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Robert - Oh ya ive done the apple vinegar soak ! It really works ! Im gonna go do a soak right now😉
MishLyn - I'm sorry to hear of your flare Jason. These are the toughest days with P. Have you been able to ... More »
colleen - Thinking about you Jason. Stay positive .
Roxanne - Because its not thick patches people dont see it as P.
Shelley - Is it pretty much red bumps that turn scaly? I have them all over my legs and arms
Roxanne - Shelley not raised scaly bumps but really quite a few red spots.
hope - i have...i put a bandaid on it until one day it was gone then i bandaided it till the new one gre... More »
Jeri - Thank you! Tried the Vicks -great! I am pescatarian, teach yoga, and have a meditation practice. ... More »
Jeri - Well, the Vicks worked for a few days but now it doesn't do anything. The fingers are swollen aro... More »
...feeling insecure Jack @jack2


john - hello jack, i had the same problem back in 1987,i couldnt join anything,dont know why maybe, they... More »
Sarah - Ah Jack, what reason do they give? Are they worried about medical expenses? My friend couldn't do... More »
Buhle - Hey Jack. Sorry to hear that hope u feel better
john - helo shelley, its not easy at all i know, its cutting out all dairy,night shade foods,packet item... More »
Susan - Shelley my diet is similar to John's. No sugar/pasta/potatoes/bread/very little sugar. I also d... More »
sandy - homeopathic medicine helped me 100% on this same condition
john - hello christina, you canmake it better ,sorry to hear this,i do diet/lifestyle changes and i am m... More »
Leann - I totally understand how you feel :(
michael - Christina we all understand how you feel and my psoriasis does depress me at times You need to s... More »
john - hello skai, it canpop up anytime in life if some are unlucky, i was born with it and everywhere t... More »
Sarah - Hey Skai, welcome to Flaym! I think it can pop up one day at any time of life, and sometimes can ... More »
Karen - I am 64 and just was diagnosed with psoriasis
Cheryl - I have actually done a few trials. It's no tea party, just remember that all side affects must re... More »
Chris - Thanks Cheryl. They gave me lots of information but couldn't tell me how other people reacted so ... More »
Cheryl - Thing with it is,that if they tell you what other people's reactions were they wouldn't get an bi... More »
Lu Ann - Yes, on the front part of my scalp.
Sophie - Yeah I've gone from having very thick hair to extremely think especially along the front
Sherry - I started losing hair, but a friend of mine who has to do chemotherapy and loses hair, suggested ... More »
Linda - Sun and salt water are good.
Susan - Christopher my thoughts are swim all the time. I don't really care at all what anyone things and... More »
Sarah - Mine isn't bothered whatsoever by it! Frustrating for you
Cheryl - Hey Mish, so very true, my mom used to tell me when I was younger not to stare or talk about peop... More »
MishLyn - I'm sorry to hear that Cheryl :( Were you unable to walk and use your hands due to P, if you don'... More »
Susan - Cheryl that is not good. Kind of think this person might not have an etiquette filter. You, my ... More »
Diana - Hi Stuart, I have not heard of him but I look forward to reading his book on diet and psoriasis. ... More »
Kim - Hi Stuart, I think a few people on here have used that book although I haven't. Loads of us here ... More »
Diana - Talks about the body's pH level and the ratio of alkaline to acidic being 75: 25, saying our diet... More »
john - hello hollye, i changes my diet with big improvements compared to 8 months ago with joints and sk... More »
MishLyn - Debbie, never forget how truly beautiful you are 💜 I understand how you feel as P has brought me ... More »
Diana - Hi Debbie sorry you are feeling so insecure but Beauty really does come from the inside. Don't fo... More »
Bonnie - I know those itches. So embarrassing.
john - yes i know what you mean, i been hospitalised twice as a boy, wrapped up like a mummy and covered... More »
Christopher - I'm curious. Are you still a smoker? Or have you since quit? I am a smoker, but quitting will ... More »
john - i stopped smoking at the same time i changed my diet 7 months ago, i do ecigs instead,good quali... More »
john - hello ersha,i can only suggest lifestyle changes or diet changes, cutting out night shade foods a... More »
Sarah - Hi Ersha me too, scalp, psoriasis worse since pregnancies. For me I've found help using a scalp "... More »
Melissa - There is psoriasis shampoo specifically for this stuff u can get it near pharmacy in walmart
Kim - Hi Mea. Welcome.
john - welcome to flaym mea,hope you find plenty of things to try from the posts here thank you
Ann - Hello Mea. I am new to this site as well. I totally understand the way you feel. I have had Psori... More »
Dawn - I don't have any tips; but know you are not alone here!! HATE IT!
Mary65 - My Dr. Gave me derma Smoother. It helps.
Michele - My scalp ends up all over my bed every night, and continues to shed all day long. Tired of the co... More »
michael - I tried a course of nigotigison I found no side effects. It worked well tor me. It is a anti i... More »
john - hello lauren,nope, some people have good results and some no,also, there is a chance you stop the... More »

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