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chris - my suggestion is you have to start by restoring balance to the inside of your body with a program... More »
Donna - Reading all these real life stories I know now not to feel like I'm the only one with this. Thank... More »
Kim - I think for all of us Donna regardless of the amount we have its never easy. 🌟
Christine - Hello, Craig! Your plan sounds good. Keep us updated with your results.
Kim - Snap, mine is also the back of my hands. I use a cream from Salcura. It stings but calms mine down.
Dean - Hi Lee I'm also a chef in the UK and I've started getting psoriasis on my hands the past few mont... More »
Michael - There are great meds for anxiety disorders. Psoriasis on the other hand...
Michael - I try to enjoy life while I can because l am getting older an will be dead in a relatively short ... More »
Pooja - Hii Christine, I think now it's time to meet nature.... Wake up at early in morning get fresh air... More »
Alan - Sure, I'm interested....
Libby - I am suffering from an heart mend, an emotional trauma, I need love and a good partner in my life
Mickg48 - Day 2 with out the chia seed butter blend oil and it's clearing up more news later.
lisa - glad all is well with you nan195. big hugs x
lisa - and thankyouxx
Cheryl - Hope the doctors can help xx
john - hello pradeep, i am well thank you :) glad you are hopeful :)
Cheryl - I have my fingers crossed for you xx
Nan195 - Way to go 😊
john - well done cheryl,so pleased for you :), i did here you say about your changes on a post,good for ... More »
Libby - I am suffering from an heart mend, an emotional trauma, I need love and a good partner in my life... More »
john - ihope it works well for you gazza, i dont use them so, i dont have any experience with them,i use... More »
Mariebar - Hey Gazza I'm going to be very interested to know how you get on and your thoughts about this it'... More »
Trevor Crowe - Hey Gazza. I bought a phototherapy stand which has 5 bulbs. Literally a sun bed which stands on i... More »
Rose - In what area are you willing to assist?
Precious  Babe
Sharon (Sherry) - Hello... welcome to Flaym! You will find lots of nice friends here and many good ideas on how to... More »
Precious Babe - Thanks you too
Alan - Welcome too!
john - hello iqbalsha,welcome to flaym,glad you are hopeful :)
darren - I currently take Vit d3 have been for a few months nothing to lose
Nan195 - Although I take a Multi Vitamin/Mineral tablet daily I will take a VitD as well, I read it is re... More »
lisa - I've nothing to lose trying it then :)
john - hello pedro, it can be done, i have managed all my life with it and arthritis for 14 years,think ... More »

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