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Laurie - I have scalp psoriasis too , for many years now. I use P&S Liquid- Baker & Cummins is company t... More »
Jeana - The t-gels seem too harsh for me. Paul Mitchell makes a Tea Tree Hair and Scalp shampoo and condi... More »
Sarah - Welcome Fearne! I go as gentle as possible with my scalp in terms of removing scales. I don't scr... More »
Emma - I have tried all sorts of changes and was even on antibiotics from a dermatologist, I just hate a... More »
Michelle - Good Luck Emma! I hope it works well for you! I found the tip here and decided to give it a try w... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Emma! That itch is just absolutely horrendous at times. I'm in a scalp flare ri... More »
Michelle - Hi Fay, stress can be a big trigger for me as well. Especially when it pops up unexpectedly. Mind... More »
Alana - Hi Fay, Stress is a big trigger for me too not so much foods however last night I sipped a cup of... More »
Sarah - Hi Fay, stress is an awful trigger for loads of us here on Flaym. Me included! Whenever I get str... More »
Sarah - ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
janet murphy - thank you lynn, have a great evening
Nan195 - Happy Valentines Everyone, love and hugs 🌹❤️😗
john,darts vader - hello david ,.I mainly talk to none flakers about it , it gives them understanding that i have th... More »
Sarah - Yes I do find it hard to know whether people would appreciate a conversation about it, or run a m... More »
agb - the people who talk to me about psoriasis are a relative of the person who has psoriasis. They kn... More »
Alana - That's me too Sarah....ugg
Sarah - Ah no Alana, not you too! I guess it's part of the condition. Not nice ☹️
Fay - Every time I get stressed out I have a bad flare up. It gets me down and then I can't seem to pic... More »
john,darts vader - Thank you michelle, i dont know if i have a lung infection, my left dodgy one has been playing up... More »
Sarah - Oh no Line, that is confusing about the recommendations from your doctor... I always get break ou... More »
Dali - I find as i have PsA a 24hr fast with either water or fruit free juice or veg broth or miso soup ... More »
Michelle - Well Susan, I try not to indulge and I'm getting quite good at that lol. Practice makes perfect :... More »
Ed - Keep positive. I have had psoriasis in some sensitive areas and for no particular reason it jus... More »
Deleted account - Hey mate I get quite a bit down in that area too and I know how distressing it can be especially ... More »
Michelle507 - I have pitting, ridging, splitting - I yend to keep nails short, for work, and don’t wear nail va... More »
James - I got an old but still working electric toothbrush, cut the bristles off and glued some emory boa... More »
Sarah - I haven't used those James, but I know of some people saying they use Dremmels 😣 I am sure this w... More »
Sarah - Hi Love4vols, welcome to Flaym! Have you had your type of psoriasis diagnosed? Is it guttate psor... More »
Zigmars - As Ruben mentioned-its all about food. Cruical is Omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA), which must be in ra... More »
Ruben - I read that us flakeys better avoid omega 6 (common in fried food)
Sumonds (SUE) - Thank you Michelle x
Carol - there is also a product called Psorasin that is an over the counter ointment or gel, that has a b... More »
Sumonds (SUE) - Thanks Carol will check it out x
Michelle - Hi Tracey, I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time. It can be so tough especially when the ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tracey! Yes white shirts all the way. And scarves to shake the flakes off. Do y... More »
Sarah - Hey Kristen, welcome to Flaym! Considered it a while ago (about a year) and was on a waiting list... More »
Kristen - Thanks for responses! Derm recommended 24 treatments and I have $30 co-pay each. Was wondering ... More »
Ruben - I paid €15 per session (1x 20 and 2x 10 sessions) but after the refunds I received I only had to ... More »
Sarah - Hello Michael, yes we can! Psoriasis has no respect in that way 😒
Rick - Unfortunately yes..
john,darts vader - welcome to the club michael, i been battling it there all my life,nasty place to get it and can b... More »
Bev - Sorry I missed your good morning this morning but I had internet problems. So for me now it's Hav... More »
Geraldine - Good morning from Australia
Geraldine - I got that too Ruben lol
Raja - I don't try to swim in any swimming pool because somebody would say like that, i don't want to ... More »
Stacy - I could be totally wrong here but reading people’s comments on posts it seems to me people must b... More »
Sarah - That's outrageous! That's for sure!
Michelle - Hi Tom, when I was younger I had a hard time opening up to those I got close with. I would stress... More »
john,darts vader - sounds like my story michelle,i have been in a few relationships in my time and i used to be lik... More »
Michelle - Hi Tom. I don't really tell people. I have P on my ankles and I always wear either trousers or lo... More »
Michelle - When my nails were slightly pitted I liked to have a nice soak and then softly file them down to... More »
Cheryl - My husband is great about my p too and he will put cream on my back and massage my back even when... More »
john,darts vader - sounds great audrey ,look at it as we are super humans,the fastest skin shedders :)
Audrey - Super fast skin shedder.... Kinda like the sound of that lol
Sharon - Thanks Sarah. I know I shouldn't scratch. The immediate relief feels good but knowing what follow... More »
Michelle - That itch sure can be tough not to scratch Sharon. I find keeping my nails short and trying to ru... More »
Sarah - Stick a load of oil on everywhere in the evening, then you won't want to scratch as you get oily ... More »

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