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natalie - try vaseline on it. i found that good. or epaderm moisturiser.
Sarah - Argh seeing the coverage grow is so frustrating... Really hope something will happen to help befo... More »
Susan - leanne Clint has been posting alot about lemon juice. Might sting but everyone seems to say that... More »
natalie - you would be surprised how many people actually have psorisas. i no its very hard especially now ... More »
Sarah - I think I had to stop hating my body for things to change. I think I came to realise after like 2... More »
Simon - The people who care about you will not judge you on you psoriasis and the rest are not worth both... More »
Sarah - He's 2. I'm like that too I think!
natalie - Aww my son turned 1 in January there so funny at that age.
Susan - Hang in there Natalie. You've come this far. I guess we get to ride the rollercoaster of life. ... More »
Michelle - Very interesting. I have not heard about this either. I eat avocado and have not had any problem... More »
john, DARTS VADER - So true Michelle, nothing is clear cut with psoriasis :)
Sarah - Lemon and lime are both high histamine too! Hehe! So maybe you have a normal tolerance for histam... More »
Randi - Thank you for your responses. Michelle, I am going to start a food journal and see if I can find... More »
Randi - Lol not Dog's..... foods 🤣🤣🤣. Clint thanks for your support. Lemons it is. With Vitamin D.
Michelle - Great idea keeping a food journal Randi! I did an elimination diet to help me find what my trigge... More »
Paul - Don't be embarrassed you are one of the beautiful people we are the 1%we are unique
Chris - Nothing to be embarrassed about , we are all here for you and each other
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sharon! No need for even a speck of embarrassment here, we all understand and a... More »
Clive - Interesting question , it may in a small way have lowered your immune system and aggravated the s... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Josh! Wow never thought of that... not it followed vaccinations for me. Think m... More »
Michelle - Hi Josh. I was diagnosed with P 26 years ago. My body was covered in P apart from my face and pri... More »
Sarah - I don't know Josh! I know that it does make a massive difference for me. But I don't know for oth... More »
Michelle - Hi Julia, many of us here including myself have had really great success with dietary changes and... More »
Sarah - Welcome Julia Erica! I think whenever we launch into a new thing to try for our psoriasis, we nev... More »
Julia Erica - Thank you so much Mich and Sarah... i found peace here. Thanks for the advices. I started eating ... More »
...feeling frustrated Rita @ritalk

Michelle - Hi Rita. I hope its is better today? Chin up girl, everything will be okay :)
Janice - Try to keep smiling Rita, the more you ignore your P the better it will be, stress just makes it ... More »
Sarah - Tomorrow is a new day! Hope you can find a way of picking your spirits up, in whatever way you li... More »
Michelle - Hi Debbie, I have not heard of palma planta pustular psoriasis. I have heard pustular, is it the ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Debbie! I don't have it myself, but have heard of palmoplantar and pustular sep... More »
Debbie - Hi and thank you. It only affects my palms and soles of the feet. Itchy and painful let alone uns... More »
Clint - It happens were you sweat so get the lemon 🍋 on it sounds like a rap song 🎶 Lemon 🍋. On your butt... More »
Stacy - Sarah that’s exactly the way mine is under my boobs and it was actually my partner that told me i... More »
Clint - Stacey use lemon 🍋
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Mary,diet/lifestyle changes may help over the long term with this, i have seen improvements... More »
Sarah - Hey Mary, welcome to Flaym! I use a few natural things on my head that help me a lot. One is usi... More »
Kathryn - Mine is really aggressive at the moment. I fell off my healthy eating wagon and I'm paying the pr... More »
agb - Linda, I am so sorry you are suffering. After you wrap your feet, try to raise them. I have a foo... More »
Claire - Hi Linda, when the pain gets too much I love coconut oil but Vaseline really does help, its insta... More »
Kez - I suffer with prickly heat as well but heat on my p does not help
john, DARTS VADER - Only if i sweat other wise i am okay
Sarah - Hmm not for me, I'm OK with the sun. I just have to remember to use sun cream everywhere!
Sarah - Yes I do feel nauseous sometimes when I have a flare up.
Ruben - I don't get sick during outbreaks, I get outbreaks when I get sick...
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear Dawn. I hope you feel better now? Fortunately, I never got sick during an outbr... More »
Sarah - Where are you starting from with your diet change Natalie? I think if you are starting from a not... More »
Breda - Find apple cider vinegar helps scalp leave on till dry then sampoo as usual
natalie - Thanks breda
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lesley! No I haven't tried that product, but I'm sure someone here at Flaym wil... More »
pratiksha - Is there any test food this ? Or I should do a trial ?
Sarah - There aren't any reliable tests I know of that can test intolerances, only allergies. Trial is th... More »
Sarah - I had meant to say about gluten, I read that gluten stays in the gut for up to 6 months after eat... More »

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