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Chris - Hi Andy I dont but I feel your pain I dont think any if them with alcohol will be good the only t... More »
Andy - Cheers Chris, Its never good in winter but made worse with all the alcohol gels for sure.
Themba - Well for me it works however it comes with lots of side effects after taking the drug. I feel bed... More »
Sid - you do need to let your specialist know if the drugs are causing some impact on your daily life. ... More »
Lolita - Hi, I’ve been talking methotrexate for 8 years plus Xeljanz for 2 years. The only thing I regret ... More »
Peter - ya all good any you bud?
Tom - Yeah not too bad
Rita - Thanks Peter, doing a lot better. All extremities were tingling and with numbness. Very strange f... More »
Polar - Hi both. Maybe the problem with the shot is only for some days. It happened to my dad these days... More »
Rita - Yes it only lasted 24 hours. Doesn’t make you feel like getting any more flu shots in the future ... More »
Natalia - Good to know
Lynn - I am sure it will come back.
Polar - Hey Debbie how are you? For inverse places Daivonex works so nice for me. It is D vitamin on cre... More »
JULIA - I found Daivonex works well too
Eric - Posted this long ago. In the evening or staying at home anyways shower and wash scalp very well.... More »
Chris - Thanks Deborah just trying anything hope you are good
Claire - I don't know how I didn't think of this! I have some and will start using it topically.
Chris - Good luck claire let me know how you get on
Chris - Hi Amy I agree it is I am having some success with methotrexate
Jane - Same here! I am taking methotrexate too and applying some creams. Now I think my skin are getting... More »
Colin - Aveeno cream can be helpful ,i get it bad on my knuckles sometimes so bad it cracks and splits an... More »
Alexandros - Hi Garry. My Dr said a glass of wine or 2 does no harm but to avoid it on the day I actually take... More »
Jenny - I've been on it it for 4 years. Not a huge drinker. It does affect your liver, but Rheumatologist... More »
Claire - I generally don't drink and when I do I haven't noticed any issues.
Claire - Alexander! I am living vicariously through you! Sunset from home is pretty great, and a vacatio... More »
Rita - That sounds amazing Bruce! I would just replace the rum with red wine! Enjoy your trip!
Michelle - Oh that sounds too nice Alexander! I love watching the sun set and rise. Enjoy and remember you a... More »
Claire - Hello Michael - I've found that some people respond to my posts will all four emoticons! I don't... More »
Claire - Hello Chris
Jackie - Hello Chris
gina - Hello Chris please excuse typing im waiting for catarac op
Claire - I hope you can find a good doctor to work with.
Gráinne - Thanks guys, bloods show inflammatory parameters all normal but low B12. Getting shots now. Helpi... More »
Lynn - I hope everything is better for you @gingvn77.
RIAZ - You are not alone, we all have that feeling. It's a rollacoaster of emotions. Medications that g... More »
Ellen - Hi All … Ive been good …. just starting to feel the effects of not taking my psoriasis meds.... m... More »
Kay - Hey Michelle, how are you? Im not on here as much anymore due to work and home life lol. My psori... More »
RIAZ - Started a new bio T at the start of covid, and am almost cleared. Not like I can go away on holid... More »
Michelle - Hi Ramsudani. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with biologics. How is the ayorveda wor... More »
john,Hulk - Do you have arthritis also Ramsudani? I would like to know Thank you

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