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Michelle - I love pork but haven't had any in two weeks. Not only because of the itch and inflammation I get... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thanks Michelle, yes life is good :)
Clint - Try uncured bacon no nitrates . If you stop eating beef any symptoms go away so the trick is to l... More »
Dakeyras - Hi Kathy and welcome to the forum lass... Aye Tea Tree oil can be a beneficial for the treatme... More »
deborah - Hi Kathy, I find Tea Tree oil a bit strong for me. But there is a hint of it in the cream I've be... More »
Dakeyras - Welcome to the forum Catherine. :)
Michelle - Hi Catherine and welcome to Flaym! I had scalp Psoriasis many years ago from dying my hair. I onl... More »
Md - I take D3 supplement, very helpful
Rosey - All worth a try James ,Many supplements we can take ,you won't know if it helps too you try,have ... More »
Michelle - You are most welcome Lyns. Please feel free to ask any questions and we are open to any advice yo... More »
Michelle - And welcome to Flaym!
Carolyn - polycythemia is a blood cancer where your body makes too many red blood cells, etc. It's picked ... More »
Rosey - There's so many conditions people can get,am sorry you have this but it is treatable yes?
Rosey - I mean it won't shorten your life? I think all severe p suffers have other conditions ,mines a he... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thank you Michelle, i see it as helping each other through these things,All down to experiences w... More »
Rosey - Nope your a trouper John,
john,AQUA MAN - Thank you Rosey, your a sweet / kind person thank you :)
Michelle - Hi Rains. Some of you might suffer from the cold but here in South Africa Johannesburg its 34 deg... More »
Lorna Penner - Let us know how it works..
Michelle - I actually have Sarah but firstly its too greasy and secondly it was not good for my P. I itched ... More »
Rosey - Well it stops the redness and itching for me I just use the cheaper brand.
Michelle - One can say I'm on the paleo diet as well Sarah. Same as caveman diet? I do eat pasta once a mont... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Well Michelle, as you know its what you make of it though :) mine looks boring too but i am used ... More »
Babette - Hi..had a great weekend, the boks beat the French so that made me happy and my P is slowing down ... More »
Julie - Thank you. I am starting to get mine under control again. Using lemon really helps and keeping my... More »
Michelle - Thank you Peter and to you too :)
Lesley - Stacy i am the same so even water stings like heck ! Agony . Wash with creams and can’t get rid o... More »
Lynn - Thanks all for the warm welcome!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lynn!
Julie - I have turmeric every day and cinnamon. Need to have more ginger though.
Hekla - Make sure your Turmeric has pepper in it sot the body will absorb it all or dash of pepper on you... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Yes i heard about this 2 years ago Hekla, Thank you for sharing :) :)
Jayne - I had one from somebody called Pratym today
Peter - yes , they are trying to scam people , i answered to check no sooner did i answer and get a respo... More »
Bev - I got one too but didn't answer
Michelle - True Susan. Whenever I gain weight, my P gets worse. My problem is water retention. Since I've be... More »
Tobin - Been 4 years for me . Diet and exercise is all I did
john,AQUA MAN - Mainly mine gets better in the summer, winter is my enemy, i am taking big doses of vit D at the ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hello Ita ,Yes weather affects me also, i dont get psoriasis bad thankfully but winter i can see ... More »
Michelle - Hi It's. Yes the cold is not friendly to my P either. I just try to stay moisturized and warm. I ... More »
Lynn - Yes, weather, especially change of seasons like fall to winter affects my P....I find tanning boo... More »
Michelle - We all need that treat. That's right John. I concentrate on Keeping my body inflammation free. No... More »
bernadette - Got my first lamp treatment to day in hospital hope it works
Genevieve - Good luck Bernadette. It works for most people. I was one of the unlucky 2 % who had a bad reacti... More »
Bev - Good Luck Bernadette I hope it works for you.
Jenny777 - How is it going Bernadette?I am due to start Light treatment in the new year (retiring at the end... More »
bernadette - Hi jenny hah 6 lamp treatment so far can see an improvement already I mosture ise three times a ... More »

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