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Gretchen - Research, find a understanding and knowledgeable doctor, get into a support group.
Hannetjie - This is a confition you have to live eith.
Hannetjie - I havebread and stil read everything about this desease
Cheryl - I sometimes loose sight of my inner strength ... think it has deserted me ... then comes days lik... More »
john - hello michael, i didnt think about it that much until i came here to be honest, i have helped mys... More »
michael - Today was a tough day with a lot going on in a family way. I can feel the strain and the stress ... More »
Gazza544 - Nothing worse than a selfish lover lol, but seriously I know where you are coming from.
Psoriatic4good - I love orgasms! That is honest :)
Rose - @siddion11 that's why you can never satisfy me you are thinking of ravishing to please yourself..... More »
Lynne - Touch wood I've always been lucky with my tattoos always kept them really moisturised though x
Tom - I've got 7 tattoos and when I was last in phototherapy the nurse said that getting a tattoo can h... More »
Harold - I would feel something "fall" in my ear. I'd shake my head and a huge flake would fall out. Reall... More »
Craig - Our bodies, no matter the situation, are quite the miracle :P
Linda - Yes...especially on the bottom of my feet.
Pamela - Sorry about the duplication in my comments sometimes touch screens have their own mind
Lynne - Sometimes you just have to do it xx
Linda - I feel that it's one layer closer to soft normal skin...then it's do it again and again.
Suzanne - 🙌🏻🙌🏻💜
Psoriatic4good - I'm a mermaid for sure. Retarded mermaid with no tail, but with flakes :)
Edward phillips - That's such a good attitude
Ashleigh - 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️
Mickg48 - Have you seen a skin specialist? If not go to one. But try moisturizer morning and night load it ... More »
Asha - That's amazing!! 😄
Dave - @ashleigh good for you hun, its very liberating, seeing people with P these days due to stress, p... More »
lisa - love this! only wish I had your inner strength.x
Jorge Ayuso - Good, good, good!! Nice, nice, nice!! Patients like her help to all of us.
john - thats good on her :) maybe it was her way of hoping to get the full seating to herself :), we... More »
Psoriatic4good - We all need to do that! Act like that our skin is normal, who want's to look and stare - would do... More »
Barbara - I guess P has always been a part of me. I was about 7 when I was diagnosed. I have become more to... More »
MishLyn - I do indeed :) It has definitely made me more compassionate and understanding towards others ❤
Jorge Ayuso - I agree with all of you, mates!!! I think I am a good person but since I have got psoriais I t... More »
Susie - I suffer with it only on the palms of my hands, it's so difficult to treat as I've had mine for o... More »
Jane Tsipi - I was just applying a little organic coconut oil on my palm just to make sure it doesn't go dry. ... More »
Jamie - Yay you are sweet
Vidhyut Shah - Stay strong stay positive
Cheryl - I love the way lovely caring people here can immediately lift spirits. Thanks for your kind wor... More »
john - hello luis, i made changes and my skin is great,glad you are proud :)
Cindy - We get the best weather here in Sydney lol...we only get 2 really bad months with the l... More »
john - you are definitely not alone cindy.i was suprised when i first came here on comments months ago h... More »
john - its like , yes, mine does that, yes it happens to me everyday etc,it hurts doing this i was blow... More »
john - think my salad maybe a bit bit p4g but,i am on a diet :)
john - think my salad maybe a bit bland?but, i am on a diet :)
Psoriatic4good - @Nan... now we're talking :) Feta is definitely way to go! @Claire... You don't know what You'... More »
Psoriatic4good - I met one person who thought that, and she is reaaaaally special specimen of a homo sapiens (we a... More »
Angie - That's great! I've met people who thought psoriasis was a fungus until I educated them.
Psoriatic4good - She is uneducatial one :)
TravelRocker - Danced the night away like the good old days
Allyson - Good for you!

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