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Susan - Very funny Josh!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Chelle! The perils of laundry with psoriasis. Shake it out!
Maggiec645 - I agree with Sarah. Shake it off or maybe use a dust buster....
Susan - Peggy one day at a time. For me, as I don't eat as much as a man, the diet changes are not costl... More »
Nan195 - Hi Peggy, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Be positive and never give up, your Jo... More »
Carol - Fight any negative things in your life. Make a list of "Can do's" and start from there.
Sarah - If I may suggest asking yourself why? Because of what they may think? Who cares? Be comfortable.
Donna - I wasn’t either (as much to do about my weight as my psoriasis if I’m honest). But now I think, ... More »
Sarah - Hi Brenda, welcome to Flaym. I know this feeling. For ages I felt the same. But then one day I ju... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Fiona! It's tough when you see your psoriasis coverage growing and growing. You... More »
Michelle - Hi Savannah Some material really irritates my skin. I try and stick to cotton and loose fitting c... More »
Sarah - Hey Savannah, yes I do! For me it's mainly belts. For some reason wearing belts sets off psoriasi... More »
Savannah - Hello, thank you for your comments! I just got some silver brackets and watch and I found that th... More »
Brian - Hi Teresa. Psoriasis comes in a variety of forms and varies from person to person. Check out th... More »
Tim - Hi Teresa. There is many different treatments that treat Psoriasis systemically. Light therapy,... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Teresa! Yes many people living with psoriasis have different types, sometimes a... More »
Susan - Brian that's terrific. Better to meet someone for their heart, than their skin...
john - great brian, its so about you thats for sure.i wish you all the best :)
Anita - If you find the answer let me know. I feel the same way about my insecurities.
Kate - Hi, it does get easier. I've had it since age 9. My daughter is 11 and like I keep saying to her,... More »
Nan195 - Hi Alice, welcome to our P Family where we share our P Journey and support one another through it... More »
Kimberlie - Nothing gets rid of psoriasis but dermalmd psoriasis serum actually helped relieve itching, redne... More »
Dwayne - Hope your doing a little better Line. Hang on there...
Sidhanath Singh - Don't scratch.... It creates spreading
Shar - Stress will make it worse. Hang in there! I have no qualms about telling my coworkers what's up. ... More »
Sarah - Hi Marty! I try to keep the flaking down so that it is less noticeable, using Aveeno cream on eye... More »
Marty - Thank you so much, Sarah! 💜 I feel like I *need* to wear makeup when going out in public. This... More »
Marty - John, what diet plan do you follow, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m also experiencing pain on my... More »
Marty - Sarah, thank you! I saw the dermatologist and she prescribed some creams for me. I don’t have ins... More »
Marty - Harold, thank you so much. I actually had a breakdown yesterday. It was so hard for me to find co... More »
TRicia - That's where I am at now! I fund working in an office dealing with paper where the edges of pape... More »
Sarah - I think psoriasis at work is very hard to deal with, especially during flare ups... affecting int... More »
Line - Sarah: Exactly! It does affect the work so much, when my p is really bad it is so clear to me tha... More »
Susan - Don good advice. Heck, it can't be undone anyway. Depression is usually living in the past. Ju... More »
Nan195 - Will read your book from cover to cover Susan, it’s going to be a good one 🌹
Susan - Nan195 that's sweet. Might change your perspective on me. LOL... I've done some things that wou... More »
john - mine can be dark psoriasis durell,mine are like dark spots at the moment no flakes to report on m... More »
Sarah - Interesting Durell, mine actually leaves light patches with less pigment! It doesn't tan at all
Carol - Yup. I have the same problem. Mostly on my legs. I'm a red head and have very pale skin. It shows... More »
Michelle - Hey Fred, its not an easy road to travel. I Love Michael's statement--You must always believe tha... More »
patricia - there is light at the end of the tunnel depending how bad your psoriasis is im on monthly injecti... More »
Sarah - Go you Marietes, you wore your coat with courage! A mega step. I think the flakes on the chair ar... More »
Susan - Awww... But understand it's ok... We've all been there. I have always had a nice black coat and ... More »
Maria - Hi Margarita I have been on biological for about Year n half, I noticed a difference within a cou... More »
Margarida - Thank you so much Maria. I hope I can say the same within a couple of months! xx
Michelle - Have you ever tried bio oil Aggie? I have found it a really helpful skin toner :)
Edward - I'd like to know too.
Aggie patricia - @mishlyn I am going to find bio oil.
Nawaal - I'm in South Africa and winter is finally done. I need some sun my psoriasis was at it worst this... More »
Deleted account - I'm on the west coast. I used to cover mine up too but decided not too as it makes it worse for m... More »
Michelle - Hi Savannah, Many years I spent covered up in the summer hiding P as well..and would get worse b... More »
Julie - I keep a small place in that region and really try to leave it alone. Occasionally I use some pr... More »
Aggie patricia - After reading this post, I am well aware of the effects steroids have on our skins. Thing is the ... More »
Susan - Angie patricia the steroid course is what they are taught in school. My doctor told me they get ... More »

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