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john - hello romance nd welcome to flaym :)
john - i know about the eye patch,i had a tiny one under my eye last week and i was trying pulling it of... More »
Julie - Hi Christ, how's your day going, hoping well too.
Jeri - Julie, I am glad you had such a productive and fantastic day! Way to win at this life!! :)
Christ - My day is fine Julie slept well?
MishLyn - They sure are great Tammy. Very relaxing as well as a great form of meditation 💖
john - hello tammy,funny when i first heard about adult colouring books, i really thought it was naughty... More »
Lucy - You can do this. I couldn’t the more I think about it the more I do it. I’ll get there one day I’... More »
Julie - A no itch stArt, so very happy for you! More to come your way, i hope. We all deserve a break ... More »
Chris - So far so good 😊
Don - At first I was having a hard time figuring out the message from you,.. but yea...I get it now...a... More »
Lucy - I do tend to be the confusing kind. You’ll get use to it. 😂
Don - you and someone else I know....lol
Julia - Hi Susan thank you for your advise I really appreciate it and I did buy Moringa but have not been... More »
Susan - Julia you are welcome. Ningxia is a very similar company to the one I get Moringa from. Natural... More »
Julia - Yes I hope so as well.
Lorna Penner - My friend used that one time--the tar lotion and she had to lay in the sun in the nude--shes did ... More »
Janice - I do so admire you John, you have such determination and I am so pleased that all your hard work ... More »
Lorna Penner - I always loved my coffee but now I drink hot water with a lemon slice and a bit of honey several... More »
Robert - Wishing you the same :)
Susan - Back at you Mandy. Here in Vernon, BC Canada it is pretty mild. A bit damp but nice. Have a go... More »
Nan195 - Have a fabulous day Mandy, It's going to be 32C here today...everyone come on over for Sunshine ... More »
Dave - I was going to say...flippin life of luxury you have, we have to shovel our own on...lol.🤣🤣
Jacqueline - When she was younger she was less happy to oblige but soon did when I paid her a '£1 a Patch' (wh... More »
Dave - When needs must Jacqueline...why get it all over your fingers when she can instead....for a quid ... More »
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Sarah - Good morning Firooz, welcome to Flaym.
john - good morning firooz and welcome to flaym :)
Susan - Alan that's funny.... Beer... How's that working for your flares... LOL. I don't drink beer exce... More »
Will - I also love to cook Susan! More than that...i enjoy eating! I don't mind beer every once in a whi... More »
Susan - Will, for me, cooking is kind of meditative. I get in a zone and am very relaxed. I do know peo... More »
Dave - Hi Jacqueline, I have hit the button and messaged Flaym, I've already told Franck that this isn't... More »
Jacqueline - Yes, I commented to him too and also reported another earlier on who keeps saying 'sex'. Noticed ... More »
Dave - I reported the same one as you too, agree, the "Lightly clothed" ones are indeed popping up every... More »
Don - the next of season of Peaky Blinders will make me happy....
Flaym - Please write posts and comments in English. It's our common community language - even though we h... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Muhammad, we're all friends here!
Don - that's all good....can you tell us a bit about Yourself? I find this to be a nice tight knit com... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Nicole. Great to see you connected!
Dave - Hi Nicole, welcome to the group, what is your psoriasis story?
Chris - Good for you , good part of the country for it
Chris - Titter ye not Dave 😁
MishLyn - Happy Sunday to you as well! Enjoying a rainy autumn day at home. The colours on the tree are exq... More »
Virginia - I’ve got several tattoos, with no adverse effects on my Psoriasis
Laura - I have a few tattoos and not effected my psoriasis . But if I have a cut or scrape I do get it in... More »
Jack - I love the ones with Marmont from GOT who has that lizard skin thing. Apparently the writer based... More »
Jack - Next time I see a Chinese herbalist shop I'll order one poop cream in that case :D
hope - so you can honestly say "my day has been shitty" now can't you! what's it smell like...Im not gon... More »
MishLyn - Hi Cassierose, what herbs did you use? :D
MishLyn - I am a Taurus as well 💖
Charmaine - Scorpio.
Cc - Same as you. Scorpeeeyo! We rock!

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