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Michelle - Hi Haseeb and welcome to Flaym. I've been using my tar shampoo which does help for the itch but m... More »
Haseeb - Thank You Michelle.
Gyanendra - I had on body n too on scalp bt now doing yoga n getting Ayurveda treatment n really cured 90% n ... More »
Michelle - Hi Sophie. I hope you are feeling better today and that the itch and pain is not that bad? What m... More »
Tobin - Sole inserts and thick socks fixed mine
Debbie - I have inserts for shoes from physio and stretches to do also.i can't wear healed shoes at all no... More »
steve - I used to have both, but now I have neither. My recommendations are first make sure you are gett... More »
Rosey - Stress is good for me, well good because I'm not in flamed cause of it,my stress is brother I hav... More »
Susan - darren personally I think stress is stress. A fun party can be a stress. Drivers can be a stres... More »
Erica - It depends yes, small things can irritate me but real stress is a trigger. Last night an animal s... More »
Darlene - How much acv?
Karin - I do some 2 teaspoons of acv in a glass of water morning and evening on empty stomach in the morn... More »
lyn - Will be trying this for sure. I see I am going to flare up again. Hands burning and very tired.
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Julie, why you say its invasive,explain ? sorry about your frustration :( ,I w... More »
Lou - I hate winter too!!
Line - It is horrible! Makes the psoriasis so much worse!
Rosey - I'm opposite ,hate summer,my p dies not improve and the humidity sucks,all day perspire as work i... More »
john,Hulk - I think its lack of light and cold, I drink plenty of water all year round , Yes its better to b... More »
Susan - Might also be from less sun on the skin or maybe the Christmas stress... Mine doesn't do anything... More »
Michelle - Claire, I live in South Africa and we have sun almost 365 days a year. My P flare up during winte... More »
Michelle - Hi Tankenjin. Ask your chemist for a retanoid 0.05% for nail Psoriasis for your son. I can't say ... More »
Michelle - Hi Darlene, I've heard that red clover is good as it cleanse the blood and good for people who su... More »
Michelle - Ok the syphilis one sounds bad but I've just read up about red clover and it looks like a really ... More »
john,Hulk - yes, i am the same claire, i am with you on that, i dont like winter at all and it dont like me
Michelle - Most of us don't like winter as our P gets worse and when it gets to spring, we try all sorts of ... More »
Michelle - I've never had scalp P that bad. I used to get a few spots only but not bad enough to look like d... More »
deborah - some lemon with coconut or olive oil might help. It's messy and you'll have to shampoo after.
john,Hulk - Hello nikdm, if you are new here welcome to flaym,Pulling it out sorts mine out but not advised, ... More »
Rosey - And yes some of us need pain relief and still soldier on as only masks it for a short time
Kelli - I actually trust my rheumatologist a great deal. I have chosen to try the biologic because I don’... More »
Rosey - All drugs are bad ,but we need what we need atm can't go without pain relief for more than a day ... More »
Sonia - I always find when I go away and come back, especially on a plane, I’m soooo dehydrated. It’s li... More »
Michelle - You have to remember that climate plays a big role in out P. Lol could be because it wants to be ... More »
Keturah - Did not realize that it auto corrected but yes it is the cold weather. I've upped my water intake... More »
Sarah - Is it the weather then do you think Chris?
Chris - Yeah cold outside then heating indoors can't win but was expecting it so putting my positive hat ... More »
Michelle - You are a positive person Chris. It warms my heart to know your P won't get the upper hand to you... More »
Michelle - Hi Patty. I know nothing about hydroxyzine. Please tell me more about this?
Patricia - Its just a mental health but also its sleep pill but it does cover itching too really good
Rosey - Hi Lynne,I use Vaseline on eyelids,then I feel the flakes off.(I know I shouldn't as leave lids s... More »
Michelle - Hi Ron. No sorry, I have never had P there but I do hope it will fade soon. What treatment did yo... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Lauren, Have you thought about Diet/lifestyle see if that will help you , it h... More »
Aimee - Perhaps talk to your doctor about using steroid creams. I used steroid creams on and off during m... More »
Sarah - Congrats on trying for a baby! That is very exciting. Eyebrow p sucks. I have it there too, altho... More »

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