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James - To be honest if you keep using them they have a side effect. They weaken the skin, make it thinne... More »
Theresa - James nice to know you can grow beard, I worry about my gave me hope😄
Susan - Yup Muir... Ask john... He can really tell you all about the withdrawal... My side effect was not... More »
Sarah - Hi Kenneth, glad the sun and water are helpful. Sun is so helpful for me too... I need to plan a ... More »
john - hello kenneth, welcome to flaym, i control both my diseases with diet/lifestyle and does improve ... More »
john - welcome becky and chantal if you are new too?yes can be frustrating , diet/lifestyle changes do h... More »
Becky - If u find one I’d be very interested as my eye lids and ears, scalp and private areas are red roa... More »
Ruben - Aloë Vera gel helps a lot for me...
Sarah - Hi MaryKay, did you have a look at the topics section for "itch"? There's a collection of posts a... More »
Michelle - Hi Kelly, anxiety can be quite hard at times. I have had my skin clear and have experienced anxie... More »
Sarah - Hi Kelly, welcome to Flaym! It sounds like it could be... a dermatologist will be able to tell yo... More »
Otto_M_Moon - fancy way of saying arthritis.. PsA , welcome to the club
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Adelle! That's maybe good that you have a diagnosis, frustrating as it is, beca... More »
john - hello adelle,yes, i got both aswell and treat it with diet/lifestyle changes. sorry about this, i... More »
john - hello linda, i used to have a lot of problems with my nails, i changed my diet/lifestyle and they... More »
Otto_M_Moon - how long John, my toes got pushed aside because of the frozen shoulder , which is healing remarka... More »
john - great will, i took around 6 months i think?,i really didnt look at them until one day i looked at... More »
Sarah - Hi Missie, welcome! I have had it on one foot in the past, including the big toe. I do have some ... More »
john - hello missie, i used to have a problem with all my nails if you are talking about fungaland comin... More »
john - fungal and coming away, i should read my comments before i post it sorry
Krhoda - I'd take that over my big bald spots. It's to the point there is not enough hair to cover all of ... More »
Sarah - Hi, Felinekas, the flaking is difficult to deal with as it can be so visible and can make us feel... More »
Rosemary - I find E45 Itch Relief cream helps
john - hello jp,to relieve maybe to heal it no unless its a steroid but, they are not good to use thanks
Sarah - Hi jp, check out the themes section for posts about psoriasis and moisturising. For me, Aveeno is... More »
Michelle - Hi Michelle, a good soak with Epsom salts or oats every few days or more if needed, may be helpfu... More »
Michelle - Aww Michelle..the bottom of your feet sound painful :( I have heard some people here say that aft... More »
Sarah - Hi Michelle, welcome to Flaym! For the psoriasis on my feet I treat it the same as everywhere els... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Hope you are doing better today Maggie
Lynn - Every morning and every night. 😖
Lynn - Every morning and every night. 😖
Mark - I used to use Alphosyl
Sarah - I like TGel and Boots Coconut Shampoo
Michelle - Hi Andrea, I find the best shampoo for me is TGel-extra strength as well as tea tree oil shampoo ... More »
Beth - Feel better!!
Otto_M_Moon - Lucy , You will more than likely have to contact them to find out about the culture growth , as... More »
Michelle - I hope you are feeling better soon Lucy!
Sarah - Stick a load of grapeseed oil on your head and soak it for a couple of hours! That's my go to hac... More »
Bev - Welcome Karen
Jennifer - I am 59 and have experienced the pain and discomfort of psoriasis for several years. Foderma seru... More »
Otto_M_Moon - it's not being caused by fungus, the fungus is being caused because your immune system can't get ... More »
Sarah - The toenail p was triggered by fungus, not caused by it... Sure Sue if you follow me I can messag... More »
Otto_M_Moon - depends if the toe is all hard and red which comes first , the chicken or the egg toe is soft ... More »
Steve - I was strictly a sun tanner till I got on Biologics, summer & tanning helped me a lot .
Lorna Penner - I think salt water swimming pools are good for psoriasis,,but other chemical pools are not.
Becky - For most people the sun and salt water help and improve there psoriasis, howling have you lived i... More »
James - Lisa, I PMd you.
Mark - Hi I have put Susan's information into a Word document if that's easier to read for some of you o... More »
Bev - Hi Mark Could you send me the word document please
Charlene - I Sarah, ...yes I have both, eczema and psoriasis. My condition started out with eczema, on my lo... More »
Charlene - Hi Sarah, ...I was just reading some of the blogs.. I noticed you gave advice, on using cornflou... More »
Sarah - Hey Charlene, yes I got into using cornflour on my son's bum! For keeping the area dry whilst he ... More »
Susan - Bev welcome to the site. You are going to love it here. So many great suggestions from diet/lif... More »
Savannah - Welcome! I have my psoriasis everywhere! However when I first noticed my psoriasis it was in my e... More »
Bev - Thanks Savannah. I have been moisturising more often as someone in this group recommended. I'm a... More »
Susan - mins has started spreading on to my forehead :-(
john - hello jackieb, welcome to flaym,sorry about your frustration, hope you find a solution thanks
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jackieb. Glad you found us! Have a look at the themes section for posts about s... More »

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