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Ava - I suppose it depends upon how intolerable you find your P to be. My own take? If the "cure" can... More »
Sarah - MonnieB! For me when I was in your position, I said no to the tablet. But I felt it was extreme a... More »
MonnieB - Thank you for the support. I'll soldier on with [...] for now....
john,Hulk - Hello barbara, sugar is pretty evil stuff, usually is a trigger for most aswell as gluten/wheat,c... More »
Sarah - More than I did a year ago, but still not much... I understand it as a part of human variation! B... More »
Michelle - Hi Barbara. I can't add anything to what John has advised. The elimination diet works great for u... More »
john,Hulk - Haha, you been watching star trek too Chris ,haha thats funny lol :)
Chris - No I'm just a flakey geek 😂😂😂
Jen - Yes Jonathan I agree that medical professionals could learn a lot from this site. Many of us have... More »
Michelle - Hi AngelRondael. To Isolate yourself from your family/friends/other people is not good for you. S... More »
Sarah - Hi Angel. I love watching TV series on Netflix to relax in the evenings some days, and especially... More »
Michelle - June, I have never heard of it before but I just googled it and it sounds really good. I see ther... More »
Sarah - Welcome June! Glad you found us. I use Aveeno creams for moisturising, by far the best I have eve... More »
June - Have been using Rose oil on my p it has made such a difference carnt believe it
Mishlyn - Hi Laila, I am happy you found us here too. I am sorry to hear about your mom. Stess from loss of... More »
Sarah - Ay Laila, stress is the absolute worst for psoriasis. We are really glad you found us too! What k... More »
Michelle - Hi Momina. Hot water is a trigger for my P as well and I got some great advice from Sarah to rath... More »
Momina - I think because I'm quiet an active person, this causes my body temperature to rise, resulting in... More »
Michelle - Momina, I drink turmeric water for inflammation. I drink a cup every morning and sometimes in the... More »
Yolandi - thank you all of you for giving me a new perspective on my sickness.
john,Hulk - Hello Yolanda, your welcome ,do you look at psoriasis as a sickness?i never have regarded myself... More »
Cedric - Hi Yolanda's not easy but you need to find yourself in a space whereby you can deal with it... More »
Michelle - True Million. One does not expect someone to make such a rude comment and it takes the wind out o... More »
Deri - I know how you feel I have given up on swimming and never wear anything but trousers or long skir... More »
Arti Sharma - Hi Andrea, People only notice those things which looks different.. Just accepte ur PS first a... More »
Sarah - I think if that's what you feel like doing, go for it! It might be a breath of fresh air for you.... More »
Ruben - Go out and have fun! This stuff is causing too much stress, so we need to unwind from time to tim... More »
Chel - Go out and have fun don't worry about anything else you might meet some really cool people
Ron - I had this problem with my wife..Had to stop sex because my penis has psoriasis in the skin . My ... More »
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear Ant and Ron. Our loved ones should learn more about Psoriasis so they will know... More »
Sarah - I'm so sorry to hear that too Ant and Ron. Psoriasis has affected my sex life a little, more in t... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Heather, sorry to hear the pill wasn't helpful. Did your skin get worse after taking it? I was... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Heather! Ah no, sorry your treatment didn't help. Yes maybe a good option to ge... More »
john,Hulk - Fantastic Heather, i hope to hear some good posts from you with improvement or improvements ,bes... More »
Sarah - That sounds like a great approach Heather! Great to have you here. Love your positivity! Stress i... More »
IDA - I am using Ashawanga organic from Trusted Nutrients on Amazon for my stress level and it keeps me... More »
Margaret R - I take probiotics, but don’t know about the “pre”. Will talk to my daughter in law about that. Th... More »
Sarah - First time for everything Margaret R! Welcome to Flaym. You will for sure learn a lot about psori... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Margaret. Was there a big change in your life that could have triggered psoria... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Emily, having p on your face has got to be one of the hardest places. Maybe try dapping a litt... More »
Peter - Hi Emily self asteam is very important I find in helping with your P, maybe look at doing a cours... More »
Sarah - Psoriasis of the face is very awkward isn't it. Very visible and very hard to treat without use o... More »
Michelle - Maybe she sees it like you do but don't want to embarrass you Sarah. But think about this, at lea... More »
rachel - Ah Sarah, probably a case of not thinking before speaking. One of my closest friends often commen... More »
Sarah - One of my closest friends is the same rachel. She said to me at a friend's wedding a couple of we... More »
Heather - Thanks y’all. The world lost a good one that’s for sure. I’m still close with his Momma so that ... More »
Michelle - The memories will always stay in your heart. His memories are as dear today as in the hour he pas... More »
Michelle - Hey Roisin, Just a follow up to find out if you are still okay with regards to the relationship a... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Christian! So glad the light therapy has helped you out a lot. Gel makes my fac... More »
Richard - Hi Emily, hope your feeling better, every one on here knows exactly how you feel, im effected fro... More »
Michelle - Oh Emily. I feel your depression my girl. I've been there and I became a very horrible person. I ... More »
john,Hulk - Indeed we all are here for you Emily, plenty of things to try to improve things for yourself,i h... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Leticia. Psoriasis can be in the form of psoriatic arthritis... which does affe... More »
Gary - Go to dr you may have psoriasit arthritis I have and that’s what causes the pain
john,Hulk - Drs will only advise anti inflammatorys aswel as maybe x rays to see if there is damage otherwis... More »

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