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Clint - Try a sweet tea and lemonade 🍋 half and half .
Linda - Enjoy the Easter Holidays Clint, best wishes for a fun relaxing time! 😁
Bev - Happy Easter to you and all the lovely people on this site too
Chrisb - same here Rosey I got great new battery one and grabbed it everytime I saw a flake !
James - It showed me who my true friends were.
Clint - You guys need a Roomba
Darlene - Jillimac, this is Darlene,would like more info on the site u found
Jill - This site here won't allow my post...do not know how to send to you ...if you know how let me know..
Jill - Maybe you can private message me if you know how, I am not sure how it works...
Theresa - I used Yiganerjing and have been clear for months I also dropped all the negative family members... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Thank you all for your comments ,Glad theres a lot of positivity here :), Yes the cream you are t... More »
Jill - Just search vitamin d, k2 and magnesium flakes...works really well, also NO dairy....works better... More »
Sid - @Max, we're not allowed to publicise medicine names but send me a DM and I can let you know.
Rani - whats a DM, I would like to know what you using. thanks
Sid - @Rani, in the top corner there's a little envelope - send me a private (or direct) message via th... More »
Ellen - Thanx Rita............
Michelle - ah you look absolutely stunning! Well looks like you not only got wisdom for birthday but extra k... More »
Ellen - Aaaahhh thnx Michelle..............
Bev - Hi Rudee, which herbs do you use?
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Sounds good Rudee,Be interested to hear more on this from you , If you wish to share? There is ma... More »
Rudee - In Europe dont accept some herb in Thailand because we eat by boiler .
Rosey - Nothing to lose apart from the truth! And my job!
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - I eat a lot of carrots daily lol :)
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Hhaha Michelle, Cant wait to cuddle up to your spots :) :), Thank you :) :)Yes the steroid took ... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Thank you Rosey, 44 days to go :) :)
Ellen - Naahhhhh not raw spinach ... I love lettuce .. :-) that sweet & sour thought gets my mouth wateri... More »
Michelle - hahahaha Ellen. I can imagine your face about the raw spinach. Really not that bad. :)
Marilyn - Boil carrots tin coconut milk and veg cube ... blitz and black pepper Sublime
Linda - Well at least one step to success, the rest will follow! 😁
James - Just remember to wear gloves if you commit any crimes then or you’ll get busted :)
Rosey - End of summer here and today it's hot! Lucky it's Sunday so bout to grab some Ray's outside and ... More »
Michelle - It's Autumn here in SA and still very warm during the day. The evenings are cooling down to 16-17... More »
Rosey - It is to me, work in houses ,big houses,so much easier in Winter,I love the cold, high humidity r... More »
Bev - Congrats Melanie that's fantastic
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Congratulations Melanie , Thats great news :)
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Seems theres a lot here with confused emotions lol :)
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Sorry Bev about this,Not easy sorry . Yes i am okay Clint, skin is good, just covered in white pa... More »
Ellen - John.... awesome poetry for a Friday .... yay !!!! Its the rhyming with the timing ..... :-)
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Thank you Ellen , Got to make some comments lol Thank you :)
Michelle - That's great Lindakay, live the life of your dreams now. You know, confidence? I feel it’s somet... More »
Rosey - Yayyy , Lindakay it's a great thing to see skin again.I can see a scar on stomach that I forgot I... More »
Rosey - Happy 50 the Bithday🎉🎂 Hope you celebrate in Style Welcome to the " Over the hill club" :-)
Jen - Happy birthday Dakeyras 😊
El - Happy Birthday :)
Michelle - lol. So true Ellen. We had to drink it every sunday. At the moment it was torture but today I fin... More »
Bev - Us too followed by a spoon of Malt which I loved
Ellen - Bev .... hahahaaa .... we had ours with freshly cut oranges ....... aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhhh True... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - My body flakes, love the summer sun,,,I have these flakes, because of me mum,She gave me these fl... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - No sad faces with what i have written,, I found ... More »
Michelle - Too sweet John :)
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Thank you Michelle,Yes,never seen anything that works so quick,I think we all like to feel clear ... More »
Michelle - Well John, I have only had cortisone tablets many moons ago and I gained so much weight, then I s... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Thank you Michelle, Your Welcome,If it gives relief then its worth it, Just best dont overdo it i... More »

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