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Fadeela - Manage the problem
john - hello fadeela, I am a lifer with it and try to manage best I can,i have made lifestyle changes o... More »
Diana - Not greasy is a really nice thing. Where did you purchase the cream
Jill - I purchased it off of Amazon. It smells nice....and is not expensive!!! :)
Shawn - Jill - also interested to know if you have positive results. For now I'm using organic coconut o... More »
Ronnah - I actually use coconut oil and any soap that is hypoallergenic and both seem to help me out a lot
Nan195 - I purchase the most gentle face wash for sensitive skin, add the same amount of Coconut Oil, mix ... More »
Elaine - I use a small amount of coal tar shampoo on my face then some coconut oil after
john - hello Saundra, I made lifestyle changes and things are better than they were 6 months ago, I don... More »
Saundra - I have never heard of guttate ps.. But your right i have been under alot of stress lately. Sold o... More »
Saundra - I dont no how to answer each of you. But i hope in what i write gets to you all. Thanks for your ... More »
michelle - Thanks John, coping okay I have a good support system at home and Dr's as well. But hard to te... More »
john - its the way a lot of us are with it michelle, I never spoke about it until I came here,just somet... More »
Teresa - Yes I have both
Kim - Hi Mike. I have also just read your bio. I am very happy to see that although you deal in remedie... More »
Annette Gill - Hi I had infantile eczema then contact dermatitis. It wasn't until I had to go onto steroids for... More »
Mike - Wow! Thank you all for sharing.
Jerry Adedapo Peters
Kim - Honesty Jerry, come on! You are on a forum for people who are suffering and you ask that question. 😡
Flaym - Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin... More »
Kim - Thank you Flaym. You said it exactly as It should be.
Illy - Whats green treatment?
john - hello chute ,plenty of green vegetables?,i do plaenty of those raw and cooked , glad you are hope... More »
chute - my mother got p. so got to learn stuffs. she prefers natural sometimes
ElefteriaEllory - A really natural shampoo you can use or at least for month be shampoo free. Wash only with water,... More »
Mike - Hi Bridget - it really depends on how bad you have scalp psoriasis. If it is mild and you just ha... More »
Kim - Hi Vivienne. A lot of people are taking probiotics. I'm afraid I have no info on it but you might... More »
Kim - Hi Mary. I don't know of any specific face cream, but there is a company called Salcura thst do a... More »
Sarah - I put Apple cider vinegar on my skin of I need to stop the prickling for an hour or two
Marietes - Hi John ..i do work in nursing home too.. Yes I want to have that kind of dispenser stalled in my... More »
Claire - I prefer a pump dispenser in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink and on my desk at work. I've got a... More »
Mary - I never leave house without my itch cream
Mike - Sorry - I typed that wrong and don't know how to edit my post. It should say Christen not Christi... More »
Christen - Thanks Mike! I definitely know that it's not for prolonged use. I'm experiencing a flair up right... More »
Emil - Generally OTC cream never worked for me, but lately I've been using Colloidal Oatmeal Moisturizer... More »
Mary - I can't use tar products. I have white silver hair let me know about the turmeric
john - I do indeed mike , changes in lifestyle do help ,psoriasis is not from the skin but, from within ... More »

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