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Mercia - Thanks Michelle i am now trying honey and garlic remedy with the lpc cream
Michelle - Ohh that sounds nice Mercia. Do you add the honey and garlic yourself, or is it premixed? Hope i... More »
Sarah - Hi Mercia, welcome to Flaym! I feel like that too, and have felt that way for a long time. I have... More »
Millionways - Ohw Gee, that is a lot in a short time you have to deal with. I hope you will get the right treat... More »
Michelle - It is not an easy road to travel Gee, but I think if you stick around here, that road can become ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello gee, have you tried Diet/lifestyle changes,this will help with your diabetes if type 2, it ... More »
Michelle - Good for you Drum! Getting started can sometimes be the hardest step. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Drum, the lemon works very well for my P. Im a coal tar person. I used the lightest one for my in... More »
Drum - Hi Michelle, I don’t mind coal tar. The one I use is Coal tar solution 5% w/w, sulfur 0.5% w/w in... More »
Lorna Penner - Maria that is so sad to have to give up a marriage because of p-----but sometimes if its stressf... More »
Kim - My childhood. I was always the scabby girl afterwards or trying to hide it from others.
Julie - At first walking was a problem as my worst patches are on the instep/arch/bottoms of both feet. W... More »
Michelle - Welcome Susan. You know what, summer is just what you need. Try to find a spot in your back yard ... More »
Sarah - Oh yep it sure is. Welcome to Flaym, Susan! When my redness is up I do feel self conscious still.... More »
Michelle - lol Sarah. Well said.
Michelle - Hi Stephanie. No sorry, I have never used biologics but I have heard good reviews about it. I use... More »
Sarah - Not me Stephanie but if you check out the themes section you'll find some collected posts on "pso... More »
Sarah - Hey Belinda, you've joined the Flaym ranks! Welcome! Me too I have it there, well all over my sca... More »
Belinda - Thank you anyone know how what type of coconut oil for hair and were I can get it from
Sarah - When I use coconut oil I buy mine at Aldi, it is Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, but still only £2.20 ... More »
Darwin michael - hey sarah. have not been a scratcher ever since. whatever time of day it is. coz my P was not itc... More »
Michelle - Glad last night was a better sleep for you Darwin :) Sorry to hear about the lemon, did the stin... More »
Darwin michael - The sting lasted quite a while. So i had to go with the ice.
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Chandrey. I have 2 boys, my first son my skin got better and it got worse with... More »
Sarah - Welcome Chandrey! Mine too, my psoriasis has never been worse than whilst pregnant (x2) and once ... More »
Michelle - I hope it passes for you soon too Louise! Happy to hear the cbd oil is working well for you! hope... More »
Michelle - Good luck Louise and I hope it gets better soon.
Sarah - Oo love to know more about cbd oil, how are you using it?
john,THE EASY RIDER - Hello Kenneth, yes i have heard of this, been in the papers etc in the uk,not heard anyone come ... More »
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear about your P flaring up so badly Kenneth. Smoking cannabis for so many years co... More »
Sarah - Well I read about vanillin (artificial vanilla extract) too having postive effects in studies on ... More »
Heather - Use tea tree oil on your scalp.
Sarah - It is kind of scary for me too patty. I was prescribed immunosurpressants last year and was too s... More »
Michelle - Tea tree oil has been great for me too Patty. I used to mix it with coconut oil, but now I use al... More »
Peter - Not sure I'm in JHB, did you Google to see or ask your dermatologist if they know of one maybe
Sarah - Hi Kenneth, welcome to Flaym! If you use the Meet Others section on the top bar, you'll find Flay... More »
Michelle - Hi Kenneth, welcome to Flaym. There are a lot of Capetonians on Flaym. Maybe you can arrange a me... More »
Sue McCutcheon - Hi Patty, I have been on biologics for many years. My pain has gotten worse in the past two yea... More »
patty - yes sue it has been not letting me sleep with the itchy n pain horriable I told derm that he just... More »
Sue McCutcheon - I am itching right now. Even with biologics, I am in pain and itch. I am going to research this s... More »
Michelle - Hi Doris, Welcome to Flaym! You will find a lot of helpful information here. TGel extra strength ... More »
Sarah - Argh Doris I sympathise! Scalp psoriasis can get so so so sore, and my scalp is by far the worst ... More »
Michelle - I have swam in a salt water pool before but it was too strong. When I dove in I everything was ok... More »
Sarah - Hey Ace! I've swum in the sea quite a few times with my p in active mode and it has been fine for... More »
Michelle - Aww your poor boy Sandra. I have not heard about teeth coming in being helpful, but I sure hope i... More »
Sandra - They have done all the tests it's not food related
Sarah - Aww bless this little one, so frustrating for you all. It's great you've had all the tests done. ... More »
Line - Hey everyone, thank you for all your positive suggestions and your own stories. As sad as I am ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Sorry you are going through this Line,i hope things will get better for you in time
Sarah - Line are you sure the nettle rash isn't urticaria (hives)? My son had hives recently for the firs... More »
Sarah - It is confusing Patty with all the treatments that are out there. Steroids often come in creams, ... More »
Sarah - I feel like this sometimes too Eva. Day 131 of strict autoimmune protocol, and now doing reintrod... More »
Ruben - Hey Eva, I just had a nice big flare up this weekend. Went to the doc yesterday, and I have an in... More »
GITTL - nothing....IT'S IN YOUR BLOOD. keep as peaceful as possible,positive, i'm trying marijuana oil no... More »

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