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Michelle - Hi Amanda. We are not all the same when it comes to treatments for our P. In my case, I can't eat... More »
amanda - Thank you for the response. I will definitely try it
Peter - for me loads of turmeric goodies helps for inflammation and a good pre and probiotic supplement
john,Hulk - I wish i knew what really affects me Amanda,I know not eating fried , fast foods,cutting sugar o... More »
Jenny - I decided against exposing my face and have a vitamin D cream to put on my forehead . Will updat... More »
Jenny - Well it’s now 3 weeks since finishing the UVB treatment . It worked quite well at first but could... More »
Jenny - Any ideas how I upload the photo ? Have tried copy and paste but doesn’t work !!
Ellie - Hey ☺️ just discover this yesterday haha and I’m really happy I did .. don’t know a lot of people... More »
Michelle - Welcome Amy and Ellie. Glad you both joined us. Check out the Theme/Topic section. We are here t... More »
Rosey - Yes you can get this , which joints are you feeling it in?
Michelle - Hi Fiona and welcome to Flaym! I'm sorry to hear about your guttate Psoriasis and Psa. Yes I have... More »
Michelle - Neither do I. Same as John. When I see a loose flake Ill pick it off but otherwise, I'm not reall... More »
Rosey - Just the big flakes as love how they peel off and always amazed at the size of the big ones ,but ... More »
Julie - Just having a break away from the normal everyday life is good, although we do take some of it wi... More »
Michelle - You know Sonia, my arms were covered in P too, but I'm clear now. I just decided to change my lif... More »
john,Hulk - Yes true Michelle, I accepted my condition around 35 years ago, i knew as soon as it was said as... More »
Sonia - Aimee, thank goodness for swimming lessons!
Sonia - Michelle - I try to participate when I can with the kids around water activities - but man, it’s ... More »
Sonia - Genevieve - what an aspiring quote! I will have to remember that one.
Haley - Thanks for the suggestions folks. Definitely agree Roxanne, need to drink more water. Will also t... More »
Sarah - I have thought about doing that too but I have p on my eyebrows and an scared what would happen!
Haley - Sarah, they won’t do it if you have psoriasis in your eyebrow or your brow. I used to have it in ... More »
Jasmin - Keep fighting Rosey. As you said, you have four adult children and two grandkids. They are your s... More »
Rosey - Thank u Jasmin,and opps John u said quality of life,well pain would go maybe but won't live as lo... More »
Rosey - Ok now no pain atm, all over hands argh,cant win( am all over body too) but pain is gone for now,... More »
Michelle - We all need some fresh air down there Rosey. I hope for the best!
Rosey - Nope,only ever had one spot there that was itchy,but used coconut oil and later cornflour ,doesn'... More »
Michelle - Hahaha Rosey. Sometimes its best to ignore the possibilities but other times we just can't show a... More »
john,Hulk - Thanks Lou, I am getting better now since taking supplement of iron :) sometimes 2 tabs a day jus... More »
Hekla - I am good if I follow Alkaline food plan and take som suppl. Turmerc and ginger, avoid selen and ... More »
Rosie - I don’t think I can cope emotionally. It’s draining and it makes me cry and angry.
Jen - Hi Keturah. You could try to apply yogurt nice and cold from the fridge. Also coconut oil with ad... More »
Keturah - I know I'm going to have change things in my lifestyle but I just don't know what to change. I've... More »
Jen - That's a great start Keturah! You are doing well for your P. Have you checked out the diet sectio... More »
Lindakay1948 - Rosey can you retrain for a different area..?? That might help a bit...also make sure no one can ... More »
Rosey - All's ok,thanks Linda,company hires all the time ,most font last more than a few weeks as they do... More »
Rosey - Yes have searched and searched for new job,lots of people are out of work,something will slap me ... More »
Linda - Thank you Rosy and Clint!
Rosey - No need for thanks,as no idea why being thanked,i take onboard and search and hope and ppl help m... More »
Sarah - That's so difficult when you put in effort with your diet and lifestyle only to see things worsen... More »
Sarah - Sounds scary, Sue!
Erica - @Millionways let us know what your findings are once you are done researching your family history... More »
A - I will let you know.
A - Together with my doctor we explored a lot. I must say we could not find a link between my kidneys... More »
Sarah - Sounds so sore, I hope it will improve for you x
Keturah - Some days are just peeling then other days are peeling with soreness. I just don't know what to d... More »
Michelle - Your P burning? Inflamed? I don't get that anymore Keturah. Before I started drinking turmeric, ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Thank you all for your comments I just turned 70 and I don't feel 70 I hope that doesn't sound od... More »
Jannie - If you don't feel it's right for you don't do it. Doctors are all for peddling chemicals. I was... More »
Rosey - I want that injection,true,had lots of pain with p,shingles was a maybe as doc couldn't tell as w... More »

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