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Mishlyn - Hi Diana, Welcome to Flaym! Great you found us here so soon into your diagnosis. I only wish I ha... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Diana! You are in the right place for support and ideas! Glad you found us. Wha... More »
Jen - True James same thing. I had both done at the same time. Got it over and done with.
Ellen - Hi James... that was about 2 yrs ago ....
Bev - Hi Chris Let us know how it went.
Clint - As inflammation leaves your immune system is having less things to fight you are winning 😊
Ramona - I think I will try this its mainly on the palms of my hands and bottom of my feet
Clint - Treat all areas if you can they are related
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Karena! Yes I am the Aveeno Girl! 😏 I have been using the Aveeno range about a ... More »
Susan - Lot's on Flaym have tried Aveeno Karena. Good results too. I got healing from my diet/lifestyle... More »
Betty - I don’t know if it is good. Going try it
Cherryl - Hi Susan, sorry to hear this but it is good to be tested so you know what you are dealing with x ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Susan, as scary as it is I agree with Cherryl. Seeing a rheumatologist coukd be very helpful f... More »
Sarah - Ah Susan, wish we had a magic wand to magic it all away for everyone! I guess maybe it's a good t... More »
Sarah - A very honest feeling Keith, welcome to Flaym! It's amazing how many people either don't see or d... More »
Paul - You have nothing to hide, You are not your condition, if anyone has a problem with your skin it m... More »
Susan - Keith the longer you are on Flaym the more confidence you will gain about baring it all! We've a... More »
Susan - Ihave been on tablets for4 months now. My skin is clear and i feel fab. Couple of minor side affe... More »
Connie - I have been taking a pill twice a day. Work great for me not 100%, but ok for me.
Ann - Hi..I have been taking tablets now for nearly a year and the improvement is tremendous...more or ... More »
Sarah - Yep very stressful indeed, when watching coverage grow like that. How long have you been taking y... More »
Ruben - Hey Lana, don't Google, Flaym it ;) Thing is that we all react different and you'll have to find... More »
Michelle - Hi Lana. I have noticed that whenever I have a high stress level, my P is spreading like a wild f... More »
Sarah - Which bit of your skin are you itching most at night Kez? If it is scalp I can really recommend a... More »
Patricia - I do that a lot especially on my scalp I have t-gel extra strength and I take showers when I cant... More »
john,Hulk - Hello patty, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes?, i dont hardly itch at all, i wish yo... More »
Stacy - Oh Jesus I taught they’d take two at the most 😱😨😨😨 well Susan if it turns out I have psoriatic ar... More »
Susan - Bev I got a call yesterday about the blood work. All's good which I kind of knew already. Sta... More »
Bev - So happy your results came out great. Stacy you won't regret doing the elimination diet.
natalie - thanks sarah..
Dakeyras - Quick easy tip for the scalp...include some oily fish in your diet include a few time... More »
Lindakay1948 - Hello this morning from the High Plains Desert of Nevada Darlin' I know this may be somewhat Yuc... More »
Ruben - Hey Lanie, that's bad! For how long are you using the moringa?
Mishlyn - Hi Laine, have you ever tried an oil soak on your scalp? I like almond oil best, it absorbs nice ... More »
Sarah - Oh no! In all my time of flakey peely scabby scalp I've not used cannabis oil or moringa powder. ... More »
Mishlyn - Try and keep your head up Tom and know the right person is out there and waiting for you! Jay sai... More »
A - I like what Jay said. Your p is an extra tool: It’s a natural way of pre-selection. Its very eff... More »
MariaL - Hi Tom! you are not alone , we have a "fear of rejection" having this P, but dont let P knock you... More »
Sarah - I think I have some small pustules on my scalp, which has previously been plaque psoriasis only, ... More »
natalie - ya mine are very sore aswell. do u reckon mine was braught on by illness
Sarah - I couldn't be sure but it is certainly possible!
natalie - thank you. i was also born with psorisas just get flare ups on and off through out my life. havin... More »
Julie - Have plaque pustular psoriasis on both of my feet - when they flare it is like walking on hot, br... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Natalie! Hope there is some great advice here for you.
Sarah - Get a load of oil on those scalps Flaym lovelies! Your scalp will breathe a sigh of relief with t... More »
Julie - Thanks, Sarah, just done this, feels odd, but at least it's stopped itching !
Sarah - Oh yes Julie it is odd really but helps so much! And all natural. I know it is greasy but I think... More »
Clint - Try lemon 🍋 please
Julia Erica - hello Clint! am I going to squeeze the lemon in water? or have it pure lemon and put it in the a... More »
Ruben - Hey Julia Erica, I do both :)
Mishlyn - I think you are right Tom and good for you for realizing it may be helpful for you. Talking throu... More »
Michelle - Hi Tom. it is good to talk about your P. It will make you feel better and hopeful. Once you start... More »
Sarah - Great question! Yes I think there is definitely some weight in that. I think talking about things... More »
Michelle - I'm very open about my P. Should I get involved with someone and I know I have a bad flare, I wil... More »
Paul - 100% open and honest
Paul - Absolutely 100 %it's the only way for me
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaym family, Frank! A good place to begin is the themes page, where there are lot... More »
Damien - Hey Frank, Ocean explorer? I live in Hawaii and a good long swim in the ocean under a bright ... More »
john,Hulk - Welcome to flaym Frank,lots of great ideas here to hopefully control these symptoms :)

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