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James - For the record I'm liking the Vaseline one, and only 2.99 from Semichem. I take a can when I do s... More »
Justin - I smother myself and eat it - coconut oil TRY IT, YOU WILL BE AMAZED!
Md - Wheatgrass is amazing, you will be noticed after 2 months
john,Hulk - ooooooh plenty of sun and more sun sounds great :) have great holidays,I will be awaiting to get... More »
Cassierose - Thank you! The sea/sun combination is the best treatment for me...I just wish the doctor would pr... More »
john,Hulk - Yes its true for me too,Docs should prescribed this .full pay from work,free holiday time ,that w... More »
Clint - You got this Pete
Michelle - Good luck Peter! You got this ;)
Sarah - Great Peter! Fantastic
john,Hulk - Hello Peter,Thats great news , ah you will be a complete clear skin soon by the sounds of it ,gre... More »
Michelle - Hi Peter. That is great news! I'm happy for you :)
Bev - That's fantastic Peter I'm glad you doing so well
Michelle - Hi John. I just try not to eat all the crappy stuff and I drink my turmeric as well. Not every da... More »
john,Hulk - Thanks all, thanks Michelle,yes turmeric is great,anti inflammatory curry for me tonight, I been... More »
Bev - Yip we going to do the elimination diet again once Spring arrives. We have also been cheating a b... More »
deborah - Hey from up North :)
Rosey - Hello Elio ,you will find alot of useful information on here,alot of natural remedies too,enjoy!
Erica - Hello from Sunny South Africa!
Dakeyras - Good for you Dave!
James - I'm on the list, fingers crossed I have your success.
Bev - Good Luck James
Rosey - You will be ok Michelle,way lots happing for you,stay positive a nd stay you!
Rosey - Happening,argh wish I had a computer again,can spell sometimes,it will all work out Michelle,believe
Mavis - It will turn out ok Michelle and like Jen said it will give you the extra time to relax and 're-e... More »
john,Hulk - Yes sure, Get fresh lemons, cut,slice squeeze on your skin not sore skin though,rub the piece of ... More »
Ray - Thanks will try it.
Sarah - Yep Ray lots of people have been trying putting the fresh lemon on as John says. Let us know how ... More »
Clint - Yahoo great news best wishes for the future
Michelle - That is fantastic news Heather. You are going to rock that job and show them what you're made off... More »
Bev - Such good news Heather. Congrats and enjoy the new job
john,Hulk - WHHOOOOO HOOOO fantastic Jayne,happy and happy for you , yes i am good, livin the dream thanks :)
Susan - That's very good new Jayne.
Mishlyn - Wow Jayne!! That is amazing! So happy to hear That! Enjoy!!
Michelle - Sounds great John and happy you enjoyed it. Walking around without a shirt shows your confidence ... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle :),I think its because of here at Flaym that made me draw up the courage,Kim s... More »
Michelle - And Kim is right John. Why should we cover up. I wear shorts and mini dresses in summer and don't... More »
Jill - As long as I can keep itch under control, I can handle it..yeah Clint and your lemon info..⚘⚘
Jose Antonio - Here, books and internet ( be cautious with internet) I'm reading a book "healing psoriasis" the ... More »
john,Hulk - , I have never read this book but, i follow a diet/lifestyle thats similar from learning from oth... More »
Jannie - I've just bought tea with Tumeric in . It's quite lovely. If you mix tumeric into a paste and app... More »
Michelle - Hi Jannie. I have done the turmeric paste and it definitely helped for my Psoriasis. I can recomm... More »
Jannie - Beware of fake vitamins always buy a reputable brand like solgar or forever living especially if ... More »
Ruben - I'll try this weekend and end of next week (have some days off then which will make this experime... More »
Ellen - I have to just rub the lemon on ..my body cannot handle the acid... I writhe in pain ... it attac... More »
Graham - Great news All the best
Mishlyn - Have a wonderful time Ava! Sounds like the perfect remedy for your skin & soul ❤ Enjoy!!
Jen - Great Ava ocean and sunshine! Have a wonderful time. Relax and enjoy.
Susan - Have a super vacation Ava!
Peter - pm me the links when they start please will be interesting to watch
Andy - They’ve already started Peter although its audio only. Available on podcasts app on iPhone as ‘T... More »
Sarah - Oo sounds really interesting Andy!
Mishlyn - How exciting Peter! So happy the biologics are working so well & with no side effects, Good for y... More »
Sarah - So chuffed for you Peter. Isn't medical science awesome...
Ava - Tremendous attitude; worthy warrior, Steve! 🌺🌻🥀🌹🌷🌸💐🎉
Michelle - I agree with Ava Steve, you are a worthy warrior indeed. Thank you for being an inspiration to al... More »
john,Hulk - Me too agree , Great attitude and advice , Thanks man :)
Mishlyn - That is horribly sad indeed. I know a lot has to do with climate and weather, but it also has to ... More »
Chris - You should Michelle,its good stuff and not expensive at all
Sarah - Oo get the scented candle out Chris! Push that boat out!

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