaque behind it out... s... More »
Lauren - Just saw bruno mars he's awesome now can't sleep. About 2 am here
Lauren - Guess I do t psoriasis but eczema. Same symptoms still really itchy 😒
john - off to work lauren, hope your day will be good to you ,glad you enjoyed Bruno mars :) glad you a... More »
Claire - Sounds wonderful!
Claire - The farmers market, not the smoke!
Susan - The Market is always fun. In fact going again this morning. The smoke, well that's another story... More »
Susan - Lawrence I drink the powder but it's not awful. Made by a company that I decided to join. No, n... More »
Kim - I think it depends where you get it Susan. Yours has been made to taste nice, the o do i brought ... More »
Kim - Sorry. Should read, one I brought.
Kim - Hope you make it to London. We are a scatty but welcome people.
Susan - Oh man Roxanne... I wanna come and I'm jealous!!
Annie Williams
Messo - Me too I love everything about u Keep excited you look good
Brickie72 - No. I'm not promoting it, it's just worked for me and two other people. It's cheap in UK 99p a st... More »
Kim - Hi Brickie. The reviews I saw said it worked out expensive because of the size of it in relation ... More »
Brickie72 - Well one stick lasts me about 6 weeks. And I use it on knees and full leg below on each leg. Then... More »
Lawrence - Yea I know the feeling all too often in my line of work! It's so easy to give in to the pressures... More »
Susan - I totally agree... We have to let our hair down. I know when I recently did 2 nights of crap foo... More »
Lawrence - It's always a great idea at the time! The feeling the next day is always problem ;)
Kim - I will go and have a look. Thanks.
Cheryl - Helps to be able to hear Harold lol. Good luck with the skin ... winter has been very mild here s... More »
Shawn - I keep threatening to get glasses but instead I squint and pretend my vision is fine - I'm sure w... More »
Kim - Good luck!
Susan - Thanks everyone... Interview went really well. They have a few other's to interview. I guess I ... More »
Mariebar - Hey Susan how did you get on ?
Kim - So do we all Loveg. Welcome to Flaym. Are you a psoriasis sufferer?
john - probably not kim :(
Kim - I think you are right John with a name like LoveG. I wonder where abcde and f are!

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