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Flaym - All visitors are encouraged to communicate in a way that contributes constructively and respectfu... More »
Mavis - Yes. I hearing problems in both ears. Sounds are muffled and it seems like I need to pop my ears ... More »
Afina - Yes I do ....hearing problems....rumbling or/and whistling....and I have psoriatic arthritis........ More »
john - thanks for your replys,, i havr had a problem with one ear for well quite a few years,it goes up ... More »
Oo gyi phyo
Davis - Hello flaym I thank you for the great job on here I want you to link me with beautiful ladies ...... More »
Flaym - Thank you. But... Flaym is not a dating site, please refer from using it as such. All visitors... More »
Josh - @molly - it was unbelievable!
Cheryl - Hope you enjoyed it anyway !
Cheryl - I am noticing slight improvements all the time. My tummy only has a couple of small patches .. my... More »
Cheryl - Good to hear your changes have improved your problem areas John 😊 keep up the good work !!
john - thank you cheryl :).i still have a couple problem areas,but no one would notice as its hidden.,ma... More »
Matthew - This cracked me up mate have been there a few times😂 hope it clears soon
Mavis - I know how you feel Dean. I leave flakes everywhere I go!!!! So very frustrating. I am always du... More »
john - sounds like good exercise :)
john - hello joe, sounds good, glad you are happy :)
Judy - Yes copd
john - i got offered a kitten today,well my girlfriend did and asked me,thought not though,wasnt easy as... More »
Psoriatic4good - Love that litlle ones :)
Charmaine - Hi John, its winter here in South Africa. We leave on Thursday to Mauritius. Am super excited. Ho... More »
john - ah lucky for you charmaine, have a good time :) winter in s africa not like the uk i am sure,yes ... More »
Charmaine - Its rather cold in Johannesburg however not as severe as the UK winter. Been there in December. S... More »
darren - some people are so strange - this guy clearly didn't learn about the birds and the bee's lol
Mariebar - You are so right ! We are conditioned to need peoples approval in our society and to follow what ... More »
Gazza544 - Thanks all, and after finally coming to that conclusion I have had my first decent nights sleep s... More »
john - hello helen, thats what i thought when i got it from him so i went the easy route with food,no of... More »
john - hello darren , just seen your message and thanks,glad all is going well with you ,18 stone, you l... More »
john - i should say which was my belly :)
...feeling happy didy @didy

chris - sounds good
Flaym - Hi folks - thanks for reaching out on this! We already have group chat room functionality on our ... More »
Anthony - That's reasonable, I've thought about it too
john - indeed, what we like to do here if people would like the help,sounds good, glad you are happy ume... More »
Kim - Hi John. I tried too. I have since found out that the Police force wouldn't take us and neither... More »
Kim - Sorry I can't edit my post! Awful spelling!
john - no worries, i always make mistakes and trying to correct as its going forthe comment,too late but... More »

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