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Mishlyn - try adding some tea tree oil or lavender to it.. or both! :)
Rosey - Or Vaseline ,stops rubbing burn on inner thighs,so tender there,or curash a baby cream,
Sarah - Too slippery for me!
Lizann - Great news well done
Sarah - Yesss Heather, onwards and upwards!
Heather - Thank you 😊
A - Lotion with seasalt in it, as I can not take a seasalt bath on vacation. Sunscreen that doesnt ... More »
Michelle - way to go Million! :)
Letitia - I have been trying a new oil, I'll try and put on a photo so you can see, it's called Balneum soy... More »
Glam - Thats useful information. I think i might get one for the winter.
Leonie Mateer - I am still loving it
Ava - Good to know that you're still enjoying the sun lamp, Leonie. We don't have the brand you use av... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks so much everyone ❤❤ It has been such a relief, huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I ha... More »
Mavis - Happy Canada day Michelle and lots of happiness is wished for you and your family in your new hom... More »
Ellen - Congrats Michelle... Im sure you are over excited to be on your own again .....All good things co... More »
Michelle - Oh Alberto. We are here if you would like to talk?
john,Hulk - I dont think Alberto will ever talk here?, ah well :)
Ava - Michelle1021, I feel for you, as my arthritic pain is so much worse in cold weather! In winter w... More »
john,Hulk - Sounds very nice Sarah :)
Mishlyn - Have a wonderful time Sarah!! Cant wait to hear about it and the sulfur spring! Sounds intriguing... More »
Martha - Itchy ears back again ,al least I had a month clear
Mishlyn - So good to hear Peter! Thanks for sharing! Cheers to the continued smooth sailing!
Sarah - Woo hooo Peter! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Rosanna - Good for you! I hope you continue to see improvements. I have tried many things over the last 20+... More »
Peter - i think next batch ill put nuts in with the base experiment a bit with it , all in all not bad , ... More »
Michelle - Well, it's going to be my turn this weekend. I will remember the gloves. lol
Ava - Could you DM me the recipes, too, please? I take turmeric for my fibromyalgia, as well as psoria... More »
Michelle - Oh Jayne, I'm so sorry. Happy birthday and I hope the biologics will work quick for you. Good luc... More »
Marie - Sending you good wishes, hope you’re going in the right direction xx
Ava - Thoughts and prayers, Jayne!
Sarah - Funny you posted this John, as I did my own strawberry experiment too yesterday and this morning.... More »
Lou - It there an actual psoriatic diet?
john,Hulk - Well Lou, its what i call it anyway, used to call it the Flakey diet :) Yes there is , cutting o... More »
Peter - It most certainly is sir. After donkey years of creams, tars, baths and covering up I am starting... More »
john,Hulk - I hope so for you Peter,i wish you well :)
Sarah - I am interested! I am sure many will be. Hope you get on well with it Peter, a new route for you!
bernadette - Does alcohol make p worse
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Peter! You are a psoriasis veteran then! You have lots of experience to share w... More »
Peter - It does for me Bernadette. I have tried loads of different diets over the years though and haven’... More »
Sarah - Yay to the appearance of normal skin! I had a few good patches like this, but they're slowly fill... More »
A - Thats a pitty Sarah, I hope it will go up for you again. I am happy for now and when it will go ... More »
Sarah - Good for you Million, it's great that you are maybe prioritising it more with Flaym on your side!... More »
Michelle - My weekend was great, no wine of Friday/ saturday but had 2 glasses today to antiox lol.
john,Hulk - Haha , you making up for it Michelle the 2 day detox ?
Michelle - Lol Nooooo John, I had an excuse actually. My daughter made an oxtail dish and one has to have re... More »
Bev - Welcome to the Flaym family Mabel
MariaL - Congratulations Susan! Thats really a very wonderful news. A P is not a hindrance of our Happines... More »
Susan - Back on for the first time in a few weeks. Still just reading posts without comments. Lots of c... More »
Mishlyn - I hope your skin will react soon too Heather! I may have asked already...but have your tried Lemo... More »
Michelle - Michelle, I have made myself a salad in a jar this morning before coming to work. It looks absolu... More »
Clint - Mason jar salad is an awesome idea
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym Michelle! You will indeed find lots of great of info and tips here. Check out th... More »
Michelle - Aaaaah we have another Michelle in our midst! Welcome to Flaym. You will love the Flaymily. We ar... More »
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaymily, Michelle! Knowledge is power 👊👊👊
Isobel - No I dont
Darwin michael - thanks agAIN!
Michelle - Hi Darwin. I'm sure you can apply the lemon as often as you like. That's what I do. I have 2 lemo... More »
Sarah - Welcome Delon! Yes, share away! That's what we love to do here. Anything and everything psoriasis... More »
Delon - Thanx for your messages!!
Sajith - I am from Sri Lanka

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