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Lou - My P is doing ok these days.
Rachel - Yeah its the same for me Peter. My eye floaters are new so theyve been more of a bother than my s... More »
Lou - Hey all! For those of us that have scalp involved with p what do u use to treat it?
John, THE HULK - Hello Gino, not for me personally but i have been here for near 2 years now and i hear great resu... More »
Julia - Yes I have and it is very frustrating
bernadette - Im having light treatment in november il let u all know how I get on iv been usung steroid cream ... More »
Susan - That’s the salt we use Marigona. It’s apparently good for high blood pressure too. Don’t have hig... More »
psomom - Yes seems like it’s the most commonly used natural treatment.
Rosey - Yeah it's cheap an effective in way s,I can smell it on me so guess others can ,it's not a nice ... More »
Michelle - Lol psomom, that's the first thing we will think but hey, we are not alone. Sounds like an alien ... More »
Jen - Definitely positive effect after four weeks especially tomatoes and white potatoes. At the same t... More »
Jen - I have not reintroduced them because I'm too scared. Except for some wheat because it's in everyt... More »
Ellen - I get an instant itch reaction from raw tomatoes & peppers as they in most salads....I just take ... More »
lisa - just sick of coping with this alone...want to meet people in the real world and support eachother... More »
Alan - ive just had a large flare up all over my legs but its not stopped me from doing what i want my m... More »
Sheralyn - Hi lisa I’ve got palmaplantar on my hands and feet was really bad last year been a lot better thi... More »
Clint - Good luck 🍀 Deb
Millionways - Hi Deborah, you could try Chinese health science alongside the regular doctor. That really work... More »
Michelle - Haha, love your sense of humour. That 30% is awesome! Don't think about the 70%. You ate clearing... More »
James - My job can have its moments, some service users can be challenging. By and large though, I get so... More »
Clint - You got to do what you got to do😀
Rosey - No I don't if it causes pain ,life's to short not to do what I need to,which I come first,t o ol... More »
Clint - Keep up the good work when you get settled the weight will come off watch out for the pierogi 🥟 L... More »
Rosey - They need the fat to combat the cold ,maybe?
Peter - lol thanks all ya food is rely great and amazing, still struggling with some of the food changes ... More »
Michelle - Lisa. Love the pic! I agree with Clint, lemon takes time, so try it for a couple of weeks and see... More »
Rosey - Keeps the vampires away too,and men haha ,now just started on cod liver oil so I'll add fishy aro... More »
Rosey - Sarah what did the doc suggest as a supplement or something to aid your p?
John, THE HULK - Great news about your weight Ace :) I wish i could help you with the eyes, i dont get it there th... More »
Sarah - Not find that issue with sweat, but nervousness from stress yes I have!
John, THE HULK - Hello Rebecca, if mines gets under the armpits, sweat can irritate it yes, i try avoid working to... More »
Jen - Yes anxiety definitely. And when I was still working full time sweating of the scalp caused it to... More »
Brenda/joy - wasn't suppose to comment on a name brand sorry about that old age I didn't realize that was a pr... More »
Lindakay1948 - Brenda welcome to old age I am 70yrs young...I have the same problem you never have to apologise... More »
Afina - I like your name and picture John 😁
Sarah - Frustrating to see coverage growing, hope it stays fairly contained for you!
Rebecca - That past 6 years it’s got steadily worse because of going through a divorce. I know my nerves h... More »
Bev - Sorry it's spreading Rebecca. I do hope you find a solution that works for you be it diet, lemon ... More »

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