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Ellen - Hi Michelle... me neither … I had to re-sign in as a new comer … have not had notifications in mo... More »
Janet - I will thank you 😃
Rosie - You’re welcome 😄
Kay - Welcome Janet, unfortunately youve joined at a time where the creators of this site have abandone... More »
Mary - Once I discovered an amazing way to avoid psoriasis on the head. I used to have a severe rash th... More »
G - I agree with mary henna is the best way to avoid it! In addition it has a very nice smell and if ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Yep, No notifications, Been asked to come back Lawrence many times but no notifications on what... More »
Rosie - Thank you Clint. I hope you are having a wonderful summer as well. Apparently here in the UK ther... More »
Heather - Thanks Clint, hope your summer is fun as well
James - I think the app is an ongoing project which hopefully will get better over time. The notification... More »
Kay - Normally the owners at Flaym respond very quickly but nope theyve been took by aliens i think. De... More »
Rosey - Yep agree we're on our own now, but we are here, but it's so different now
James - I’m off on holiday at the end of next week so I’m doing hunky dory. The shine was partly taken of... More »
Sid - Congrats on being offered a job. Don't forget that the stress of going thru the interview process... More »
Sarah - I think there’s definitely a correlation Steve. I read a clinical study about it once, started ta... More »
Rosey - Only one Dr tested but d level, I was low but he didn't bother to tell me how to get it up lol
Ava - Good for you, Steve! I believe D3 is key. Since taking D3 with magnesium and K2, my psoriasis h... More »
Susan - Yes... You had fun. Life is just tooo short to not let our hair down...I'm soooo happy for you b... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Thank you Susan, Yes we can lay off on the beach Picking each others flakes off sipping on wine a... More »
Michelle - So sweet John. We will have lots of fun indeed lol.
Michelle - Thank you Rosey. I hope so too. :)
john,Chewweeeeee - Yes, I cant wait my sweet, You can try to put cream under my fur, good luck with that :).Rosey, ... More »
Ava - Diet can cause many issues, including fatigue and psoriasis. If you haven't had the blood test f... More »
James - I’ve been vegan for a bit now but not noticing it affecting my P.
Michelle - Hi Dan, I can agree with you as it is the same with me. Some of us can try everything organic and... More »
Michelle - Hi Annette. I've never heard of it before But I'm happy that it works for you :)
john,Chewweeeeee - Yes , True Bev as its up north from where i am, its in line with liverpool and its cold up there... More »
Ellen - Hi Mich... no I haven't tried it as yet ...don't even know if that product is in SA yet ........
buenaven - So nice to know you are doing well.
Susan - Blessings to you as well Bren!
Rosey - Hi, hope you're doing well?
Michelle - Hi Bren and to you too. Hope things are going well with you. :)
Rosey - Hang in there IDA, hope a new Dr can help you, try and keep it together as hard as it is.
IDA - Thanks, James and Rosey have not been able to sleep waiting for the Dr's office to call. I have ... More »
Rudee - I want to met some friend in Thailand. Who want to travel in Thailand ??
Ellen - Thanx Carolyn & Bev...........
Rani - Hi Clint, please tell me how do you use the lemon, do you put in cream or do you use the juice ju... More »
julie - id like to know too , my scalp is driving me crazy

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