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Kim - Hi Alex. We all know how you feel. I hated going to my hairdresser when I had it there. Thankfull... More »
Penny - I feel the same way... I hate going to the hairdresser. And I am a hairdresser too. I get migrain... More »
Jennifer - More often than not I find the bigger deal I make out of things, the more others notice. When I ... More »
Flaym - Hi Carlos - please write posts and comments in English. It's our common community language - even... More »
santosh - even i am thinking all the time........ Zo ,Jennifer and rose...
Anwaar - I love you...hmmm Hahahaha
john - one finds it when not looking for it i think, my opinion,,romance bliss 2 years after that its sa... More »
john - hello spottytotty, great name :).summer is good as long as i dont go in the sun at peak times,in ... More »
Sherry - Not sure where you are situated but if you can get to a beach, the combination of sun and salt wa... More »
Bill - Ive tried to grow a beard but it didnt work for me i just got really flacky dry skin staying clo... More »
john - yes i know what you mean and one gets itchy as the beard grows :(,it was more for the hiding of i... More »
Gazza544 - Hi bill, just think of it as somebody who is uneducated about what we have and our condition, eas... More »
Emma - I don't I wear short sleeves....if some doesn't like it they don't have to look and I have it elb... More »
Christine - Thank you for all your answers. I really appreciate them. In less than a week, I discovered such ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Thank You for those kind words!
john - hello dion, i cut out night shade foods like potatoes,tomatoes,peppers sugar,smoking,alcahol egg ... More »
john - it is a choice dion a choice for everyone if they want to do diet change thanks
Kim - I packed up smoking 6 years ago and to stop putting on weight I turned to fruit. BIG mistake. It'... More »
Joy - I feel the same way. it's all over my whole body. Long sleeves long pants, long socks. it's awful... More »
john - hello lily i know the feeling,iwas sweating buckets yesterday at work, i dont mind the sun as it ... More »
Sean - Lily I use a cream called protopic on my face and it keeps it away it stings at first but you hav... More »
Ra11 - Lotriderm or [...]
Sid - get the doctor to send you to a dermatologist if they haven't done already. Some ointments don't ... More »
Susan - I have posted a lot of comments about working from the inside out. Remove sugar of any kind. Fr... More »
india - I'm 14 and also had it all over my face, everyone was fairly accepting though. so sorry to hear t... More »
Gaurav - Avoid cold dry weather. Sweat as much as you can. Food choices are necessary. Milk, multigrain st... More »
Rohit - Try using alovera... Use directly from the olant.. ..... It reduces itching...... And moreover... More »
john - hello shawn, i am on the full psoriasis diet, gluten gave me the itch, i stopped it and the itch ... More »
santosh - wow...its too much working hours..u better change the job....its just a suggestion..
Suzanne - Take care of yourself...
Sid - Making money 24/7 cannot come at the expense of your own health. 30 days holiday in 5 years is ne... More »
Sharita - Hi Lauren...jow do you mean at ease?
HollyDan - Hey there Lauren, Sorry to hear your skin's giving you trouble but there are a lot of options f... More »
Rabbit89 - Thanks I appreciate the info. And @Bree thank god for that. It does make it for an interesting ch... More »
Peggy - I believe that I had it there years ago now, I never knew it though because I kept going the gono... More »
john - hello peggy,thats why i dont see doctors about my skin or arthritis as there is nothing they can ... More »
Luis - Yes i have
Luis - The side affects are not to bad .you get head aches but they do not last very long
Jennifer - @mishlyn on point 😊 I love to listen to enya when going to sleep 💕
Charmaine - It's winter here in South Africa, so I am managing to cover up all the scars/scales. My psoriasis... More »
Pooja - Umm.. I also don't like summer and if ur in India u definitely don't wanna go out
Rodparis - Dermablend works really well, problem is finding the right shade. Ask the sales people to help you
Nan195 - As I only have a small patch on a knuckle and on the side of a finger, it's so easy to cover with... More »
Leonie - I use makeup on my forearms - same base as I would on my face. It works for me.

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