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Michelle - I've never had scalp P that bad. I used to get a few spots only but not bad enough to look like d... More »
deborah - some lemon with coconut or olive oil might help. It's messy and you'll have to shampoo after.
john,Hulk - Hello nikdm, if you are new here welcome to flaym,Pulling it out sorts mine out but not advised, ... More »
Rosey - And yes some of us need pain relief and still soldier on as only masks it for a short time
Kelli - I actually trust my rheumatologist a great deal. I have chosen to try the biologic because I don’... More »
Rosey - All drugs are bad ,but we need what we need atm can't go without pain relief for more than a day ... More »
Sonia - I always find when I go away and come back, especially on a plane, I’m soooo dehydrated. It’s li... More »
Michelle - You have to remember that climate plays a big role in out P. Lol could be because it wants to be ... More »
Keturah - Did not realize that it auto corrected but yes it is the cold weather. I've upped my water intake... More »
Sarah - Is it the weather then do you think Chris?
Chris - Yeah cold outside then heating indoors can't win but was expecting it so putting my positive hat ... More »
Michelle - You are a positive person Chris. It warms my heart to know your P won't get the upper hand to you... More »
Michelle - Hi Patty. I know nothing about hydroxyzine. Please tell me more about this?
Patricia - Its just a mental health but also its sleep pill but it does cover itching too really good
Rosey - Hi Lynne,I use Vaseline on eyelids,then I feel the flakes off.(I know I shouldn't as leave lids s... More »
Michelle - Hi Ron. No sorry, I have never had P there but I do hope it will fade soon. What treatment did yo... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Lauren, Have you thought about Diet/lifestyle see if that will help you , it h... More »
Aimee - Perhaps talk to your doctor about using steroid creams. I used steroid creams on and off during m... More »
Sarah - Congrats on trying for a baby! That is very exciting. Eyebrow p sucks. I have it there too, altho... More »
James - I had a chat with my boss and she's agreed to put me on regular day shifts for a couple of weeks ... More »
john,Hulk - Good James ,hope it goes well
Clint - Hit it with lemon 🍋 for three days during light treatment
Karin - I use an over the counter tar lotion. If you email me I can send you a link. It has different nam... More »
Ellen - Hi Karen ..I have sent you a message ....
Karin - Hello, yes, I have just responded. Let us all know if it helps.
Chel - I notice if I drink a lot of pop I break out more. If I way h out what I eat and how much I eat i... More »
john,Hulk - It is a choice though Patty, but sodas is junk ,a lot of people suffer itching because of what th... More »
Patricia - Ji try to ignore it but my stress level high and thats one of my causes
...feeling frustrated James @james64

Sarah - Never ever 💚
James - Call me 07956389761
john,Hulk - your welcome, Yes never a hurry to make changes even some changes Sonia, This is my original name... More »
Sarah - Food a good idea to try, and some people discuss with their GP using antihistamines for itching
Rosey - Sonia I too spent a fortune on moisturizers,till I came here and virgin cold pressed coconut oil,... More »
john,Hulk - Hopefully yes, things will just get better, i am taking lots of vitamin D at mo try get it better... More »
Ellen - Hang in there. Hope you will be feeling better soon.
Barry - Hope you get well quick! I am dreading winter. I should move to Florida.
Jasmin - Generally, stress is a trigger for us, so if you're emotionally unstable then it is very importan... More »
john,Hulk - I have had it all my life Andy,i do get disappointed when skin gets worse in winter and joints ac... More »
Sarah - Yes I'm in that zone right now! I just try to up my anti inflammatory foods, moisturiser more tha... More »
Sharon - Hi there, I’ve had a very successful wrist replacement and shoulder replacement. Its a tough road... More »
Chel - Thank you I have been trying to postive with him
Michelle - Awww Chel. I'm sorry. I'm sure he will be okay and you too. Both of you must stay positive. Let u... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋
bernadette - Hi stacey from dublin too I have very bad p all over my legs arms boobs tummy at the moment start... More »
Clint - Use more lemon 🍋 rub it on. Affected areas leave on until you shower 🚿 and less moisturizer
Roxanne - I have hat problem too.
psomom - Took me 4 tries to post ‘me too’. 2 times to post this one.

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