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chute - not bad feeling anyway what do u think?
Jullie - Have a good weekend my friends🌞😀🙂
john - and you nan 195, have a great one and enjoy your date susan,hope it s a good one :)
Cindy - Hi nan, happy weekend to you also, and very well said!!
isabel67 - Welcome
Kim - Hi Mohammed. Welcome. What type of Psoriasis do you have?
john - welcome to flaym mohammed , I hope you find good things to try here if you have psoriasis :)
Kim - Ok, I am Kim Thursday today then.😀
john - oh dear,no one wants to think about that dave haha :)
john - my ex used to have a king Charles spaniel,very licky dog,he used to love licking between my toes ... More »
Kim - Oh yuk John!!!!
Diana - Hi John please send me your list of everything you have cut out if your life, your diet.
john - hello diane, I have emailed you a list here of what I do and don't do , I wish you well thanks :)
john - sorry Diana ,:)
ElefteriaEllory - ...It really helped me and I hope it will help other people.
Kim - Hi. I just googled it. It's a steroid which I avoid thee days but thanks for the tip. I am glad i... More »
...feeling happy OSENI @oseni

JULIE moosa - Hie how are you
john - hi oseni, you have psoriasis,if you have then welcome to flaym :)
Janice - Hope you start to feel better soon Diane.
Cheryl - Hope you are feeling a bit better now Diane 🌸
Pat - that is one way to look at it. I have COPD too and a few other things. Just try to take it in s... More »
john - good evening susan,glad the smoke is clearing and hope the 80th celebration was a good one :) no... More »
agb - Thank you. Enjoy his birthday.
Sharon (Sherry) - Has been a busy day... went grocery shopping, then home to wash and package up fruits and meat an... More »
Rose - Hmm I could feel the vibe
Lorna Penner - Hi Diane,,I had doctors appt yesterday and he put me on anti-biotics for my foot,,and I asked him... More »
Diane - I buy my hemp oil from flora&fauna, a company selling ethically sustainable products which I love... More »
Mickg48 - That sounds positive ha ha I've never thought about what it looks like except horrible.
Mariebar - Hi John yes my comment on your other post was for you . I know the hairdressing issue is a proble... More »
john - I see, its a way to travel for a haircut but, I can understand that,,all hairdressers should kno... More »
Cheryl - The last lady who cut my hair was fantastic.. even in saying that .. I need another cut but I'm ... More »
Diana - Hey Mike, It is my personal email box. I am always clicking on articles about psoriasis tryin... More »
Mike - Legitimate emails will have an unsubscribe button you can use. If you click unsubscribe it should... More »
john - no I havnt received anything on this :)
john - skin can get itchy through the healing process,when its clearing . I have experienced this enough... More »
Cindy - Thankyou john, 75% clear for me is a miracle I have skin in places I never knew existed before l... More »
Mary - I have no life to change. Except carbs maybe
Karan - I normally use Vaseline to remove hardened plaques
Sarah - I find Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion is the only cream I use on my scalp because it soaks into... More »
Raffy - Thanks
john - welcome back raffy, hope all is well with you ? :)
Karan - Hello Taner so what treatment u r on
Susan - Thanks John. I'm going to look into a filter for my tap in the kitchen. I only have an apartmen... More »
john - I know the filtered water tastes a lot better susan,i can say all harmful content is removed and ... More »
john - the ph level in the uk tap water well in the south is pretty poor with chemicals and such in it .... More »

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