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Sarah - That is a very good point Richard! I think you're spot on with that actually. Maybe no one has no... More »
Bob - I’m seeing a big improvement in the last 2 months. Using Soratinex and getting out in the sunshin... More »
A - That is so good for you! (Keep that shorts even when it might be worse again.)
Michelle - Hi Phil. Welcome to Flaym. It could be that your tonsillitis has triggered your P and the antibio... More »
Sarah - Yes tonsillitis can be a big trigger for psoriasis. My first guttate episode was triggered by thr... More »
Peter - welcome and sorry to here Phil, any stress mental, emotional, and physical are defiantly triggers... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sergio, not a good feeling. You should go see your dr to ease your mind and make sure all is o... More »
Sarah - Welcome Sergio! Get yourself to your doctor to check you out! Hopefully it is nothing serious but... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried the lemon yet, but I am now coming out of a flare so it could be a good time to t... More »
Jen - Try one thing at the time and stick with it for at least 2 months to give it a chance.
Genevieve - Isobel, I'm trying the lemon therapy - I cut a lemon and rub it on my skin whenever it gets itchy... More »
Cherryl - Hi Michelle, I used steroids a lot in the past, but didn’t notice a reaction to the sun back then... More »
Mishlyn - So many mysteries indeed Cherryl. When you went off the steroids, did you need to wean off them?
June - I find the sun helps me so much trouble we don't. Have a enough of it so make the best of it I su... More »
Honey - Thank you Chris. :)
Paul - Totally understand Honey, most people are more bothered by it than we are and we have to live wit... More »
Susan - Happy Graduation Honey... Suggestion... Don't hide. Try the lemon juice that is suggested here. ... More »
Mishlyn - Flaym has also done the same for me too 😊 My confidence level has grown tremendously. Keep conne... More »
Candice - @ Bev I have it in my hair, a few on my ear, some on my neck, chest, breasts, stomach, panty line... More »
Bev - Hi Candice, have you managed to go on the theme search sites yet? A lot of us have found great he... More »
Mishlyn - Oh wow Linda and Ruben, sorry to hear that. Do you think the drs make that connection as well, o... More »
Ruben - No one ever knew we had it in the family. I was the first one to have plaque. My grandad has gutt... More »
Linda - One doctor I’ve seen said there could be a connection with taking medication the others have dism... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Jenny, do you have psoriatic arthritis ?how long have you made changes ? thanks and good on... More »
Jenny - No I don’t have psoriatic arthritis, just plaque and gutate . I changed my diet in February after... More »
john,Hulk - Yes . it can take around 5 months to a year, a year is when one may see bigger results, we are al... More »
Sarah - Hi Eva! I had salmon written on a list of possible food triggers from previous experiences, but h... More »
Susan - eva I never had a reaction to salmon. However, I don't have dairy. Could be that, but you never... More »
Marisa - Butter.. I cut all dairy out to be clear. Unless you have a specific fish allergy. Also sometimes... More »
Michelle - Agree Million. The most difficult is to make a start. That first step. It took me ages to give th... More »
Kerry - I'm with you there, I've dreaded summer for as long as I can remember. My friends tell me to roll... More »
Michelle - All 3 m y exes told me not to worry about the people. "Go for a swim Mich! People won't stare at ... More »
Sarah - Ah no Theresa! My nail psoriasis was massively triggered by a tiny trace of fungus that has set t... More »
Lynda - Hi, can you tell me what kind of oil you use on your scalp? I have had Psoriasis on my scalp for... More »
Sarah - I use grapeseed oil Lynda. It is what my midwife recommended for my newborn son when he came out ... More »
Sophie - Hi Sarah, what do you mean by the autoimmune protocol that you mentioned? I am also suffering wit... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Christine! Is your psoriasis plaque psoriasis? I have plaque p on scalp, eyebro... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Diana, Welcome to Flaym! Great you found us here so soon into your diagnosis. I only wish I ha... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Diana! You are in the right place for support and ideas! Glad you found us. Wha... More »
Jen - True James same thing. I had both done at the same time. Got it over and done with.
Ellen - Hi James... that was about 2 yrs ago ....
Bev - Hi Chris Let us know how it went.
Clint - As inflammation leaves your immune system is having less things to fight you are winning 😊
Ramona - I think I will try this its mainly on the palms of my hands and bottom of my feet
Clint - Treat all areas if you can they are related
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Karena! Yes I am the Aveeno Girl! 😏 I have been using the Aveeno range about a ... More »
Susan - Lot's on Flaym have tried Aveeno Karena. Good results too. I got healing from my diet/lifestyle... More »
Betty - I don’t know if it is good. Going try it
Cherryl - Hi Susan, sorry to hear this but it is good to be tested so you know what you are dealing with x ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Susan, as scary as it is I agree with Cherryl. Seeing a rheumatologist coukd be very helpful f... More »
Sarah - Ah Susan, wish we had a magic wand to magic it all away for everyone! I guess maybe it's a good t... More »
Sarah - A very honest feeling Keith, welcome to Flaym! It's amazing how many people either don't see or d... More »
Paul - You have nothing to hide, You are not your condition, if anyone has a problem with your skin it m... More »
Susan - Keith the longer you are on Flaym the more confidence you will gain about baring it all! We've a... More »

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