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Jennifer - I drink apple cider vinegar and put it on skin sometimes, but I knew a lady who put it on her sca... More »
isabel67 - I bath in baby oile and try every cream it is so itchi my dokter perskripe cortesoon it help n bit
Pooja - Hey kriston, I don't have any knowledge about Shampoo or conditioner bt I scrub my body ND head w... More »
Matthew - Hi kriston I found its trial and error some made me flare up others irritated me more keep persev... More »
Kelly - I've just brought scalp 18 seems to be working only used it twice
Maxine - I use Alberto Balsom Tea Tree, works for me most of the time. Xx
Joni - T-Gel works really well for me, smells a little funny so I use at night.
Afina - Should paying make your treatment better? I hope you find someone and something that helps you.
Afina - I use a supplement myself....also quite expensive but it works for me....When I have a lot of str... More »
michael - Ask your doctor for anti immune medication
Jane Tsipi - Or we could insert a day between saturday and sunday... how's that? :D
Janice - Love Monday's, wait until you retire, you will too P4G x
john - yes, cant wait for friday, my night of madness or badness, been a while,4 days to go :)
Sue - T GEL, It shoulda said
Lepa - Hey Sue try coconut oil put it on before bed and glad wrap over and rinse it off in the morning 3... More »
Nan195 - Enjoy it, get good junk food if possible and get back on track. Have fun 🌹
valerie - thanks everyone who replied, i'm ok now, just had some "OFF" several i have a sprai... More »
valerie - Thanks Kim...
john - hello brandy, i wish i could sleep for lot of hours,6 to 7hrs max thats it, my girlfriend sleeps... More »
john - i dont mean that towards you, i joke to her about it
john - hello oliver, how long have you had psoriasis? and do you have psoriatic arthritis aswel? thanks,... More »
carol - Hi Oliver, you wake up and its wow really why don't you think I've got enough!!! I've given up o... More »
Mariebar - Hey Oliver I'm quite new on here my daughter has p and I'm trying to help her. She is also an avi... More »
Saqib Iqbal
...feeling frustrated Saqib Iqbal @saqibiqbal


john - hello saquib,sorry you are frustrated and welcome to flaym, hope you find things to help you here... More »
michael - My comment on all this is with psorisasis, it becomes different horses for different courses. Yo... More »
john - oliver, doctors,derms will dismiss diets, my doctor was pretty good well this one was,he let me... More »
john - diets are a choice a choice for everyone,i dont know how i did,do it ,bad diets are not good for ... More »
Kim - Hi Lynne. I am sorry you are in pain. I hope you get some relief from it.
Lynne - Thank you Kim.
john - i hope you get well soon lynne,sorry you are frustrated,though if one is in pain,who wouldnt be f... More »
Sherry - Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease....
john - thanks people for the info, glad i have given up sugar quite a while ago and fatty foods and i h... More »
john - yes, can be genetics in type 1,psoriasis is a risk factor ,which is not reversable but can be ma... More »
Sherry - My face? About 2wks, the rest of me, still got it in varying flare and non flare stages. Mine st... More »
Julie - Hi i am covered in guttate psoriases and face scalp had it for years never seems to clear when ge... More »
santosh - i suffered the same i used some cortisone was cleared but i used i st... More »
Kim - Hi Debz. I am the same as you. Both backs of my hands, knuckles and dots on some fingers. The onl... More »
adrian - Try using creams with cocoa in them as I have found it very good
Gaurav kumar
Doreen - I use doverbet jel put on night before next morning put shampoo on dry hair then wet it then w... More »
Doreen - Sorry I meant gel
santosh - hi gaurav....just try almond oil in which just add 4 drops of vitamin E oil and mix it properly .... More »
Sharon (Sherry) - Guess I'm used to it, since I've had most of it all my life... but yes, it does get annoying when... More »
chris - hey guys - i have mentioned a few times about the link here. Ask John - his P is improving and as... More »
chris - HI Annette. Physio may help with managing your symptoms, but you need to address the root cause. ... More »
Harsh - Try moisturizing often. It does help. Dip yourself in coconut oil.
Jennifer - I drink apple cider vinegar daily and the amount of itchiness is so much less, when I do still ge... More »
Ajit - Thanks for your lovely advice...Have'nt tried apple cider vinegar yet; will definitely give it a... More »
Flaym - Know the feeling ;)
john - hello jayne, i use alphosyl 2 in 1 and its always been good to me over the years, what helps one ... More »
Julia - Hi Jayne I use Aveda scalp benefits and Pure all Natural Rinse with cider vinegar
Lorraine - I use lush shampoo bar. Think it's called soak and float. It eases the itching .

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