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Bev - So happy to hear your skin is doing so well Julie
Jannie - Positive vibe from Julie .So liking that.😘
Julie - Thanks ladies. I try to keep up the positive. Best wishes to you.
Michelle - Hi Sarah. How did you find out it was Psoriasis?
Susan - Sarah, I'm not sure what tests they did. Yup... Most of us here have the stress trigger. You'll... More »
Alan - Sounds similar to me...
Bev - Sorry to hear that Rosey. I hope your test results are good and they don't have to draw more
Julie - I am sorry you have a tough time with your blood draws. That is what I do for a living and I feel... More »
Rosey - It's ok , always they have trouble drawing from me,I actually feel sorry for the pathologist s , 💉
Michelle - Well that sounds great Julie and I'm glad your skin is improving. Sounds like a wonderful cream t... More »
Rosey - James am scarred ,arms lovely brown and while but still fading ,body still regressing ,light pink... More »
James - I'd like to think so too but as long as it's not flaky, bleeding, raw and painful, I can cope. At... More »
Md - I have been using olive oil in cooking since last 2 years, but not eating olives
Md - I started L- glutamine, hope it will help a lot
Michelle - I only use olive oil sometimes but will start using it more often thank you Dakeyras and Md. Go... More »
Sid - @John - did the magic cream route for a while...it worked then stopped being as effective, but wh... More »
Rosey - No suppliments , went off all steroid creams,they give folic tabs to be taken day after last dose... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Sid,,yes i did a week and now stopped as its a powerful steroid though advertised as a herb... More »
Rahul - That's right even ignore all those who do bother with your scalp.
Erica - Lucky for me I am an integral part of our firm, they are just very glad I am here.... Don't mind ... More »
Michelle - That is wonderful news Dionna and I'm very happy for you. You can now only show them what you're ... More »
Susan - Thanks John. I guess I eat keto then. LOL. Actually I looked it up so no, I don't really eat k... More »
Lindakay1948 - Sarah I am so glad you did write today I have a friend who seemingly got rid of the bulk of her o... More »
Sarah - Hi Lindakay, Almost anyone of any age can do keto. If you have type 1 diabetes, it’s best to cons... More »
Clive - My skin is emotional , when it is angered by ignorant people around me it turns red and flakes / ... More »
Lee - Gross, what is that?
Rosey - We're you burnt in a fire ? Had that question a few times in the past.
Lou - Way to go Peter!
Bev - Oh wow Peter Congrats 🎉
Michelle - Excellent and well done! Very proud of you Peter :)
Honey - Mine is rainy season. We don't have winter in my country so I guess you dealing with winters is m... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry about this Mishi and welcome to Flaym, Yes winter seems to hit most of us i know , I got s... More »
amanda - I saw the episode too. Was a big inspiration to me that P can be treated
Sonia - Children will ask me straight up “what is that?” and I can comfortably answer but it’s those peop... More »
Erica - Ask them politely if they will feel better if you tell them what you have and what it is about. T... More »
Honey - Well if they ask, you just tell them what it is, how/where did you get it like you know explain t... More »
Denyse - I’ve been waiting for 6 months to see my 5th Dermatologist. My appointment is March 5 which by th... More »
Rosey - I pay for him,guess he thought He could put me in remission,not talking mild,all over, another ca... More »
Rosey - And the problem is the wait to see new one,well think Dr (specialist)referring so might not have ... More »
Michelle - Hey Leasha. Welcome to Flaym! Oh I know how bad the cold dry weather is for our skin. What moistu... More »
Erica - Sorry to hear that Leasha, also try and stay hydrated. Winter time is harder unfortunately.
sheila - I've been using Trader Joe's Head To Toe Balm on my scalp lesions and it really calms things down.
Denise - I've had P on scalp on and off for about 40 years. Coal tar based shampoo works for me. I don't u... More »
Caitlin - With my scalp psoriasis, i use sebco ointment which gets let on overnight and washed out the next... More »
john,Hulk - Its possible why healthy living is good for us,not saying you dont live healthy ,maybe a trigger ... More »
Dionna - I see. Been having this 2 years back. Was taking supplements previously it should be for a long r... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Dionna,we are all here to help each other :).I say reduce the bad foods in time and... More »

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