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Clint - To funny Nat what do you think of thatπŸ˜‰
natalie - cool.. your no fool and you think lemons rule.. πŸ˜‚
Clint - They worked magic for me I. Kid you not and they didn't cost much and did a great job I'm healed ... More Β»
James - It has its highs and lows, some days can be stressful, some days a joy. Some only need a few hour... More Β»
natalie - no way.. fair play to you james not an easy job. rewarding tho id say..
Michelle - I do the same type of work James. Although I have been off for the past year because if a mva, I ... More Β»
Paul - No Fella it's you who has inspired me/us lemons is the key, seeing the difference dude
Clint - Great Paul psoriasis was the biggest battle of my life I. Am glad to come out healed and alive
john, DARTS VADER - I was puffing like a steam train for 32 years or more. i dont know if there is a difference with... More Β»
Stacey - I started on P treatment 3 years ago. I completely cleared up. Last November I started smoking ag... More Β»
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Stacey! I have never smoked but my mum and dad did smoke whilst I was young, th... More Β»
Jon - Hi Clint, based on your comments I tried some lemon juice on mine yesterday and although it stung... More Β»
Tina - How many times a day do you do the lemon?
Michelle - Hi Tina, I have been using it 2x a day :)
Clint - 8 doses for under a buck (pound)
Clint - Big John with the dramatic responses lol 😁
Susan - John that's great! There is something to that lemon juice and it's all natural!
Clint - There is another page to this I posted somewhere
Jean - Hi Clint, i have taken your advice and have just rubbed lemon into my scalp; i'll let you know ho... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - I have to have a shower in a while and massage those lemons in , i am in lemon heaven :)
john, DARTS VADER - It was coaltar and parrifin when i was child clint, very dark times with this,it did heal up when... More Β»
Clint - Stick with the lemon πŸ‹ because the next time you win it's not coming back...
john, DARTS VADER - Yep, i will keep going with it thanks :)
Annette - Good for you - grab with both hands x
Susan - Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I had a super great time, drove out of the flatlands of th... More Β»
Clint - Mission accomplished...
Roni - Happy Birthday Michelle, hope it was great! πŸ’Ÿ
Ellen - Happy birthday Michelle... have an amazing flare free day ....
Michelle - Thank you so much everyone for all of the Birthday Love!! ❀ It was a great day 😊
Sarah - I heard Epsom salt baths are really helpful for some people. I see in the shops sometimes and thi... More Β»
Sarah - Stress free always a good plan! I do that most days, have all my meals planned more or less. I'm ... More Β»
Clint - I love cucumber πŸ₯’ salad
Jen - Delicious πŸ˜‹ I found little baby cucumbers. So good for a snack while busy working.
Clint - I get these cold processed dill pickles πŸ₯’ they are my go to snack
Michelle - Cuckoo indeed. Iol
Michelle - I Love your positivity and determination Michelle πŸ˜€ Hopefully you wore layers so you can peel th... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - Thats great Michelle with it not ruining things , sorry about your ankles though, hope it will s... More Β»
Sarah - I agree totally Catherine. Where do you find your wild fish from?
Ruben - In Belgium it's not too hard to find wild fish. Any good fishmonger should be able to provide at ... More Β»
Catherine - I go to the fish market ... most fish there is caught at sea ..I stick to fish caught in the UK ... More Β»
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Yusuf! Great to hear you have found success with diet. It has helped me a lot to... More Β»
Sarah - Amazing changes for you, Yusuf! Thanks for sharing with everyone here at Flaym. How long did you ... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - Yep, thats what helps,good for you Yusuf :)
Connie - I do it too. It helps make things last longer.
carol - Isn't it crazy how hard it is to get the lotion out of those containers?
IDA - Thanks for the tip will try Aveeno...Have started to use CBD cream...
Mavis - I like it 😁😁
Sarah - Maybe you should hang around the lemon aisle John, see if you can get any of that on you...
john, DARTS VADER - haha, i could indeed sarah, may have to accidently drop one and hope it spilts open and squeez... More Β»
Sarah - I don't, it's a safe food for me.
Michelle - Beets are good for me too. Did you have a reaction Michelle?
Jen - No they are good for me I love them no reaction that I've noticed

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