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Clint - Iodine in calamari could be it but you never know what's in spices as filler
Michelle - Iodine? Never thought of that. Thank you ;)
James - Only three of my legs get affected, the other five are fine.
Jen - Yes magnesium and probiotic work well I agree Susan. And no more calf and toe cramps. I read som... More »
Desley - Rescue Remedy Sleep, Michelle. All natural herbs. Great for stress too. ☺️
Dionna - I think a change of photo now and then is good. It’s always fresh and interesting! Maybe you coul... More »
Stephen - Keep smiling x
Michelle - Happy new year to you too Lindakay and glad to see your'e back. That's my girl, keep smiling, lau... More »
Rosey - Great too see you back Lindakay,hope you get some relief in this New year. Cheers
Michelle - Hi Tracy. I'm sorry but I can't help you. I haven't been to a derm in more than 20 years. Hopeful... More »
Michelle - Oh and Welcome to Flaym! Check out our theme section and see what our other Flaymers are advising... More »
Michelle - That's great news Josh and well done. It's not easy to go vegan especially when you love a nice s... More »
john,Hulk - Great Josh, :), I couldnt go vegan though many out there think i am and am not ,Plenty of veggi... More »
Julie - I just rub the lemon on my P before bed at night. It stings for a bit, but seems to help. I find ... More »
Dionna - I see..major part of my P is my scalp..I tried lime before and it became worse (I had bleeding). ... More »
Julie - I don’t have any on my scalp, only on my legs and elbows. Best wishes fir some relief.
Susan - Diet is part of how I got cured. Meditation, releasing stress to God, walking, therapy... Lots o... More »
Michelle - Hi Iain. I am mostly on the paleo diet. It works great for me although I don't like nuts or fruit... More »
Linda - I am just trying the Keto diet so will let you know how it goes
john,Hulk - Thanks Arch, Yes i dread to think what i have spent over the years just to make it comfortable,I ... More »
Michelle - Hi Arch and welcome to Flaym. In South Africa we need a prescription for steroids as well, but, I... More »
john,Hulk - Haha, i am joking Michelle about this lol, Yes i know i been with it all my life so, i am used to... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear of your fall Suzanne,, I do hope the surgery will help you , Let us know how you ge... More »
Susan - Sorry to hear that. Hope you get surgery soon and mend quickly.
Michelle - I'm so sorry to hear about this Susanne and I hope you're doing well? Yes please let us know how ... More »
john,Hulk - Happy New Year Chris , All the best to you too for the new year :)
Jen - Happy Newyear Chris. I second that.
Rosey - Happy New Years day Julie,enjoy all the surprises this year will bring.:)
Michelle - happy new year Julie. Yes to better health and living stress free. How difficult can that be? ;)
Julie - Each day at a time.
Dionna - Heyyyy John,hope you’ll have a good one too! Let our P be better this year 🧐
john,Hulk - Thank you,Dionna, i will flake fowards and upwards in 2019, all the best to you :)
Michelle - Happy new year Dionne. :)
Michelle - Well done Lisa! I'm very happy for you. Doctors don't always know best.
john,Hulk - Hello Debbie, Have you tried Alphosyl 2 in 1 , it does help me , if scalp bad i would leave it on... More »
Michelle - Its stressful to watch what you eat but once you're into it its easy. Happy new year to you too a... More »
Rosey - I didn't watch what I ate over last 2 days,o r today even as really love pavlova and ham and den... More »
Rosey - Chicken and salad tonight ,no more ham ,still have some but I'll make something out of it and giv... More »
Dionna - Thanks for having me here..let’s just support one another 🤘🏽
Michelle - Hi Dionna. Welcome to Flaym. Yes we are here to support each other. Have you looked at our theme ... More »
Dionna - I haven’t looked through the theme section yet..Will definitely check it out..Just wanted to say ... More »
Keturah - Schmidt’s? That’s what I use finally found a scent that works for me
James - I'm pretty sure Schmidt's is the one previously mentioned, and Amazon have it, at a price I'm wil... More »
Keturah - You’re welcome
Michelle - True John but that's what we are trying to avoid right? Not getting angry. You will still need yo... More »
john,Hulk - Yes of course i will still do all my 12 to 14 veggies a day but i maybe able to reduce the amount... More »
john,Hulk - I hope to see a big difference in march next year, in 3 months time or sooner, I am a vitamin mac... More »

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