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john - thank you lucy,,yes, she says things straight out, i am surprised i am ok with that :) i put some... More »
Lucy - Bless you. That’s the blooming downfall of steroid creams. It’s just a matter of time sweet. Just... More »
john - yes, it is especially the face,one can hide it any where else ,been a problem for a while now and... More »
john - i have jacqueline,i feel very lucky,they always show you the worst i find of anything when it co... More »
David - Is there a link for this Jacqueline ?
john - hello david, just go to google or write it in a tab and put in pictures of psoriasis then all the... More »
Jason - I go into remission every time I can stay on my biologics consistently...insurance and such...but... More »
Susan - Never did have had remission. My autoimmune diseases were relentless and stayed with me. Some m... More »
john - i dont think it does clear up fully jacqueline with anyone,remission maybe a vast improvement com... More »
Paul - google B12 side effects I found a lot
Sarah - I think the worst psoriasis related thing I've experienced was during pregnancy when my whole sca... More »
Maria Corazon - Susan where can I buy this Moringa how to use it.
Diane - Interesting. I have one growing on my heel. I never imagined for one moment it possibly could hav... More »
john - hello maria, you can find it on ebay,must be pure by 100% pure :)
john - try turmeric nuggets, see if that helps you, capsules or powder form, worth a try ,
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Thanks everyone, ill be sure to get in the docs when i can! Got to wait a while as changing homes... More »
john - great nuggets, its a start :)
Mike - Why Work Out Exercise is good for your immune system, and it helps fight inflammation in your ... More »
Mike - Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres Has Psoriasis
NS - are there any studies available detailing demographics or climate in regard to psoriasis ? spec... More »
Sarah - Actions can sometimes speak louder than words but feelings are very important too! Psoriasis is v... More »
Ken Martin - Thank you very mush Sarah
Marke Joseph - I don't know too
john - the cosmetic industry are more worried about pointing out anti aging creams for wrinkles as ever... More »
Sarah - Haha Alan!!!!
Alan - I said 'they're just laughter lines', She looked me straight in the eye and said; 'nothings tha... More »
Will - Luckily for me most of mine is hidden either by hair or clothes. I only been asked once or twice ... More »
Bren - Yes it’s definitely better when they ask instead of starring lol... I think there’s way more peop... More »
Julie - Bren, covering up less will give it more brearhing room. Mine was better when I have up the hide... More »
Susan - Sarah good for you... Always putting a twist of humor in things. LOL.
Lucy - This always happens to me when I’m on my jollies. Least you laugh about it 😂
Sarah - I love a poem!
Haydn - Thanks for the replies! I shall give your suggestions a go and try and figure out what's causing ... More »
michael - Try some anti histamines as you may be reacting in the night.
Alfredo - Hi Haydn! My mom purchased a somewhat expensive humidifier that I keep on through the night. Over... More »
Jasmine - Anxiety has been something that has dominated me since I got my first showing of it when I was 19... More »
Dave - Good to read you are getting back to normal Jasmine. It isn't easy, nothing worth having ever is.... More »
Marietes - Sue .so sorry to hear that,.i am cover of p all over too .i was thinking of killing my self too @... More »
john - i know doctors love handing out steriods as they know they help but, dont tell you about long te... More »
Jacqueline - Poor John 😕
john - thank you jacqueline, i will get through it thanks :)
Jacqueline - Hi Jim, that's a new one and something to consider, I'll be interested to see if any one here hav... More »
Susan - Sorry to hear that Jim. Never had that. Hope you can get some solutions either from your doctor... More »
Tim - I've made great strides to not really care what others think of me. When I avoid swimming in pub... More »
Dave - I can swim, well, I don't anymore.
Julie - Shellfish allergy and chlorine bother my eyes. I miss it so much, being close to Ocean makes it ... More »
Lucifer - Yes, I've tried a few. Every type has made me drowsy, nauseous & dizzy. I end up taking more pill... More »
Sarah - Hi Rich. Welcome to Flaym, great first post! Me personally no I haven't taken meds though my derm... More »
Don - right now very good..PsA has improved 70%?..graves is undercontol...and minimal skin issues. don
Sarah - I find it fascinating this debate! In my own mind I feel that it is sometimes different how you c... More »
john - gos back to , its just a skin disease in most people eyes out there sarah, i do understand what y... More »
Nan195 - Not a disability for me but a condition that shows up occasionally. Everyone have a happy Thursd... More »

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