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Lindsay - Agree with everything Michelle said. Psoriasis is not a skin condition it’s a gut problem. Health... More »
Rosey - Yep got tar compote from chemist, have heaps left as mines a liquid, it helped heaps, had baths i... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
roseanna - I'm Strickland on chicken fish raspberries salads and oatmeal. Including vitamin d and super b co... More »
Michelle - Hi Roxy. I mostly eat veggies, green salad with fish or chicken. I love red meat, but don't eat i... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
Lesley - Yes I have x
Dan - Try a 90 day diet where you fully focus on cutting out processed food, dairy, red meat, and sugar... More »
Michelle - haha James. Maybe this is not a very strong cream and can be used on the face although the sheet ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Dan ,yes thats right, Many have seen improvements by changing their diet/lifestyle, in the ... More »
James - Have you tried cutting out the nightshade plants Lindsay, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers are the ... More »
Jen - Acv, kefir and kombucha are all high histamine. If you read through and follow the advice given... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
Rosey - I wasn't, 4 treatments a week, OK treatments are not long, but place was far away and couldn't do... More »
James - I guess because I’m in a caring profession, I support disabled adults to live in their own home a... More »
Lou - Hope u got some good news!
Rosey - Like James, you give up explaing after years and years, least my adult children are educated and ... More »
Michelle - G, this will happen throughout our lives and we have to live with it. It's frustrating explaining... More »
steve - I'm lucky, mine's gone after having it for 15 years.
Michelle - I can imagine what you're going through Rosey and it's not a happy day in the park at all. Withou... More »
Anisha - Hi my fellow South Africans Can you recommend a good skin specialist around JHB and PTA please. ... More »
Rosey - Am doing good, now its psa, Dr's argh, easy load on work atm so not as painful, but can't deny wh... More »
James - Do you have stuff you can do to destress, even for a while? I’m fairly stress free right now but ... More »
Jen - All good here.
James - Mine back to normal now too.
Clint - It's back on somewhat
Max - Beards are in dude
jade - Shame I can’t grow a beard to solve my problems 😂
Max - Try enstilarr
Michelle - Hi Haseeb and welcome to Flaym. I've been using my tar shampoo which does help for the itch but m... More »
Haseeb - Thank You Michelle.
Gyanendra - I had on body n too on scalp bt now doing yoga n getting Ayurveda treatment n really cured 90% n ... More »
Michelle - Hi Sophie. I hope you are feeling better today and that the itch and pain is not that bad? What m... More »
Tobin - Sole inserts and thick socks fixed mine
Debbie - I have inserts for shoes from physio and stretches to do also.i can't wear healed shoes at all no... More »
steve - I used to have both, but now I have neither. My recommendations are first make sure you are gett... More »
RIAZ - Have not found loads of people who were on Consentyx. But can see why. It was not very responsive.
Rosey - Stress is good for me, well good because I'm not in flamed cause of it,my stress is brother I hav... More »
Susan - darren personally I think stress is stress. A fun party can be a stress. Drivers can be a stres... More »
Erica - It depends yes, small things can irritate me but real stress is a trigger. Last night an animal s... More »
Darlene - How much acv?
Karin - I do some 2 teaspoons of acv in a glass of water morning and evening on empty stomach in the morn... More »
lyn - Will be trying this for sure. I see I am going to flare up again. Hands burning and very tired.
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Julie, why you say its invasive,explain ? sorry about your frustration :( ,I w... More »
Ann - I want to unsubscribe too. Don't know how .
Lou - I hate winter too!!
Line - It is horrible! Makes the psoriasis so much worse!
Rosey - I'm opposite ,hate summer,my p dies not improve and the humidity sucks,all day perspire as work i... More »
john,Hulk - I think its lack of light and cold, I drink plenty of water all year round , Yes its better to b... More »
Susan - Might also be from less sun on the skin or maybe the Christmas stress... Mine doesn't do anything... More »
Michelle - Claire, I live in South Africa and we have sun almost 365 days a year. My P flare up during winte... More »

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