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Michelle - Thanks John! 😃 Food effects us in so many ways, not just skin issues. Its great you can spread yo... More »
john,darts vader - I do hope so michelle, most dont want to listen, answer, i could be dead tomorrow so i eat what ... More »
Susan - john that's cool. I have 2 kids (20 and 28). They were raised by me to eat like I do now. They... More »
Michelle - Enjoy Michelle! That sounds like a wonderful getaway! I am a nature girl as well. I am blessed t... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Totally agree - the city stresses me out
Bev - Wow Michelle I love that place. Please give me have a para sail for me. Enjoy the quiet and the s... More »
Michelle - So great to hear Meaghan! It sounds amazing! I would love the recipe as well if you are able to g... More »
Bev - That sound fantastic
Sarah - Yes Jeiniris, great English! Glad you found us here, happy Flaym day to you. Joining Flaym has be... More »
Lynn - Welcome Jeinirus!! We’re so happy you found us too. I’m sure you find lots if info her and new f... More »
Sheldon - Hello Jeiniris, Welcome. Your English is fantastic. Fairly new here myself. I'm from Alb... More »
Polyp - If anyone is tempted to try tiger balm for the first time, be aware that on delicate parts it can... More »
Sarah - Haha good disclaimer, Polyp! I've heard of this stuff before! Thanks for sharing! May help others.
Polyp - Hope so. It pays to improvise x
Piet - I'm from Port Elizabeth and you
Lydia - I'm from Vryburg, north west province
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lydia! If you look in the top bar of Flaym, you'll find the "Meet Others" funct... More »
Polyp - Don't bother with docs any more; I seem to know more about my skin than they do.
Michelle - I update my Dr when I see her, but I don't go out of my way. I will see her next week, The last t... More »
Susan - Sarah you could probably be a dietician with how you have been coming along... You probably know ... More »
Sarah - Yes hot water makes me itch too, and the skin reddens for a while! I make my baths not too hot, a... More »
Michelle - Showers are quicker as well. I don't have the time to take a bath anymore. Instead of kids moanin... More »
Michelle - why am I lolling a lot today?...
jessica - Aww happy Valentine’s Day Michelle 💕
Nermin - Poruka dana Ako provodis vrijeme sa petero samopouzdanih ljudi bices samopouzdan. Ako provodis ... More »
Sarah - Hey Nermin, are you able to repost in the community language of English? Then we can share your e... More »
Bev - Michelle Maybe look I Dis Chemgor gluten free coffee creamer. They have so much variety of glute... More »
Paul - Have seen an improvement in mine since stopping Gulten and also Sugar....There is a diet on the w... More »
Paul - thanks Paul, I'll have a look
carol - Lol, you should have glittered it up and put it in a locket
Sarah - Muhahaha! What a thoughtful gift. How kind! Was it the biggest flake you could muster, or just a ... More »
Michelle - Lol. Silly girls. well we could always laminate our flakes....
Susan - John that's funny. Give us our daily bread. LOL. Biblically Jesus is our daily bread. Mic... More »
Paul - I wouldn't say it's out parents fault more than society as a whole and sa I said ( Marketing)buyi... More »
Susan - Yeah Paul. I honestly think cereal and milk for breakfast is such a horrible thing that we have ... More »
john,darts vader - so true jenny, some changes is better than none, its not easy i know,i try to just fill myself by... More »
Susan - Jenny we do have to live and the odd treat is ok. I don't find it living though in a good way wh... More »
john,darts vader - Me too susan,i make sure i am full as can get ,i am usually stuffed as a turkey :)
john,darts vader - fantastic red spot :) :)
Michelle - That is awesome RSE! Soak it right up and enjoy!! :D Well Done!! :)
Susan - RSE it is like getting a super charged shot! Kind of a validation of the direction you are headi... More »
Sarah - Hey Alan, brrrr yes freezing cold! Great that you're off out on your bike though, showing psorias... More »
Alan - I always ware shorts so my legs show i dont mind i just love my bike ride
Michelle - Good thing I'm not living in a cold country. I would really be as blue as a smurf. I hate it when... More »
Chris - Mines actually improved this winter, psoriasis has no game plan I find
Jessica - Ahhh i hate the cold! mostly because of the PA so its painful for my joints! I actually use to lo... More »
john,darts vader - yes, cold dont like me either,warm weather is great for me not too hot though
Susan - Geri that is too funny! I just responded to Flaym that I have started tapping. I did it many ye... More »
Sarah - I have never heard of tapping!
Michelle - Awesome Geri! I have tried tapping and find it very therapeutic. Nick and Jessica Ortner are real... More »
Chris - Always a good start Jayne x
Michelle - What a great feeling indeed! That is great to hear Jayne! 😊
Walter - Great to hear
Michelle - Thanks for sharing Sara! Vaseline once worked really well for me many years ago. I now use coconu... More »
Sara - Wondering what’s the difference with coconut oil?
Sarah - Sound like good options Sara! Welcome to Flaym. I use Aveeno for moisturising. Thanks for sharing!
Michelle - Hi Alan, I am coming into my 25th year as well...wow! Time goes by so quickly. Great so see you h... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Alan! Great reason to join us here! We're all connecting and sharing about livi... More »
Michelle - 25 years for me as well Alan. Welcome to Flaym. My P is part of me but not severe. My whole body ... More »

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