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Sarah - Welcome Delon! Yes, share away! That's what we love to do here. Anything and everything psoriasis... More »
Delon - Thanx for your messages!!
Sajith - I am from Sri Lanka
Sarah - Hi Fluke, thats very good news! How long has it taken for your vegan diet to take effect in your ... More »
Fluke - Michelle / Sarah, i went veggie by february 2017, then turned vegan by September and have been si... More »
Sarah - Great Fluke thanks for the details! So glad you have found a plan that is working for you. So it ... More »
Elaine - Fluke, I can't thank you enough for your detailed account of success!!! I applaud each and every... More »
Ruth - coconut oil-love it
Elaine - I've been tanning for a week now. Since my skin is browner, it makes the psoriasis less red and ... More »
Peter - Thanks, i will be moving mid winter here into summer there but have never been in winter there, b... More »
john,Hulk - i hope i could help there, i dont like radiator heat as that can dry skin out, maybe use a de hu... More »
Sarah - Ooo my skin is not as good in the cold, I think if I wear wool or get in dry heat my skin hates m... More »
Elaine - Yay! Thank you, John!!! I've been using an emery board lightly on my skin, then use coconut oil... More »
Mishlyn - I do the same Elaine, just rub the lemon right in my skin. I cut it in quarters and use one at a ... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Elaine,Emery board, sounds drastic ,like getting out the sand paper or wet and dry ... More »
Jen - Hello David. Well come! It's exciting when a healthcare professional shows a genuine interest . ... More »
Michelle - Hi David. You posted this 20 days ago and I only see it now? Terrible of me. I apologize. It woul... More »
David - Hi Michelle: Glad we are able to connect. On your question...have some positive feedback for poss... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Robin! Mine has never cleared completely ever since it appeared aged 13. Maybe ... More »
Robin - 100% pure olive oil, 100% pure argan oil, argan tree seeds, black seeds. It's homemade and your ... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks for the recipe Robin! I Love your positive attitude! Keep it Rockin'! ❤
Mishlyn - Have a great time Eva!! Enjoy! I Love Sarahs idea of Gluten Free. I enjoy beer and haven't had ... More »
Bev - I've never heard of gluten free beer. I wonder if they sell it in South Africa. I drink non alcoh... More »
Sarah - Oo yes do it! I am lucky as my husband has made me 40 bottles of gluten free beer. You can buy it... More »
Mishlyn - Lol!! I have been eating more lemon too Chris! 🤣
Michelle - Lol. Chris. I eat lemon almost every with my food and even my perfume has a lemon smell to it alr... More »
Sarah - Please step away from the crack...
Imre - Look stress in the face....and laugh at it
Sarah - Me too hoping for the same Natalie, enjoy!
Susan - natalie have a wonderful weekend. I will be spending it with my boyfriend just doing whatever. ... More »
john,Hulk - They show you everything no matter what it is on there Michelle, dont watch it whilst eating lunc... More »
Sarah - Nice one Chris! Putting it out there! Go you!
Chris - Filming would be two weeks tomorrow, no make up if I get on 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jen - I hope you will enjoy lots of sunny days Michelle@mishlyn. Nothing better than to shed all those ... More »
Mishlyn - That is the truth! Thanks Jen! ❤ It has been a long winter! Flakes ❄❄I can say without a doubt, ... More »
Michelle - Michelle. The sun will do you good and enjoy it. I think the reason why my skin clear up so quick... More »
Diana - Hemp oil on Knees, elbows, and lower back. Back is clear now but still apply it there for safety ... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome back Diana! So great to hear your success with CBD's, that is fantastic!! :D
Lee - I found Hemp lotion at Sallys Beauty supply. It works well.
Jen - Yes lots Charmain. Go to the themes section and browse.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Charmaine! The themes section on the top bar has a whole section of posts dedic... More »
Jen - Hi Roxanne. I know what you mean. Been there plenty times. Please don't stress! Put music on and... More »
Mishlyn - Super fast! Wow! Congratulations Roxanne! I agree with Jen- put some music on.. such a good hel... More »
Susan - Well make sure you pee... That's good I think Roxanne. It's a positive sometimes with moving as ... More »
Meaghan - Neem oil tends to have a bit of a garlicky scent (I can handle it myself) but if you don’t like i... More »
Sarah - Ooo that sounds soothing Meaghan! Especially when warm!
Susan - Nice concoction Meaghan. Hope it helps.
Mavis - Sounds good Sarah hope it works for you
Sarah - Going to have to try it again in a few days to confirm it is OK, as I've got a flare up! But thin... More »
Clint - Holy mackerel....
Clint - Small improvements start right away as time went by I noticed I was on to something.
Timmi - Starter med en gang"
Yusuf - Hi there As a matter of interest I also read and tried out lemon for cleaning the skin and it re... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried this Jim but I wouldn't mind betting it would help me. I have had great results f... More »
Betty - I have been taking vitamins D capsules for long time. Not liquid
Bev - I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back and my doc told me to take Vit D tabs. I n ve... More »
Jean - I have been rubbing 🍋into my scalp for a week now and not using anything else, it does seem to ha... More »
Clint - That response is the indication it's going to work you should see increased improvement and a tur... More »

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