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michelle - I have dry eye, feels like sandpaper.
john - thank you vanessa, hugs to you too :)
Mary - Is back pain from p
Mary - Do you work
Nesta - I don't think so unless you were on medication for psoriasis
Messo - Nop I live in Lawrence Boston ma
Kim - No sorry. I am In England.
john - south of the uk England :)
Joni - Hi Cherry, same here for the past 20 years. Welcome to Flaym!
Kim - Oh apologies. I spelt your name wrong.🙁
Jullie - Hi cherry, welcome to our family.
Josh - Family you have no choice in, friends and partner are the family you choose
Sara - Thanks John. I'm planning to get an allergy test done. I'm a foodie, and I love carbs :-( but I g... More »
Maggie - I used to have a patch on my hand as well! I ate less sugar and carbs as well along with putting ... More »
Debakshi - Mine gets worse with chocolates. So, sugar has been something which I try to avoid as much as pos... More »
Predrag - Can't answer inexisting question
JULIE moosa
Pat - Shellfish and hay
Kim - That's a new one Pat! Not heard of those before.
Dave - I'd heard about shellfish not being good, never heard of hay though.......
Susan - Good for you Kate... I'm curious to see what he has to say.
michael - Great for you Kate. Dont let them overawe you You have to be strong for you. Do a list of quest... More »
Sarah - Great Kate, keep me posted
Liz - Does it work
Diana - Yes, I believe it helps me keep mine under control. I have had periods of remission lasting for s... More »
Mickg48 - Hi John I can sympathize with your back pain 2 wks and 3 visits to the osteopath and she has basi... More »
Janice - Look after that back John, try to have some relaxing time.
john - thank you Janice and mick,i am in pain now, work is bad for me haha,the girlfriend wanted me to t... More »
john - greeting to you tom,if you itch,scratch,flake and possible ache then welcome to flaym :)
Kim - Thanks Joy.
Jullie - Oh my god Kim that's no good. 🤦‍♀️
Kim - Thank you Jullie. I won't be using it again though
Victor - It will further dry your skin and cause soreness and itching beyond belief.
Karan - Try neem oil

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