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Ellen - I have vicious night sweats & day sweats ...no change in P... in fact P came a few years after I ... More »
deborah - I went through menopause symptom free also, but it was about that time that my P started...
Clint - The key there is sweating out toxins and again that's where lemon 🍋 helps both combined are a win... More »
Jen - Hi Julie the only place I can get it here is Chemist Warehouse. Try online maybe. Good luck.
Michelle - Sorry to hear Julie. Since I've changed my diet a year ago, my PsA got better. I drink my turmeri... More »
Dakeyras - You know what lass...your call and you are doing the best for your son. My sincere best wishe... More »
psomom - Thanks all. He starts in 10 days. I’ll keep you posted with results!
Clint - Best wishes for him
Theodoros - Ganoderma can to help all people to solve with difficult problem psoriasis
Darlene - What us Ganoderma?
Darlene - What is the info about milk of magnesia? Do you apply it directly to your spots?
Melanie - I have used light therapy and worked for me. On top of that of my biologics and I can tell you, a... More »
Peter - I did it twice and it cleared up my P 100% but came back after a month 👍
James - I'm going through it now. No problems thus far but no improvement either. Early days though.
Peter - Hi patty iv just tried Dead Sea salt soap and iv noticed a massive difference in flakes and itchi... More »
Rosey - Hi Patty cheer up soon! P is a miserable condition .Try get through these bad times am thinking i... More »
Patricia - Gold balm amazon or cvs right air
john,AQUA MAN - Hello Julie, good for you :) I suppose it depends on what damage has been done to the joints?If b... More »
Julie - Thank you, every bit of help and advice helps our day to day life.
Sarah - Hope it was a peaceful night!
Julia - Hi Sharon you might want to try an infrared sun bed that may help I tried it and it did ease the ... More »
Jane - You've come to the right place. There is lots of good suggestions and advice here. It just helps ... More »
Sharon - Thank you for the responses. I have been taking anti histamine and the cold cloths.... things hav... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Yes its the uk weather the joy of it Nuds,yes i am good thanks, no problems here ,i go in the sun... More »
Genevieve - I'm downunder, as they say, so summer is just starting for us - yayy! I've been swimming in the s... More »
Ruan - Has anybody heard or even used a product called Zudaifu?
Michelle - I'm happy to hear Sonia. Well done on the improvement :)
Sonia - Michelle - small steps and tiny victories to help stay positive - I try not to give up hope.
Michelle - Not a bad idea Aleksadar. I'm sure the Flaymer will love a good get together ;)
Zain - Awesome have a lovely time do enjoy
Bev - Loved my Mediterranean Bowl it was delish and so much I couldn't finish it
Chel - It is chilly here in Michigan US but not cold.I don't to see cols weather here
Michelle - Hi James, wow, what a process indeed. I have been flakey as well but I found that apple cider vin... More »
Rosey - Keep us posted on how these sessions go for you.
john,AQUA MAN - Hope all goes well James, i really do, maybe with time it will get better,
Stacy - I know I taught so too and even asked the nurse that was doing them and she said the normal blood... More »
Aleksandar - I should check that too, being alone is sad, but I will handel it, I have to.
Stacy - Your not alone Alexandar you have loads of people here if you ever need a chat or to vent too 😊 w... More »
Jasmin - Also, although it has calmed down, i still get new spots everyday but the older ones are starting... More »
Sarah - It's great you found a combo you're happy with
James - I googled it and see some good things. However, one amazon review said you need to check the ingr... More »
Susan - Yum. I love it. Aye it wit bratwurst just last night.
Madmum007 - Love, Love, Love sauerkraut, a little of what you fancy does you good
James - For P, no, cause it tastes good, yes.
Julie - Please take a look at my profile for more information and details. I am an anthropology student. ... More »

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