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Rita - It’s actually not legal yet in Canada. Cannabis legalization including CBD is expected this summe... More »
Michelle - I hope so James! Hopefully they can gather enough research to understand the great benefits for s... More »
Sarah - I've heard so much about CBD oil too! And have heard more today in the news about the boy who use... More »
rachel - Hi Sarah, I like Aveeno too but use coconut oil mostly. It is greasier so you need a little time... More »
Dakeyras - Aye it is the Aldi Lacura range, either the day or night cream works well etc...:)
Sarah - Great Dakeyras! What is the Lacura one that you use called?
Michelle - Great to hear you are managing how you feel Siyabonga! That is one of the toughest bits if it all... More »
john,THE EASY RIDER - Welcome to flaym Siya , positive attitude does help, plenty of things one can do to ease the sym... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, SiYa! Oh yah there are loads of us here! Flaking away, all over the world. Me t... More »
Sharyn - Further to my original post. It’s back, with a vengeance and I’m about to start radiation therapy... More »
Michelle - Hey Sharyn, Welcome to Flaym! My goodness you have been through so much. Congratulations on being... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sharyn! That is such a rollercoaster with you, your experience with cancer, and... More »
Clint - Any improvement is a blessing
Michelle - Sounds like a good meeting your attending Rachel! I hope they can provide some good insight! Real... More »
Sarah - Hi Rachel! Good to see you. For me it has always helped having a short term plan and a long term ... More »
rachel - Hi Michelle. Alcohol and coffee are my 2 most difficult things to give up. I have enjoyed too m... More »
Michelle - Oeh Rachel, sweet white wine will kill me. I stay with dry red but I hope the 50th was awesome? I... More »
Sarah - I will be having one glass of red wine tonight too after a long day. I think one is enough for me... More »
Bev - Good Luck Jayne. I hope that your reading for diabetes come down with the next test.
Sarah - You'll have that injecting down in no time Jayne! So great that you've got your approval. I reall... More »
Michelle - So good to hear Jayne, wishing you great luck!!
Michelle - Oh That is painful Sarah. I'm so sorry. I knew indoor sports were dangerous! lol. Sarah, whenev... More »
Ruben - Crossing all my fingers it heals nice and quick!
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Yes what a thing to happen! Haha Chris, those things called exercise bikes are d... More »
Sarah - That's good news Gordon! I looked at using one of these last year and then didn't because my derm... More »
Michelle - Wonderful news Gordon. I've never used one before as I live in South Africa but should I decide t... More »
Ruben - Sugar is my biggest trigger, junk food is packed with sugar. So I guess this is the same thing...
Michelle - Hi Matt, great to hear that your son is not struggling at the moment.. but can indeed be a hard c... More »
Sarah - Welcome Matt! Great to see you here supporting family living with psoriasis. I've spent the last ... More »
Sarah - Hi Paige! I use what I think is considered a plain "carrier" oil - grapeseed. I use it on my scal... More »
Dianna - Sarah, wonder if the lavender oil would work to lessen stress if put in an infuser? which then mi... More »
Michelle - Hey Paige, I have had good luck with tea tree and lavender essential oils. I mix it with almond o... More »
Justin - No, it dries but you have to wait for a little while before you put a top on IT MAY PUT MARKS IN... More »
Michelle - That's why there is ultraclear black & white and it dries within a minute. No looking like you're... More »
Justin - ha ha ha!
Michelle - I use Foot works. It's an overnight treatment. I also sleep with socks on especially during winte... More »
Ellen - Michelle is the FootWorks from Justine...I used to use it too but now I just use Organic Coconut ... More »
Michelle - Hi Ellen. I bought mine at Dischem. I don't use Justine's products as most of it are scented. Coc... More »
James - Something I should point out, quorn has some egg white in so useless if you're vegan.
Peter - James, I totally understood, I have cut vertically all carbs out and some starches in leading som... More »
Nan195 - HI James, John sent me his Diet along with Susan's positive thinking attitude has put my two smal... More »
Md - I bought powder from online shop in Japan
GITTL - easy to grow your own even on a window sill and if you add it to fresh juice, i did apple, right ... More »
Michelle - Great to know! When did you start it md? I hope it can be helpful! Gittl, how long have you b... More »
Sarah - I like the taste of goats cheese too, Brenda/joy. Great to see your post! I know some people take... More »
Brenda/joy - Trying to get used to the taste of the new milk
Peter - Very interesting, keep us posted
Angie - Can you provide a link to this paper?
Md - The link is prohibited here, you can search in google, a lot of papers published regarding ursoli... More »
Michelle - Hi Mandy. Welcome to Flaym. A Diet helps definitely for P. Eating the right food has helped my P ... More »
Michelle - That is so great to hear Mandy! Dietary changes are definitely the number one thing that I have d... More »
Sarah - Thats really great you're finding your diet is helping your skin! Diet definitely helps my skin t... More »
Clint - Eva Las Vegas sounds like a song 😀
Clint - VIVA Eva L a s V E G A S.....
Sarah - Have a great time!
Michelle - Good idea Jinger! I hope it can be helpful for you. Best of luck with your bath & job interview... More »
Sarah - Was it good Jinger? Love the sound of it! Let us know if it helped!

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