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Linda - Bless you!
john,DARTS VADER - Marvelous Jonathan,glad you can help many with this :)
Chris - Brilliant post
Rosey - Nice to spend time with family bet you had a wonderful relaxing time,welcome back
Ellen - I am battling with a few flare ups... guttate on my bum cheek , inverse under my boob & on the cr... More »
Sarah - Glad you had a fab time Ellen! My holiday coincided with a flare too. Psoriasis doesn't want to l... More »
Jen - Sorry Chris you've lost me.
Michelle - Chris, this is so interesting thank you. So, what will happen if we do not have a uvula? Can't so... More »
chris - Ok - just back from working with guys who have PTSD in Canada. Went to test a mechanical theory w... More »
Michelle - Hope your first day back is going great Million? Weather sounds great to me all over the world. W... More »
Millionways - I am fine. It’s okay to be back in to the rhithm. Only priorities this week. Next week will be fu... More »
Clint - Thank you African Queen
Jen - Great Darren that's fantastic. Makes you feel good doesn't it. I believe that exercise is very im... More »
Michelle - Sounds great Darren and I'm happy for you. One needs to watch the weight as well. Our P dont like... More »
Sarah - Oo what is liveral? Will have a look... That's amazing news Darren!
Md - I also used steroid, it did not harm my skin, that is not produced by pharmaceutical company, one... More »
Md - My steroid also have Moringa oil, licorice oil, fermented extract of leaves of shell ginger, mac... More »
Sarah - Lemons were like this for me!
Julia - Brilliant tell me what you did with the lemons
IDA - I would like to know also. I do drink lemon w/water every morning no big miracle.
Clint - Cut a lemon 🍋 rub it on affected areas leave on until you shower 🚿 then repeat 🔁 daily take a da... More »
Mavis - Likewise to you as well Clint 😊
James - You might be on to something Michelle, in Game of Thrones, at the centre of the banner of the Bo... More »
Michelle - Thats right James! Terrible way to torture someone. Love that series. :)
Sarah - I think maybe to me it is to do with the burning sensation under the skin!
Jen - That's ok Margaret. We can all read your posts. So glad you are happy and doing so well.
Michelle - You are mist welcome! I love seeing people this happy. :)
Rosey - Love a great outcome Margaret. Makes us all feel good
Julia - Good luck with your job search.
Michelle - Thank you all. True Jane, I kinda enjoy this time off, finding oneself and relax. :)
rachel - Sounds like you're in a good place Michelle. Hope you find the job you deserve 😊
Rosey - Fingers x you get a job soon,just to get an interview here takes mths so your doing so well
Bev - How did your interview go Michelle and have you heard from the other place yet for a interview date?
Justin - Superbly sunny day!
Bev - Jen hope your scalp is ok and not itchy
Jen - It was very calm for most of the day. Now after dinner starting to itch again. Didn't have anythi... More »
Bev - My eyes have also been itchy even though we have had rain. I've gone back onto antihistamine tabl... More »
Michelle - True Atul but too much sweating makes my P itch. Do you itch when sweating?
john,DARTS VADER - Same here Michelle,If i sweat too much i scratch like i got fleas,why its good to be at a good we... More »
Michelle - That's true John, luckily I'm not that much over weight so I don't sweat a lot. When hiking, i w... More »
Michelle - Drink I mean.
Jannie - You can buy tumeric tea from a shop that begins with T and ends in O
Mavis - Don't know how the word otherwise got there. This tablet has definitely got a mind of its own Mic... More »
Jen - Thanks Michelle. And to you too. Soak up that ☀
Sarah - Sun is good for heart and the skin ☀️
john,DARTS VADER - Hello saigie,You can reverse type 2 diabetes just by changing your Diet/lifestyle though that is... More »
Rosey - No salt ,no fat. Like bacon etc,my mum type two,she didn't want to change,her life it got worse j... More »
Sarah - Hi I use water kefir which I make and drink daily for my probiotic, and homemade sauerkraut. Hope... More »
Michelle - Have a great time Ellen!
Bev - Have a fun time Ellen enjoy the break from work and catching up with family
john,DARTS VADER - Have a great time Ellen with your family ,:)
john,DARTS VADER - I used to use alphosyl cream when it was available, not now,that used to mask it up to a certain ... More »
Nicola - I Only know Alphosyl shampoo and always use it
bernadette - I wear foundation on my legs whrn I wear shorts like on hols there is no perfume in it it is hype... More »

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