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Michelle - Hi Kez, I am sorry to hear your scalp is giving you a hard time. It can be a battle at times. Wha... More »
Susan - amanda I hope things get better for you. Not sure if you are using any creams. Maybe try aloe v... More »
john,darts vader - yes, can have a nice cooling affect i find susan with the gel, maybe help when skin sore, it help... More »
Orlaith - Know all about the itchy scalp, and lack of sleep, I've recently started using a shampoo and cond... More »
Lynn - Unfortunately we become immune to the different creams/ointments, or any meds, after using for so... More »
Michelle - It can be so frustrating when something that once worked well, stops. Coconut oil mixed with tea ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Mirranda! I don't think the creams and topical stuff will ever be able to take ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - I always wonder what my pso would have looked like over all these years if I lived in Florida ins... More »
Michelle - Me too! We use a woodstove & the air can be quite dry. Counting down the days until spring!
john,darts vader - Hello nik, i know the feeling, i want warm weather too,sorry about your frustration
Sarah - Love that suggestion, Meaghan. A scalp mask sounds very soothing. For me, similar but I use grape... More »
Brian - I have stopped using shampoo completely as it never works for me. Some make it worse although som... More »
hijimhere - I used to have bad scalp but I find head and shoulders together with scalp lotion from my doctor... More »
Sarah - Hi Elaine! No idea! I think skin conditions can be tricky to diagnose... even sometimes for docto... More »
Anne - There are 7 different types of Psoriasis. I have had it for half my life. It is in your dna. Ther... More »
Jan - Could be. I'd say the same about my scalp only I would add my dry skin comes away in flakes.
Jo - I'm the same although is confined to just behind the hairline. I'm wondering how to stop flaking... More »
Sarah - Yes my scalp psoriasis does feel like that too, but I'm not sure if other skin conditions that ar... More »
Mayank - Hi Clive, I'm also from. Durban, and have been able to heal myself completely, after suffering fo... More »
Sarah - Oh no Clive, that is the worst. Sometimes trying something new can really backfire. I've had this... More »
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Clive, I hope it has been able to calm down a bit since then. If not, have yo... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Brendon, great to see your post! I can see why that is frustrating. Work is a place... More »
Brendon - Thank you for the responses. Is there any pills, injections and cream that can help immediately? ... More »
Sarah - Brendon Flaym don't permit discussion of named medications but we can discuss in general terms...... More »
Sarah - Ah no, Karla! It must be a no-no for you, it seems that way! Unless there are any other explanati... More »
Susan - Karla not for me. I can eat any vegetable or protein. Might be a trigger food for you though. ... More »
Jen - Karlea maybe ask your doc for allergy testing. I used to be allergic to all crustaceans but not a... More »
Susan - Another good video. Some I agree with some I don't. But... I always give feedback and love gett... More »
Ruben - Will check it out today! Keep up the great work!
Bev - Good Video RSE
Michelle - Lol yes the tin Tuna. But hey, I live in SA and it might not even be tuna! 😳😱 (I hope its not fro... More »
Ruben - Hey Sammantha, I started taking vitamine D and curcumin as supplements to my diet. That is workin... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sammantha! I use Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on my face as it is very ligh... More »
john,darts vader - Hello, yes i do but, i dont know any difference without it robbie, dosnt mean your family dosnt ... More »
Ruben - Hey Robbie, might just be dormant at this time. One of my uncles never had it until his first che... More »
Michelle - So Happy to hear that you are feeling better Alana. We are all in this together :) Welcome Abo... More »
Sarah - We feel better with you here too, Alana! ✨✨✨
Jennifer - Hi Alana, I live in northern Nevada wish I was in southern during winter lol tho I was diagnosed ... More »
Michelle - Awww.. Sorry to hear that Lauralie. Lack of sleep is tough, on our bodies. I hope you are able... More »
Lynn - I used to scratch and pick mine as felt so good, after i finished picking the utch wou... More »
Sarah - That is absolutely knackering, Lauralie. They say sleep is really important in managin autoimmune... More »
Susan - Could be lisa. I sure hope you feel better soon.
john,darts vader - i never know, whether its psoriasis related or not when i get ill, not so much now though i find,... More »
Marlene - My doc asked me to eat two eggs a day. I think that must be one culprit. I cut out the pea protei... More »
Michelle - I hope things can calm down for you once you are nice and settled Marlene. What a huge life chang... More »
Marlene - Eat 2 eggs or take choline. So I tried the eggs b/c I like them and it is much cheaper than suppl... More »
Michelle - It can be hard, people around us do not understand the pain that comes along with P. Physically o... More »
Susan - Michelle you made me chuckle a bit..Yeah, if we don't share, how do they know. I think that abou... More »
john,darts vader - i know what you mean jessica, my girlfriend used to always say i am always ill,well she had done,... More »
lynne - Thanks. Unfortunately my health insurance is horrible and doesn't cover much. A year from now I... More »
john,darts vader - Hello lynne, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes ? It may lesson symptoms for you thoug... More »
lynne - Thanks. I'm working on that right now. According to my food allergy testing the only thing I ca... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Eva. Is that your psoriasis getting you down? It is very frustrating. We get it... More »

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