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Tobin - I completely cleared my through diet alone , took 12 weeks of trial and error with certain foods ... More »
Daisy - @tobin what kind of diet have you been on? I just started breaking out on my scalp and new to this.
Tobin - @daisy813 all I ate to clear it was Bananas Apples Chicken Salmon Almonds Carrot Kale Sp... More »
Sarah - Ah James and Clint that sounds so so so painful! Really glad to hear the recoveries are starting ... More »
john,Hulk - Get well soon james , sounds painful
Michelle - James, Im so sorry about your accident and hope it gets better soon. Hope you ate okay? Emotional... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Patty, have you thought about elimination diet. diet/lifestyle changes to reduce inflammati... More »
Patricia - Hi i been thinking that i been searching on pinterst about what not to eat its everything lol
john,Hulk - Patty , if you can?,ween yourself of packet items, cook fresh, eat plenty of veggies, you can eat... More »
Lindakay1948 - Winter I shiver at the thought of Winter b/c I do get worse...its getting cooler here on the High... More »
Lindakay1948 - Bev stay Safe there in Cape Town...we need all P folks safe I send much love to you all always~~
Michelle - I got a few spits too in winter. Our P doesn't like the cold but I've learned to keep my P warm. ... More »
Michelle - Hi Denise. I'm sorry to hear about the flare. Have you changed your diet/meds? I hope it gets bet... More »
Denise - Hi Michelle not sure what has caused it nothing seems to help
Sarah - When my guttate came back those are the areas out came on, plus forearms. Funny how psoriasis wor... More »
Clint - A local bee 🐝 keeper here would make a skin cream here that was working for me check the internet... More »
psomom - Thanks all. Clint that’s a great idea. I will look for something. I’ve tried everything to make ... More »
Sarah - Coxing oil isn't my favourite on scalp either for the same reasons. In fact I don't like using an... More »
psomom - Hi Karena, I am also mother of a child with P. I’m on a journey to discover best/safest treatment... More »
Jen - What do you wash his hair with Karena?
Karena - I use nizoral shampoo x
Michelle - Awwww Jenny, I hope Millions advice work for you. Good luck and keep us posted :)
Clint - Tea bag soaked in warm water place on eye
Jenny - Have been using the salt water and Vaseline and it is a little better , keeping my fingers crosse... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Linda,Well moisturizer may help to reduce the flakes or make them come off, its gett... More »
Linda - Thank you John! I am just learning how to cope with this issue and really appreciate the help!
john,Hulk - Yes its not easy Linda for a lot of people and i hope you can get on top of it, psoriasis can be ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Greg, i managed to control mine for how long i do not know? i been using childs farm moistu... More »
Greg - Good to know, cheers John. It’s hard to know what route to take with inverse P. Some say keeping ... More »
john,Hulk - I know all too well the battle with this , I rather it go somewhere else than there, i rarely use... More »
Sarah - Hello Parm!
Joan - I've had it since age 5 and my brother since mid-forties. We are both in our fifties now. I think... More »
Michelle - Sorry about that Tkaye. There are a few Flaymers who was only diagnosed over 50 yrs of age. Very ... More »
Erica - I can relate to this
Rosey - At home all is bared,in public mmm that's another story,always strip off at hme,my adult children... More »
Genevieve - I just go swimming in the sea anyway. I try to pick places away from lots of people...I just thin... More »
Rosey - I get you Genevieve,dreading summer too hot to cover up but do so at work and when out,did do bea... More »
Michelle - When I had P on my scalp I dyed my hair and it disappeared. Now I sometimes wash my hair with a l... More »
Jen - Perhaps just try a different scalp treatment shampoo and conditioner. No nightshades is great. ... More »
john,Hulk - Support means a lot with this,many people dont get that , you are a great mum psomom, wish i had ... More »
psomom - I was getting frustrated and found some other forums, but wow there are some very aggressively an... More »
john,Hulk - Hello psomom,Yes thats true , i been many sites too, they are not like here at all,yes we cover e... More »
Michelle - I've seen the other sites too. Its quite messy if I can put it like that. Everyone talk over each... More »
Marietes - My flaym friends, thank you all for supporting each one of us, when I first had this psoriasis on... More »
john,Hulk - So nice Marietes, sorry about your husband leaving for a while , hope all works out okay,great su... More »
Michelle - I'm glad you joined us Merietes!
James - I'm having the same problem. I'm waiting to go for uvb treatment but for now, I keep some aerosol... More »
Des - Its totally messy but sudocream might be worth a try.
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Patty, must be hard going through that with itching etc, I remember as a child... More »
Sarah - I think it's tough to be treated by people who know the medical background (as much as is possibl... More »
Lindakay1948 - I faced the Truth long ago...a year ago to be exact...there is no cure...I do maintenance work on... More »
Michelle - I'm glad it healed Bev. Sheesh, we just can't win with P. Which one would you prefer more? The it... More »
Bev - Now that it's cleared I've been able to have short hair. Instead of always having to cover my ear... More »
Michelle - You. Look. Absolutely. STUNNING Bev! Beautiful you are. :)

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