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Otto_M_Moon - Welcome Matthew
Otto_M_Moon - all of me does , I don't like cold. Ice only belongs in your drink
Roxanne - I love goats milk soap and lotion too.
Susan - Otto, maybe I'm daft... I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry... :)
Susan - Ahhh. I think I might be understanding. I had some sort of thermal imaging thing done many moon... More »
Otto_M_Moon - doesn't matter what you have...eating right helps says my Jewish friend...all you need is Chicke... More »
Mark - Hi mine was for zinc you ordered a book. By someone called Ross Gambrill. I think he used to spam... More »
Nan195 - Thank you Mark and sorry about the scam that had you out of pocket, Those kind of people should ... More »
john,darts vader - no but, i am itching to read it michelle@ 1021 :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Branislava! Good morning to you too (well evening)
Susan - I've never done that but would be a nice smell and worth trying. Welcome to the site John. Anot... More »
John - Christa, there is a non alcohol version of artificial vanilla extract available. Make sure it has... More »
Sarah - Hi John, welcome to Flaym! Yes I've read about the links to vanillin, though have never tried it.
cheLLe - Coconut oil💜
Sarah - Hi Pamela.I find Aveeno cream to be the best moisturiser I've tried, and I put it on before bed t... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Sarah, I'm roping people in from another forum ;-)
Rochelle - Yes it is Moi. I Haven't figured how to put my picture up on here of Yet. Lol
Otto_M_Moon - Great ! look over your edit profile page there is a upload image box, then it should pull up your... More »
Michelle - You're very welcome :) I hope you can find some relief soon! I have also just discovered Moringa ... More »
Enaid - I use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil or jojoba oil. Coconut oil works great f... More »
Sarah - Welcome Taralyn. Grapeseed oil, on the scalp, 2 hours before washing hair. Works for me!
Christa - I wash body and face with Elizabeth Anne's baby shampoo. For a while I used only Eucerin cream. ... More »
Christa - Tea trea oil burned me.
Christa - Avoid dishwashing liquid. Aggravates symptoms
john - geeze will, that thumb looks painful, takes me back when mine were like this, i hope its not pain... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John , I'm not in any pain. It was worse a couple of years ago
john - thats great will, i remember my nails being so bad and ripping them off etc, they would ingrow on... More »
Sarah - Hi Shirley, welcome to Flaym! It really is unbearable, I can relate to that itch. I've had scalp ... More »
Karen - I have used a shampoo called Dermarest. It really works. It helps my scalp psoriasis. Now I’m ha... More »
Krhoda - Between the itch and the hair loss some days I just want to stay inside and hide. But, that is no... More »
Susan - Ron I've never tried it. I did look at the site just now though. Looks like it's quite effectiv... More »
Michelle - Hi Ron, I have never tried it as well. I have heard good things. Can be such a battle trying to f... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried it but know it is quite a "talked about" product. I do remember Mallory on here r... More »
Susan - Back at you Mark. Still very dark here at 7:00 am. Wow... Just chilling with my coffee, my morn... More »
Maggiec645 - Sounds good to me.
Michelle - Thanks Mark! You as well! I hope everyone finds some time to do something nice for yourself!
Sarah - Ah Susan, thank you - I'm about to get myself a banana right now! Been eating lots of greens, squ... More »
john - hello sarah, i eat mainly veg and chicken and cut out my fresh fish for tinned tuna, only thing i... More »
Susan - Sarah quinoa is just ok... I actually only have it when I make my flat bread. Corn... I love it ... More »
Bev - Welcome Veronica. I'm pretty new too but am finding this group unbelievably helpful.
Sarah - Hi Veronica, welcome to Flaym! That sounds like a mega flare. Glad you've got good medical suppor... More »
Michelle - So great that you have such a wonderful support system Veronica :) Half the battle right there. W... More »
Sarah - Very motivational, Mark!
Michelle - It Sure is Mark! :D
john - yep, i am livin the drrreeeeaaaammmm, :)
Nan195 - Fabulous Chris 🌹
Michelle - Just Fantastic Chris!! :D Happy to hear this!
john - thats great chris .good news :)
Mark - James send me your address
Rose - I would like a copy Mark. I just joined up. Hello..
Mark - Send me your email address Rose thanks

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