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Dakeyras - Good for you lass and aye always best to try and keep positive... Best wishes for the new trea... More »
Michelle - Good luck with the treatment Amy97 and keep us posted on your recovery. I myself have never gone... More »
Sue - I think it is hereditary. On my grandpa side he had it and me and my sister. I have it on scalp a... More »
Alexandros - Yes Sue it definately is hereditary. I have it only one of my sisters has it, my dad had it and h... More »
psomom - Congratulations Rosey! That is very good news!! For my son there was some clearance after 2 week... More »
IDA - what drug is this?
Sid - @IDA, we're not permitted to mention names or brands of drugs here. If you need to know the names... More »
Michelle - lol James. That is so funny. You start melting when it gets more than 10 degrees. We start freez... More »
RIAZ - M is good, but cannot be sustained and once you get off it, it gets 100 times worse. SID, can I a... More »
Sid - @Riaz - I'm not sure we're meant to be naming medical products here, so ping me a DM and I'll let... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Ageetha, There isnt a best cream to use, Its what works for you, We cannot name creams here... More »
Jen - Sorry to say that creams don't help my scalp. I'm using a steroid lotion occasionally. I use oil ... More »
Rosey - Argh scalp if bad needs gel from Drs does work , depends how bad? Olive oil was good
Michelle - Hi ej. Welcome to Flaym. Please tell us more about your struggle with P and what meds do you use?... More »
john,Hulk - Welcome to Flaym ej, hope all is well ? :)
Kim - Depending on your age, 4-5 hours sleep is not good. If you are lifting weights you should be gett... More »
Tobin - I’m not saying I get that much sleep every night , just saying that if for some reason I only get... More »
Michelle - You know Tobin, I don't get much sleep either. I wake up twice during the evening and struggle to... More »
Deb - That is how I felt this time last year! It does get better! Hugs
john,Hulk - I hope things get better for everyone, I wish all goes well with you Lindakay, All the best to yo... More »
Clint - Best wishes
john,Hulk - Thank you Bev :),I am really pleased how things are going though i dont recommend steroids at al... More »
john,Hulk - Wheat seems be a problem for some, i know if i gorge on it , its not good though i dont eat gener... More »
john,Hulk - Welcome back ALBERTO, good to see you emotional here again :)
Michelle - Hi Mary. Tell us more about the psychology balance? Does it have to do with what describes the st... More »
Sid - I had close to 100 sessions spread over 3 years or so. Initially, it was great but then the skin ... More »
Amy97 - Thanks for replying, how were the tablets and injections? Have heard of these but haven’t looked ... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried it but I know someone who has and she was covered from head to toe with pso it wo... More »
Susan - Never used it James but I do have avocado everyday! A great fat. Add some coconut oil to thin i... More »
Michelle - Hi James. Also never used it before but I do eat avo a lot and its great for me P. I don't itch n... More »
James - I can't yet comment on the health benefits but it makes the food taste better and has a much hire... More »
Michelle - Hi Ed. There is a link yes. Stress is a common trigger for psoriatic disease and inflammation. Li... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Rains, Yes i am well thank you,Hope you are well too? :)
Rains - As good as i will get
Lindakay1948 - Oh and Area 51 is also amazing to live by and I see the strangest things happen in the Desert th... More »
Stephen - That sounds really cool, best of all worlds x
Rosey - Sounds amazing and peaceful and magical.
john,Hulk - Hello Lawrence, Glad all this helps:), I been on liverel for a month and now changed to well man... More »
Lawrence - Hi John, hope you're doing well too. Have you noticed any results so far with the new suppleme... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Lawrence, I still follow my diet , no results from supplements so far,, i just let my hair ... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Erica , Being positive does help, Thank you
Michelle - Welcome back Erica. I'm glad the trial is going good but like John said, try not to think ahead t... More »
Erica - Thank you Michelle, always great to talk to all of you.

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