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Beverly - Oh of course its very very easy to let the (P) get you down, for sure!!! But I just put my moistu... More »
Katerina - You have to be optimistic!I was covered with psoriasis about 90 percent fifteen years wi... More »
Beverly - Thats wonderful Kathrine that you are down to 5 percent now!!!
Susan - Marietes we are all in the same boat. It might take longer for some than others to get to the pl... More »
Lorna Penner - I talk to my friends mostly some times my doctor but Im going off any meds from doctor concernin... More »
Ajit - The best part of having psoriasis is you are only surrounded by people who love you for what you ... More »
john - hello baby bear,glad you have a good mummy bear :)
Jullie - Love your mum 🙂
Janice - Your mum sounds great.
Gabriela - Thank you so much Mishlyn and Susan you have given me so much hope. This is only My second outbr... More »
Ilze - I've been sporting severe psoriasis for the last 20 years and my advise is to stay away from west... More »
Susan - lize I know that it is odd not to be able to openly suggest Moringa. It's kind of the law here. ... More »
Dean - Hi Cindy thanks!! I'm just here to make people laugh and feel better about there life with psoria... More »
john - oh dear dean,you crack me up and I am glad its not my psoriasis that's doing that aswell :)
Susan - Welcome back. Good chuckle today. Honestly, does anyone like sand up their crack? Hahahaha
john - haaha, that's funny honey,sounds good funny honey :) as long as you are good and not fighting, pu... More »
Honey - John. Thanks~ and yeah we don't fight. That pulling each others flakes out is a really good idea ... More »
Harold - Hi Abdul & welcome
john - hello abdul and welcome to flaym, glad you are proud, hope you find good help here :)
Susan - Did you apply it topically? Made it yourself? Recipe?
Sharon Smith - Has it stayed away ?
john - hello kim,thanks for your storey :) it is hard work but, it pays off in time,respect to all that ... More »
john - thank you chris for your help,i made a lot of changes with your help thanks :)
Cheryl - I am starting to see a few changes John... however slight they are it has given me encouragement ... More »
john - plaque,seems to be the most common and flakey one i believe? :)
Deleted account - I have Plaque, Guttae and Inverse Psoriasis.
Mary - Plaque, flared up the past two weeks.
Raymond - Any recommendations? I've recently cut alcohol out of my diet.
Jose Palma - In my own experience I cut off sugar, carbs, gluten, nightshades and cured cheese. I've red some ... More »
Scobe - Too much stress will cause a flare up and what I hate is you have a shower and get squeaky clean ... More »
Lynn - Unfortunately, the only thing that worked very well from me was a biologic. I was totally clear f... More »
Deleted account - Listen to the advice given by the Medical Professionals and ask for print outs of Information on ... More »
michael - Today was a tough day with a lot going on in a family way. I can feel the strain and the stress ... More »
michael - My psoriasis is starting to flare up again;I can feel that itchy uncomfortable feeling and the wa... More »
john - hello Michael, I find a lot of the itch is almost under the skin if constant,i am sorry about thi... More »
Gazza544 - Nothing worse than a selfish lover lol, but seriously I know where you are coming from.
Psoriatic4good - I love orgasms! That is honest :)
Deleted account - @siddion11 that's why you can never satisfy me you are thinking of ravishing to please yourself..... More »
Lynne - Touch wood I've always been lucky with my tattoos always kept them really moisturised though x
Tom - I've got 7 tattoos and when I was last in phototherapy the nurse said that getting a tattoo can h... More »
Harold - I would feel something "fall" in my ear. I'd shake my head and a huge flake would fall out. Reall... More »
Craig - Our bodies, no matter the situation, are quite the miracle :P
Linda - Yes...especially on the bottom of my feet.
Lee - I admit I do the same on my scalp occasionally but like any addiction the more you feed the monst... More »
Stuart - Agree, I know that I really shouldn't
Ashleigh - I know lee! My scalp is the biggest one I pick at! It's like peeling sunburn or picking at a scab!!

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