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Chris - Hi, can you share what worked for you did you cut anything specific out if your diet?
Manue88 - It seems that many people have it sorted by changing diet drastically. After 3 years knowing so, ... More »
Chris - Sure send me a message on here
deborah - Lemon is fantastic, but don't use it and then go in the sun. It makes you very photosensitive.
Chris - Hi Mandy hope you are well. To be honest anything healthy I try to avoid salt as much as possible... More »
Desley - I find potatoes, tomatoes and gluten are my triggers so stay away from them as much as possible. ... More »
Janice - I never either
Chrisb - I thought Ozone was a gas, hence the Ozone layer ?
Peter - Chrisb yes that's the just of it , but its basically a machine that makes ozone then pumps it int... More »
Jeff - I had my first one two weeks ago no problems .
Rosemary - You will be fine Sid
Jeff - Had my first jab , arm went stif for a couple of days but thats it.
Rosemary - Iv had my first one waiting for my second I was fine
Ade - Are you a FLERFER too ?
Mike - Just someone that believes you should do some research before making decisions. And you?
Michael O’Rourke - Donna, you are like me , I have had it since 1964 and have not found any thing that really works.... More »
Donna - Working as a keyworker and a broken relationship isn't helping my skin has flared up really bad.
Rosemary - Had my P since 1939 I'm 86 now and a widow and have heart failure now all I say is I'm still her... More »
Kay - I was offered it at work but refused. I dont trust it just yet.
carol - I am 77 and will get it soon. I am happy to have it to keep loved ones and friends safe.
NicholasNick - I’m a carer too, I’m waiting to be contacted. I am going to have it but worried about possible si... More »
Abe - I went vegan gluten free and slowly added stuff back in but it was a difficult experience. I foun... More »
Aidan - Tracy, so you used diavibet for your ears? I need to look that up. Is that a prescription? Thank... More »
Aidan - Thank you, Jane. I am trying to keep it moisturized and I am hopeful that I will have insurance i... More »
Lynn - I am not sure if the diavibet is covered under all insurances here in the USA, but I know it was ... More »
deruni - creams usually treat externally You should change your diet, you should control your stress level... More »
deborah - tried it a few years ago, it worked quite well but it was very expensive for the result.
Bob - One helpful hints: use free and clear Laundry soap (liquid) like ALL. Don't use fabric softeners ... More »
Lynn - Do not use store bought soap, it really isn’t good for your skin. They say to shower every other... More »

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