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Millionways - Thanks Erica, I am looking into it.
Erica - @Millionways let us know what your findings are once you are done researching your family history... More »
Millionways - I will let you know.
Sarah - Sounds so sore, I hope it will improve for you x
Keturah - Some days are just peeling then other days are peeling with soreness. I just don't know what to d... More »
Michelle - Your P burning? Inflamed? I don't get that anymore Keturah. Before I started drinking turmeric, ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Thank you all for your comments I just turned 70 and I don't feel 70 I hope that doesn't sound od... More »
Jannie - If you don't feel it's right for you don't do it. Doctors are all for peddling chemicals. I was... More »
Rosey - I want that injection,true,had lots of pain with p,shingles was a maybe as doc couldn't tell as w... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Oh And welcome to Flaym Yolanda, great to have you here, plenty of good ideas to deal with stress... More »
Sarah - Good to see your post, Yolandi! Stress is terrible for my skin. Instant reactions to intense stre... More »
Michelle - I agree with Sarah. Stress is no good. Trying to stay calm is a 50/100 but don't let it get you ... More »
Michelle - Thank you Bev xx. You know what, I don't really stress about it as I know the right job will FIND... More »
James - Michelle, that's exactly how I think regarding my P, it is a shitty thing to have however there a... More »
Michelle - That's right James. Our P is a shitty thing to have, but the more we worry ourselves about it, th... More »
Deleted account - I had scalp, plaque and it’s different when it’s on your palms and soles and nail psoriasis all f... More »
Michelle - Hey Casey, I am in Ontario too. How long have you been making the changes with bio's & diet? I ho... More »
Michelle - Hi Casey, my P also gets worse in winter but in summer it fades. It also depends on the climate c... More »
john,DARTS VADER - No No, you have a sexy smile Michelle , so i wouldnt worry about that and dont worry about the an... More »
Michelle - Aww, Thank you for the nice compliment John. I will look for the skin toner and the socks and see... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Your welcome Michelle :) Marilyn smurfie haha :)
Heather - Heather, yes, I talked to the owner last Thursday. He’s waiting on permits and inspections. I jus... More »
Heather - Heather sounds like you have done your homework, hopefully everything comes together soon. Waitin... More »
Heather - Thank you doll
Rosey - Haha,doesnt matter ,just a quick change of name just to be safe,not that there's anything to worr... More »
James - Yes, it's easy to change your name.
Rosey - Haha@conan the librarian.
Ava - I suppose it depends upon how intolerable you find your P to be. My own take? If the "cure" can... More »
Sarah - MonnieB! For me when I was in your position, I said no to the tablet. But I felt it was extreme a... More »
MonnieB - Thank you for the support. I'll soldier on with [...] for now....
john,DARTS VADER - Hello barbara, sugar is pretty evil stuff, usually is a trigger for most aswell as gluten/wheat,c... More »
Sarah - More than I did a year ago, but still not much... I understand it as a part of human variation! B... More »
Michelle - Hi Barbara. I can't add anything to what John has advised. The elimination diet works great for u... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Haha, you been watching star trek too Chris ,haha thats funny lol :)
Chris - No I'm just a flakey geek 😂😂😂
Jen - Yes Jonathan I agree that medical professionals could learn a lot from this site. Many of us have... More »
Michelle - Hi AngelRondael. To Isolate yourself from your family/friends/other people is not good for you. S... More »
Sarah - Hi Angel. I love watching TV series on Netflix to relax in the evenings some days, and especially... More »
June - Thank you Michelle somebody as told me to use nettle rub nettles on you skin he said it worked fo... More »
Michelle - June, I have never heard of it before but I just googled it and it sounds really good. I see ther... More »
Sarah - Welcome June! Glad you found us. I use Aveeno creams for moisturising, by far the best I have eve... More »
Michelle - Hi Laila, I am happy you found us here too. I am sorry to hear about your mom. Stess from loss of... More »
Sarah - Ay Laila, stress is the absolute worst for psoriasis. We are really glad you found us too! What k... More »
Michelle - Hi Momina. Hot water is a trigger for my P as well and I got some great advice from Sarah to rath... More »
Momina - I think because I'm quiet an active person, this causes my body temperature to rise, resulting in... More »
Michelle - Momina, I drink turmeric water for inflammation. I drink a cup every morning and sometimes in the... More »
MariaL - Hi Yolandi! Welcome to Flaymily... You know the first ever person who made me so down when i was ... More »
Yolandi - thank you all of you for giving me a new perspective on my sickness.
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Yolanda, your welcome ,do you look at psoriasis as a sickness?i never have regarded myself... More »
Michelle - True Million. One does not expect someone to make such a rude comment and it takes the wind out o... More »
Deri - I know how you feel I have given up on swimming and never wear anything but trousers or long skir... More »
Arti Sharma - Hi Andrea, People only notice those things which looks different.. Just accepte ur PS first a... More »
Sarah - I think if that's what you feel like doing, go for it! It might be a breath of fresh air for you.... More »
Ruben - Go out and have fun! This stuff is causing too much stress, so we need to unwind from time to tim... More »
Chel - Go out and have fun don't worry about anything else you might meet some really cool people
Ron - I had this problem with my wife..Had to stop sex because my penis has psoriasis in the skin . My ... More »
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear Ant and Ron. Our loved ones should learn more about Psoriasis so they will know... More »
Sarah - I'm so sorry to hear that too Ant and Ron. Psoriasis has affected my sex life a little, more in t... More »

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