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Rosey - Stop! You are cool with p, if he shoots himself it wasn't about the way you look ,just get a rabb... More »
Rosey - Oh dear,stop watching those movies ,bin day I hate for some reason,just another thing that has to... More »
Susan - Oh dear... Time to watch some comedies! LOL... or get to the root of the issues...
James - I love those old black and white horror movies, Boris Karl off, Bella Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr. I ha... More »
Rosey - Sorry to hear about your loss James,and may the UV treatment be worth it for you when you get bac... More »
Ellen - Condolences on your loss James....onward & upward..
john,Hulk - Sorry about all this James,Your loss and your treatment,
Dionna - Hi Asif, as for me yes I did have hair loss,I had very thick black hair but ever since I got P on... More »
Asif - @chewbacca thank you! Fingers crossed to healthy diet 😁.
Asif - @dionna thank you! I will sure use Aloe vera, i hope it helps.
Michelle - That's wonderful news Shweta. Not all hospitals are tops in treating cancer patients. Thank you f... More »
Michelle - Hi Iain. Do you think adrenaline rush might have something to do with it? I found that when I get... More »
Iain - Yeah might be the stress related to flying, as I am a nervous flyer; possibly the poor quality re... More »
Jen - No not for me. I make sure I'm moisturized and keep drinking water. Flying never affects me. I lo... More »
john,Hulk - HAHA Michelle, Yes have fun on your daughters birthday :)i be drinking mainly beer i think for th... More »
Rosey - Oh dear ,have a,wreck of time John,and Michelle enjoy Daughters birthday,mm my bad time over Xmas... More »
john,Hulk - I agree, life is for living in moderation i say though, thats all gonna be thrown out the window ... More »
Rosey - My p loves the sun ,I've got even more on feet and ankles,arms ,but where I don't have it,top of ... More »
Michelle - That's great Rosey, as long as you get some sun right?
Rosey - Gets lots of sun,been hours in the sun,skin exposed ,I don't burn for some reason ,but doesn't im... More »
Rosey - .Well can douse them with water if they get uncomfortable,just a confidence thing,better the ques... More »
Michelle - Yes true, no one needs to know what's going on under those sleeves. It will definitely boost your... More »
Rosey - Was too hot today already been sprung not wearing uniform as was sent to social club Monday lol,... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Dionna, one only needs to do 80% of the Diet/lifestyle so one can have odd treats now ... More »
Michelle - Hi Iain. Welcome to Flaym. Being on the caveman diet has helped me tremendously. I love salads a... More »
Michelle - You're so sweet Rosey. I know 2019 is going to be awesome for all of us. :) xx
Jen - Hi Sally I refuse to take medication prescribed by the 'professionals' because they don't cure an... More »
Pomdays - Yes I have tried curcumin but really can’t tolerate it. Makes my stomach clench even to think abo... More »
carol - Me too. Stomach is pretty touchy. Lots of things don't agree.
Michelle - Hi Martin and welcome to Flaym. What spray do you use on your P? :)
Jen - Hi Martin I'm glad it works for you. Can you share what's in the spray you use? Thank you.
James - If you're talking about spray on moisturiser, I use it after every shower.
Michelle - I know how you feel Dionna. I had scalp P but not severe. My P started when I colored my hair fo... More »
Sue - I wash my hair with the blue dawn soap and rinse with vinegar. Removes the hard patches and the i... More »
Dionna - Today I washed my hair with an oil based shampoo and rinsed my scalp with vinegar..the flakes are... More »
Jane :) - Yes, after washing really itch to the highest level! I hate it, John! :) And also when it dries, ... More »
Sallyhr - Hairdresser mention how flaky it was and gave me hot oil treatment and that actually helped for a... More »
john,Hulk - Luckily mine dosnt look flakey everywhere,i can get away with black tops etc and i dont flake, ju... More »
Michelle - Well my wish for you is to find the relieve in your P and be happy. Sometimes its better to be al... More »
Dionna - Tell me about it..I don’t want to be with someone if they’re gonna reject me just because I have ... More »
Michelle - Haha oh and the Christmas food is delicious! I'm sure you enjoyed it. Like John said, we have to ... More »
Debs - Hello , psoriatic arthritis? Never heard of this either sounds nasty. I suffer with arthritis p... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Debs, good possibility its psoriatic athritis.I didnt get diagnosed either but i knew when ... More »
julie - did nothing for me
James - I'm in a better place right now than I have been for a while. Its still there, but definately fad... More »
john,Hulk - Good , I am glad with your positive outlook for the future now James , I think enjoy the heal up... More »
Michelle - That is wonderful news James. I'm really happy for you and I know how you feel. When my P disappe... More »
john,Hulk - Thanks Peter , i wonder if uv be good on private parts?, cant imagine sticking a UV light to my ... More »
Michelle - Hahahaha nooooo John. I'm a picture person and this is so funny. Okay so this is what I came acro... More »
john,Hulk - HAHAHA i am really joking about this Michelle lol,My childs farm moisturiser does okay,just looks... More »

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