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James - I googled it and see some good things. However, one amazon review said you need to check the ingr... More »
Sarah - Love it!
Susan - Yum. I love it. Aye it wit bratwurst just last night.
Madmum007 - Love, Love, Love sauerkraut, a little of what you fancy does you good
Julie - Please take a look at my profile for more information and details. I am an anthropology student. ... More »
Bev - Glad it went well James. I hope the UV works for you. Let us know how it goes
Sarah - Oh no James, your GP may not have been wrong (but could have been!) All I mean is guttate can tur... More »
James - They've always been bigger than pinprick, maybe the size of a ten pence piece. They absolutely li... More »
John, THE HULK - I know the feeling line, we want it gone and thats it ,I say if one uses a steroid then use one t... More »
Honey - Yea, I used it too when I'm desperate like if my Pso are in their worst case. Just don't use it r... More »
Alan - the steroid cream i use is dovobet gel its not good to use always so i am trying new things from ... More »
Madmum007 - Hi Sarah. Lucky you !!! My GP has tried 2 different Vit D creams on me, neither worked :( Bla... More »
Alan - hi good morning has anybody tried chickweed on their p ive told its good for it i went to a herba... More »
Bev - Summer has arrived in Cape Town so my hubby is getting his Vit D everyday again. Hopefully the s... More »
Julie - Hi Rosey, thank you! If you have a mobile phone, we could use WhatsApp to communicate?
Karin - Hi, I’m fine with WhatsApp. Or Skype. Just let me know.
Julie - Sounds perfect, Karin. I've sent all of you private messages with further information. I will mak... More »
Jen - Ours in Nth QLD are always liquid unless kept in the fridge.
Justin - Greg, when you fry with it, the heat melts it
Doris - I started having a sensitivity to coconut and coconut oil. So I stick with olive oil, avocado oil... More »
Rosey - Though u went to bio therapy for him?,
John, THE HULK - I hope so psomom, i wish him and you well :)
psomom - Thanks John. Rosey we decided at the last minute to try the light therapy first. Hoping it will ... More »
Susan - Roni I can only give my opinion but I wouldn’t get any vaccinations now. Just injecting more crap... More »
Roni - Thanks Susan, I'm thinking that way too!!
Bev - Just bought my lemons today. I will use some to rub on hubby's spots and some to have lemon water... More »
Clint - A Lemon 🍋 squeezed with honey 🍯 a teaspoon full and a cap full of apple cider vinegar with mothe... More »
Bev - Not sure about the mother part lol
Jen - Hello Tobin. Yes stress is bad. Try to reduce stress as much as you can. It's hard I know. That's... More »
John, THE HULK - The weather has an impact on me whether diet or not i find, if i was in a warmer climate i would ... More »
Rosey - It takes my flakes away,for duration of work,
Michelle - Good luck Lisa and keep us posted!
Clint - Go lemon 🍋
Bev - I hope you get better soon Sarah. My hubby has also had a sore throat for a while plus chest infe... More »
Justin - I suggest raw fresh garlic - it keeps colds away but also keeps people away!!!!!!!!!!
Clint - Post nasal drip Room temperature tea water that was boiled add salt cut a straw in half snort w... More »
Ellen - Hi Susan ... its getting nearer to the BIG DAY for you.....
Michelle - Hi Lisa. The move might be good for you. Stressful yes but think about all the positivity it will... More »
lisa - thankyou Michelle it's a much better house I walked round other evening in my pajarma shorts n to... More »
Millionways - Goodluck, Doris.
John, THE HULK - I wish you all the best Doris, glad you are making positive changes,:)
Doris - Thanks!!
Mavis - I haven't done anything about it either Rebecca as I've to much of others things going on. Also ... More »
Rebecca - I have it on the back of my hands forearms, shoulders , ankles and starting to go up my shins. I... More »
Mavis - I'm sorry to hear that Rebecca. Nothing worse than the itching. You end up scratching and then ma... More »
IDA - so happy for your healing Angela. I was told there is a treatment with laser UVB light for this ... More »
Carolyn - Definitely natural approaches! It's already working for me..I became vegetarian a year ago, then... More »
Rosey - Getting timed out a lot,so some responses not going through
Clint - Roll the dice 🎲 Rosey
Michelle - Lol Rosey. I agree with you. The rich man needs to be something to look at too. But yes let him p... More »

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