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Rosey - Jannie,dont let one member ruin your time and input here,block said person then you don't have to... More »
James - Don't delete your account, tell the site managers, they can read all PMs, and throw the offenders... More »
john,DARTS VADER - You can talk to lasse at flaym Jannie, i have got someone removed, for well doing what they sho... More »
Jen - Hi Linda. I think Clint is still asleep. Just cut lemon and rub on your skin. Leave on until you ... More »
Rosey - Do a search here as lots of helpful tips for ear psoriasis
Sarah - My nan always said olive oil!
Madmum007 - Millionways where are you getting Triancinolone acetonide with acetic acid eardrops from?
JODI - thank you Michelle :) :) :) will keep you guys updated .
Michelle - Marmara, have patience and you'll see. Sarah@sarahuk is our food elimination queen on Flaym, mayb... More »
Sarah - Mine builds up long term. I don't really get many instant reactions from stuff, as I have learned... More »
Michelle - I hope you feel better soon Rosey :)
Rosey - Been 2 years but got to keep trying,am Sue,but changed name and pic as found out all was out ther... More »
Michelle - You picked a good name. Glad you're still with us Rosey. Xxx
Michelle - Tell us what the problem is sommer. Like Beth said, post a picture as your profile then we can tr... More »
Sommer - Thanks all! 🙏🏼 how do I add my picture to my profile? It looks like I have to go to the website? ... More »
Michelle - Go to your profile and select photo then upload. Remember to save! :)
James - When I start scratching my back with the back scratcher, anyone listening at the door could be fo... More »
Aimee - Thanks so much !! I’ll try both, I’m waiting on biologic to come in
Rosey - Epson salt is good too apparently ,haven't tried it yet,soak feet in in,take a bath in it,i m nut... More »
Kathryn - Thank you. Could u tell me what u do diet wise please? X
Michelle - Hi Kathryn. I'm in the cave man diet mostly. I will eat brown past/rice/potatoes once a month onl... More »
Kathryn - Thank you Michele I was suprised to find out that potatoes and tomatoes are inflammatory foods 😭I... More »
Robin - Thanks all It's the long weekend so I am going to rest at least today.
Bev - So sorry to hear that Robin. Have you strapped the toes up? I broke two toes on New Years Eve. Be... More »
Robin - Bev I strapped my toes and I use a lot of ice. I will be back to work on Tuesday. so bored at home.
Jen - What do you do to control your P Chris?
C - I bought a small uvb lamp , trying to see if it will calm skin down
Rina - I had no idea about this!
Sarah - Urhhh no sorry to hear this! Not nice for you...
john,DARTS VADER - Sorry about this Heather, i gave up oranges clemintines etc a long while ago, whether they affec... More »
Rosey - Yep,just water,one part water to three parts baking soda,havent tried it myself as I itch at nig... More »
Rina - Thanks. I will try it.
Rosey - So will I ,at night too tired,morning routine takes an hour, to try not flake during work time,I ... More »
Sarah - This is a great question! One I wish we didn't know an answer to. For me, guttate is worse than p... More »
James - I'm sticking to it so far. Morning is hardest. I can have tea or coffee with no milk or sugar, an... More »
Lindakay1948 - I never have to concern myself with being too busy as most days I always am busy. Gardening,Huge ... More »
Lindakay1948 - I am now In Love with that Vision in the Market makes me smile from ear to ear..
Jane - It was the first time I’d approached someone with P . After such a lovely response I shall do it ... More »
Michelle - Me too. Smiling all the way and my admiration has grown so much for you Jane. It took courage to ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true, dog food would taste better than that,though dog biscuits dont taste bad at , Its just g... More »
Sarah - OMG that burger, I can't even imagine it actually! I think I would have major food-fear faced wit... More »
Michelle - Well done James! its not easy.. especially when its right in front of you. Keep up the great work!
Michelle - Hi Dev. I know how you feel and it is frustrating. You are at the right place. Our Flaymers are h... More »
john,DARTS VADER - No ill affects at the moment, i await for winter for that i should expect ?I will make the most ... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Christine! Is it salt that aggravates the scalp for you? Salt is good for my scalp ... More »
Michelle - Hi Keturah, I don't have scalp P anymore but I sometimes use tar shampoo to keep it at bay. Nice ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Keturah! My scalp is best when I use oil soaks to keep the itching and flaking ... More »
Mymoena - my husband also had it on his head couple of years ago then he use Denorex shampoo the strong one... More »

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