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Susan - Sarah I remember that. I still have scars on my elbows that get diminished in the summer. Actua... More »
Steve - The P!
Otto_M_Moon - Steve below the knee? or above? Under my knee is the only place I get the P
James - We don't have those kind of roads here really. The coast roads in my area do have their own uniqu... More »
Otto_M_Moon - we got our twisty mountain roads here, no coastline. I did enjoy blasting up Hiway 1 near Morro ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John missed your message. no lung problems at all now no wheezing , no shortness of breath even ... More »
John - Becky, if you research google on the whole vanilla thing, I understand that its the artificial va... More »
Becky - Thanks John I’ll look into it. I’ll also look into stridex pads, Thankyou
Sarah - Hi Becky, welcome to Flaym! Check out the topics section for more posts about "itch". It is infur... More »
John - Welcome Chelle. I’m new to Flaym too but not to psoriasis unfortunately. Hope we all find relief.... More »
Michelle - Welcome Chelle. I had psoriasis on my forearms many years ago but it disappeared again. Flaym has... More »
Sarah - Welcome, cheLLe. Many of us on here have plaque p too, in many different places and to varying de... More »
Patricia - Hi I tried coconut oil once, what a mess!!! someone at work recommended tea tree oil massaged int... More »
Sarah - Hi Debs, welcome to Flaym! For me grapeseed oil every time. Put it on a couple of hours before wa... More »
john - I got rid of mine by keeping my nails very short on the advice of an old style doctor
Sarah - Hi Anne, welcome to Flaym. Take a look at the themes section under "nails" - you'll find lots of ... More »
Sarah - Hi Magda, I've had really good results using a steroid gel in the ears. The cream form didn't hel... More »
Magda - Thank you so much, I will most definitely going to try it
Sarah - Let us know how you guys get on with it Magda!
Maggiec645 - Emma, I get it now. Does it hurt? If u don't want to answer that ? Its ok. Maggiec645 😊
Otto_M_Moon - whew as what i googled showed Primary lateral sclerosis is a type of motor neuron disease that ca... More »
Emma - No it’s doesn’t hurt just more itchy bits to add to the current lol
Maggiec645 - I have that too drives me crazy. I itch so bad that I bleed.
Sarah - Hey Tanya, I've used a steroid gel behind the ears which cleared mine up and so far it hasn't ret... More »
john - sorry to hear this marlene, what treatments is he on ?thanks
Michelle - Hi Marlene, I'm sorry to hear about your son. Its really great that you are here finding support ... More »
Sarah - Hi Marlene, welcome to Flaym! Love it when people are here to support family members living with ... More »
Tim - I keep my hair shorter because it is easier for me to treat my scalp, but I'm a guy. I would hop... More »
Michelle - Hi Heather, have you ever tried Tgel shampoo? Preferably the extra strength kind. It fixes me up ... More »
Sarah - Hi Heather, welcome to Flaym! I've had scalp p 21 years and have had about every length of hair a... More »
Otto_M_Moon - As of November 2016, thirteen of the nineteen "fully" human monoclonal antibody therapeutics on t... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Just so you know I don't discount diet as a influencing factor Many neurotransmitters are synt... More »
Otto_M_Moon - I will go with the forehead to the knee picture , instead of the old toe. Not bad considering i u... More »
Evonne - Sorry my first time still working it out
Maggiec645 - Yes I have the same problem. Have soooo many areas to treat. It sucks!
Maggiec645 - I'm losing hair. I've never gone to the hospital though. Did they give u a special shampoo? I use... More »
john - so true, i been here for 10 month or more now and theres always been laughs, i joke about my psor... More »
Michelle - That's wonderful John. To know there are people with ideas, advice and experience are amazing and... More »
john - :) its good here :)
Ellen - Me too ... I scratch until it bleeds then it gets inflamed.... Don't know what else to try ... pr... More »
Chelle - Ugh, the absolute worse. Also hard when you have long hair
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Evonne! My scalp was covered in sores too off and on for 20 years until about 5... More »
Otto_M_Moon - I would say it's caused from them being cut off from the interstitial flow , which basically feed... More »
john - inflammation, mine look normal now just by changing my diet/lifestyle,took a few months and then ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Evona. I think when I had bad toenails through psoriasis it was because of the ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - we have taco bell in the US John...lol but mmm garlic ;-) btw sent you a friend request on FB
john - thats great will thanks, friendship accepted :)
Nan195 - Flaxseeds have Omega3 and are good for the colon lining 🌹
Michelle - Hi Tracy, stress is a biggie for me as well. Ive been trying to incorporate mindful meditation in... More »
john - indeed michelle,i did it over 2 months not weeks with elimination,as you get into it you think i... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tracy! I have p in the same areas as you (and some others too). For the last 3 ... More »
john - hello marilyn, i have botha nd i am lifer since birth with psoriasis and i have had psoriatic art... More »
Sarah - Hi Marilyn, welcome to Flaym! Glad you found us. I'm sure there are many people around the world ... More »
Patricia - hi @marilyn5 I too, suffered for years with psoriasis before I was diagnosed. Frustrating to say ... More »

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