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Susan - Might be a great opportunity to show your skin and let them know you’re not contagious. That’s wh... More »
Sonia - I get that all the time! … especially on hotter days when people are wearing shorts and tank tops... More »
John, THE HULK - What i do Erica, i take it one or a few flakes at a time in the winter ,glad trials been okay :)... More »
Erica - Thank you John, appreciate it. 10 months into the trial and still happy.
psomom - That’s great. Would love to know what that trial is!
Dakeyras - Recently became aware of a different treatment via work colleague, that actually worked for mysel... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Linda, no i dont anymore, alcohol like spirits can turn it to pain in the fingers mainly, i... More »
Ellen - What are you doing on World Psoriasis Day? Each year, the 125 million people around the world li... More »
John, THE HULK - ?Hello Ellen , i am at work that day ,just get back for my holiday :) Oh yes, psoriasis can have ... More »
Michelle - Hi Graham. That's terrific news! I'm very happy for the improvement. When seeing results, we beco... More »
Bev - Such good news Graham Congrats!
Sarah - Woohoo that's great!
Gino - Last year I completely eliminated alcohol, sugar, and processed foods. I have only been eating fo... More »
Chel - Yea I have I drink a lot more water and less red meat
Sarah - Me too! 8 months Keto, feeling brilliant 😊
Bev - Soooo happy for you Michelle and John. Couldn't be more deserved than you two. Love is in the air... More »
John, THE HULK - Thank you Bev :) :)
Sarah - Lovely news Michelle!
Rosey - Good one,good to hear good results,its great when we feel better
Michelle - That is terrific news Diane. Well done! You are doing everything right and I wish you well. I'm s... More »
Bev - Wow that's such good news Diane. Congrats
Rosey - Just slept John,lol,been hard working after 2 weeks off and now we using iPads,and they call it p... More »
John, THE HULK - HAHA, nooo, i am good now thanks Rosey now i am IRON MAN :)Thats all it was i was lacking,I am fl... More »
Rosey - Enjoy what I'm there to do which is help ppl in their homes,simple job one would think,iffice mak... More »
Kloey (Nuggets) - Just decided to do it cold turkey lol. 🙂
Ellen - Awesome Khloey............!!!!
Clint - Good luck 🍀 with both.
Michelle - Haha John, very witty. But I'm glad you're feeling so much better. Being tired all the time is aw... More »
John, THE HULK - Yes true Michelle, i think may had an affect on my P who knows,i gone down to one tab a day now o... More »
Clint - John is on a tear party like it's 1994
Michelle - Good morning Clint. That sounds like a terrific plan. Have a great Sunday too :)
John, THE HULK - Good morning Clint ,Makes sure you get plenty of iron in your diet Clint and i know you will rub ... More »
Clint - John is pumping iron like Arnold 😀
lisa - I've been eating healthily for a while and it hasn't improved my p. seens as light therapy is the... More »
Michelle - Fantastic news Lisa. All the best! I agree with Md, maintain a proper diet and you will see resul... More »
Clint - Good luck use sparingly
Millionways - Thanks John! I will take a look at those filters. Ow yes, winter is coming. Just ran to store to ... More »
John, THE HULK - Your welcome Millionways, hope you can get on top of it this winter , I dont like the winter, ne... More »
psomom - Thanks John. I tried to answer before but I often have problems posting.
Susan - I think so. Probably moreso us living ourselves then loads of great things happen in a good way.
lisa - i was just using different samples i got from hospital when I was having my light treatment but d... More »
lisa - and I still worry n feel discusting that I've dumped my boyfriend now I can't get that light unit... More »
Rosey - Michelle have you scored work as yet?John rye bread if u have the need for bread,dark is better,b... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Rosey,No i dont need bread though i have it sometimes when out as all you get is junk at re... More »
Michelle - Hi Rosey. Got a half day job but it was takung minutes only. Im still looking though. Thank you f... More »
Rachel - Yeah I still have them very small but harmless
John, THE HULK - Okay, well its good your eyes are okay, thats something Rachel :)
Clint - Awesome bright lights😍
Lorna Penner - Thank-you flaymers..it rained all night here and its still raining and its the first rain we had ... More »
Ellen - Right , I had a very lemony weekend...rubbed it on my bum cheek... I now have scabs, no itch or i... More »
Michelle - Good luck Lorna! Ellen, good luck to you too and keep us posted. ;)
Sarah - Did you change something, Jessica?
John, THE HULK - I wish you all the best too Mavis, hope hip op goes well :)
Bev - Good luck with hip op Mavis. Enjoy your newly renovated home
Mavis - Thankyou Bev. The workmen have nearly finished and its looking good. Masses of decorating to do t... More »

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