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Roxanne - Sure I would love to help out.
john - hello diane, i could tell you about the dark ages from many,very many moons ago, i have just liv... More »
Brian - Hot and humid really bother my P
MishLyn - Great question NS! I'm quite interested in finding this out also. Perhaps we can conduct a little... More »
john - hello ns, mines good if not too hot and sweaty in the sun say morning and late afternoon i find t... More »
Tim - I ask, or warn others because when I banged my head last February I didn't clot fast enough and e... More »
Susan - Holy cow Tim... I just googled it and had no idea. Thanks for the info.
Sarah - That's really interesting, Tim. I've never thought about it affecting platelets but that makes so... More »
Sarah - Hi Leul, welcome to Flaym. Glad to see you're feeling hopeful now you're connected on here
MishLyn - I've found great relief with Epsom salt baths 😊 never has made my skin worse. Good Luck Gail!! 💖
Sabrina - I've been doing epson salt baths with coconut oil. Too early to tell if it's going to work but it... More »
Jeri - I like an Epsom salt bath with oil and lavender. I do need to use lotion and oil right after, too... More »
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Welcome to Flaym Meysam.
john - hello and welcome to flaym meysam :) glad you are hopeful :)
Ken Martin
john - welcome to flaym ken, hope you find help here for your skin etc :)
MishLyn - Feels pretty great eh Deb! 😀 How I would have loved to have this amazing group in my younger year... More »
Lucy - Welcome Deb. We’re all here for you. Need someone to talk to we’ll there is plenty of us. ❤️ it’s... More »
john - welcome to flaym deb,i do indeed being a lifer but, its been ok over the years,could be worse tha... More »
Susan - Joann I think many people have tried CBD oil. I used it on my skin quite a few years ago. Did n... More »
Robert - I started toady, CBD oil🤔
Don - this sounds kind of weird but I give my puppy rocky cbd oil for both a skin condition and pain fo... More »
Dave - Happy. Irthday Leanne.
michael - Happy birthday Leanne. tomorrow is the start of new hope. May you be blessed with health and l... More »
Jacqueline - Oh boy, so young! 😉 What I'd give to be 39 again...I was free of psoriasis then too! Many happy r... More »
john - hello fragil3, i use it in powder form and i just sprinkle it on and between foods, i dont measur... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, fragil3. As John says, you can sprinkle it on anything you like! For me I prefe... More »
john - hello maria, avoid potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,sugar,sweetners,eggplants,smoking,alcahol, all sauc... More »
john - i wish you well maria, it will take time, no quick fix at all but, it is a choice and some change... More »
Maria Corazon - Thanks John for your info now I'll try avoid those food,hope for the better.
Susan - Shelley it's always nice to get something official. Not sure if you have tried any of the diet/l... More »
Sarah - Hey Shelley, that sounds like amazing progress! Now you can get from diagnosis to improvements! I... More »
Sarah - It can be so easy to spend so much on getting new creams etc can't it. We live in hope!
Jeri - Let us know how it works out!
Gail - Just received my Shipment! We shall see how the goes.
michelline - my name is michelline
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Obaid. Are you affected by psoriasis?
James - I work three shifts and can't say I've noticed it having any effect.
Marke Joseph - I have been in this job for about 20 years now and am quitting this time cos I want to get settle... More »
C - And now penny has dropped ,, this is the same thing ,,,this site ,!
Sarah - Hi Jacqueline. I started using a diet / nutrition tracker a few months ago but there are a few pr... More »
Nan195 - No matter who started Flaym, if it's a Pharmaceutical Company, good for th and even better for u... More »
Dave - It sounds like the classic stress response showing in your skin Mishlyn, blood pressure up, flare... More »
Ilene - Yes stress causes outbreaks. My out break started with the US elections. Still stressing trying n... More »
Paul - Just worrying about something can bring it on, when I went too the pharmacist for something for i... More »
Paul - God bless you Chris
Paul - Anything that helps calm your spirit helps....when you mind or spirit is troubled I tend to find ... More »
john - not for me chris but, if it helps others then thats good :)
Tim - I only use Olive Oil for a moisturizer, immediately after I shower. It soaks in fairly quick, do... More »
Susan - Funny guy Tim... Lots of you people on this site that give me a chuckle. Heck, laughter is a gre... More »
Mark - I have been using olive oil and adding oregano essential oil and a few weeks ago added to that la... More »

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