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natalie - i wouldnt believe that. i no my friends son is autistic its not easy. what country are you in if ... More »
Ruben - No one should be kicked out of a pool because of a skin condition that isn't contagious. The derm... More »
Michelle - A derm should be encouraging, not discouraging. I hope he was genuinely concerned when he mentioe... More »
natalie - poor little guy..
Michelle - my goodness, your poor boy :( I can only imagine what you are going through as well. Have you ev... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this Sandra, i am a lifer since birth, Too young to mention diet changes, though it... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Skyler, i am a lifer aswell since birth,Have you thought of diet/lifestyle changes? it is a cho... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Skyler. Does your psoriasis make you tired? I think it difficult to imagine a d... More »
Michelle - Hi Skylar, things can get better... even though some days, it doesn't feel like it. I think its g... More »
James - I just wondered. I'm plaque from the waist up and guttae from the waist down, apart from the patc... More »
Madmum007 - I'm like Sarah, mix & match!!
Sarah - Sounds a cool combo, James! It is my first year I can say I have no bits that are like stego hide... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Kez. not in the uk i dont apply lotion,abroad i have to use it
Kez - After having 2 lots of uva treatment. I have really sensitive skin so the sun and I are not the b... More »
Sarah - I don't use oil, but I do apply suncream especially if out in the sun for more than about half an... More »
Sarah - Good move changing doctors, Kez. It's important to have confidence in your health care team! I ho... More »
Ruben - Agree with Sarah on this one, you need a very good relation with your doctor. They don't know eve... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Any doctor to me is quackers , i wish you well though Kez :) Its okay, doctors have actually ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Ah good Catherine, i do have the odd burger now and again, i still like them but homemade from a ... More »
Catherine - I think it's the gluten in the base that I react to .even though I stick to a thin base becaus... More »
Sarah - Have you been tested for coeliac Catherine?
Michelle - I have not heard of that Claire. I am sorry to hear it has come on so quickly. I hope it leaves j... More »
Michelle - Hi Claire. I'm so sorry to hear about your uveitis. Just read up and they say it can be treated w... More »
Sarah - I haven't had that or heard of it Claire, interesting that it could be related to p. I know that ... More »
Jean - Happy birthday Michelle 🎂
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jean! I have given up on medicated shampoos as they stopped giving me good resu... More »
Jean - Thanks Sarah; I think I am in danger of trying too many things at once 😃 I have just tried clint'... More »
Ang - I like the hemp hand cream from the body shop that does help
Tom - I have been using cbd for a while now in vape form and sublingual. I am a huge fan of it to manag... More »
Michelle - I have not it topically, but I have heard really good things about it :)
Josh - I’m 28 and have suffered since 14
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Imre!
Imre - Thank you for the friendly "welcomes" There is so much information to process
leanne78 - I have been reading a lot about diet etc since joining here and have googled it.I glazed over a f... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thats great Leanne78, it does pay off for sure, slow elimination is key to success, i never thoug... More »
Sarah - Leanne78, I think it is a tough thing to do especially if you are starting from a not so great di... More »
rachel - I get heel pain now but don't recall before the P.
Jane - The first thing I noticed before psoriasiswas sting on feet and lower legs. It was just like fire... More »
Sarah - Yes I think mine would fit that description in my heels Jane... how unusual
Ruben - Oh ow... Lemon and tumeric everywhere!
Susan - john I think you are right. I had the nail issue too long before the arthritis and, yes, it is a... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Build up of inflammation and eventually it gets everywhere else it seems Susan, i know it can be ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Ebay, where i got mine, like as you say sue not a miracle but no cream is in my opinion, just a ... More »
Karena - Tried it on my son and it made him worse
john, DARTS VADER - Thats the trouble Karena, a lot creams etc can make it worse, they are a band aid solution, not ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - no i havnt Michelle, hope all goes well with that, good luck
Janice - No I haven't either Michelle, hope all goes well.
Michelle - Thanks everyone! Good to get it sorted, but kinda wish I could take back seeing my results before... More »
Ruben - Drank some last week. No additives, only pineapple for taste. Bit strange due to the pulp, but I ... More »
Susan - Never saw them natalie. If they don't have tons of chemicals then why not. I have this psycholo... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried it but I would! I'm used to drinking water kefir every day so I guess this wouldn... More »
Lindakay1948 - I am right there with you something I also tried but didn't work immune suppressants...please jus... More »
Sarah - I gave my children vaccinations and myself too whilst pregnant. I guess for me mainly because vac... More »
Riola - I have had a flu jab for the past 5 years and never had any bad symptoms from it, apart from you ... More »
Chris - Now now 😂😂😂😂
Des - Using the childs farm grapefruit and tea tree one atm and its pretty good compared to the other m... More »
Michael - I’m using the shower gel and moisturiser but can’t notice a difference because I am having a bad ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Amanda this may give you a good laugh but here goes anyway..I use Pine Tar Soap no matter where t... More »
john - I use Dermol 500 which was prescribed and although weak, it soothes and is water soluble. Easy to... More »
Sarah - Hey Amanda, when I shower I use Aveeno Body Wash for all my outside skin, and then I use Black Af... More »

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