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Nan195 - P.S. Diprosalic Ointment has cleared my two patches, just to keep it like this xo
Liz - Romansh Hi ask if you can have a a test for it 😊
Dave - Hi Jacqueline, hope you are ok more to the point.. all good here, bit of back ache, nothing maj... More »
Cherry - Hi Teresa!😘
Kim - Hello Teresa. Welcome to our little group.
Mike - Welcome!
john - hello super, I made changes in lifestyle/diet and I don't itch that much, my skin is good too,it ... More »
Sarah - Stick some apple cider vinegar on it
michelle - I do that also Sarah soak my feet and hands in cider vinegar with the mother and cinnamon sticks.... More »
john - hello michelle, I know the feeling all too well, I made changes in lifestyle/diet and my skin is ... More »
Emil - If you won't consider pills, then you will need a Diet Change and Lifestyle Change - be ready to ... More »
john - hello mary, doctors and derms do not treat route cause just symptoms, I havnt seen a dermatlologi... More »
Diana - Hi Mary, I also no longer go to dermatologist. I have spent thousands on treatments and meds, no... More »
Karan - Try homeopathy it will take time but its will clear your skin for long time and no side effects
Maggie - Karan, thank you! I've been looking more into that!
Natraj - Try homeo no use of steroids temporary relief only
Cindy - Sorry Kim, I hope you do not have to go through this any more, it's bad enough having to once but... More »
Kim - Thank you Cindy.
Mary - Never been in a tanning bed
Karan - Have some probiotics and turmeric hope it works well
Emil - Alcohol was the HARDEST thing for me to give up. Haven't had a sip of anything for 1 and a half y... More »
Kim - I don't have that problem with alcohol. It doesn't make me itch at all. If I have overdone it the... More »
Liz - Also why can't I say much more when overall can have so many letters😕
Nan195 - Wishing you better soon. What we P friends need is a long sunny vacation on a tropical Island wi... More »
Janice - Hi Liz, have you tried soaking your feet in Epsom Salts, my feet are so much better since I start... More »
Sarah - I'm the same, during a flare up topical stuff does nothing for me x
Karan - Hi 👋 Giulia I know flare up are irritating and uncomfortable as I'm also having s flare up like f... More »
Jeri - Yes, this week is a major flare week for me, too. I feel you.
Annette Gill - Oh yes. You're in the right place....welcome
Debakshi - If you suspect something, you may get one. I sorta came to know that eggs and shellfish trigger m... More »
Lakhan - If you can come in India than you can permanent treatment for her First of all you do yoga secon... More »
Sylvie - Drink enough water helps a lot (Even if you think you've drink enough, take another glass!). I ha... More »
Emil - Hi Yael, Try to get her in the sun for a bit. I noticed it says your in Israel, have you guys ... More »
Karan - All I can say is find a good homeopathic doctor 👨‍⚕️ it works wonder for you and drink acv apple ... More »
Bobby B
Karan - Dr. Reckeweg R65 drops for psoriasis take 20 drops after meals or before don't eat for 30 min whe... More »
Claire - I have it on my feet too. I have found that I need to be vigilant with my foot treatments. I can... More »
Paula - I do. Soak in ice water takes the sting out, heat really is the enemy. Lots of moisturiser and c... More »
Karan - Try turmeric paste. Just mix turmeric powder with water to a paste consistency and apply then sit... More »
Mike - Really sorry to hear this. How long were you together?
Raffy - 3 years
Mike - Sorry, I don't understand. Are you saying your partner just found out after 3 years that you have... More »
Vanessa - This site is great for that. What frustrates You the most?
Peter morgan - Wishing you rapid recovery

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