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Elaine - WOW!!!!! Lucky you, Tom!!! Congrats!
Jose Antonio - Good on you. Congratulations
Joseph - Woow! What inspired you to have such courage to keep it going for 2 and a half months! Bravo What... More »
Linda - You really embrace the spirit of the day. ThankyouSarah!❤️
bernadette - Hi my name is bernie havent been here in a while due to bad health h as anyonefound parrifen gel ... More »
RIAZ - In my experience parafin thins the skin, so it becomes red. Good to remove scaly skin.
Michelle - Hi Lisa, great to see you back. Get those legs out and flaunt it. Your skin will love the sun ;)
lisa - Thanks michelle oh i plan to I was gunna go with my now ex but we split he was toxic and evil so ... More »
Michelle - Yeah Lisa, no reason to stay in a toxic relationship but I'm glad you still went and took your fr... More »
James - Applying something like almond oil, as hot as you can take it without burning yourself, wash it o... More »
Michelle - The only thing I use for my scalp is a coal tar shampoo or head and shoulders. I do not have P on... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
Michelle - haha Rosey. You go girl! Next time tell him you have two legs that needs some rubbing ;)
Sid - Good stuff and keep going!
Rosey - Trying hard to do it now wow did not expect this
Susan - Hellow Michael... Long time no chat. That's so kind of you to say and I wish I could take the cr... More »
Claire - Wow! I'm late to the conversation. I hope things have worked out in your favor.
Lorna Penner - This is old message. Im taking tumerac and honey for pain and inflammation and its helping.
Dionna - I totally salute you for being so positive.
Rosey - I got sick of looks,years,not just months,so brought sleeves recently,and voila,dont need to educ... More »
Rosey - W as never embarrassed but unfortunately cannot stop the flake that fall ha ha ha,well I can mean... More »
Sonia - Trying my best to work out every morning and it does make me feel better about it during the day ... More »
Michelle - It certainly does Sonia. One feels happier when you feel good :)
Bev - That's fantastic news Fiona hopefully it will inspire others to try. Yes Sonia anything that he... More »
Michelle - Try it for a week and see how it goes EI. I hope for the best and good luck. You and John must ke... More »
john,Hulk - Of course Michelle , if i see any changes under my fur,i let ya know :)
john,Hulk - Thank you El, Yes 2 in one go a day + vitamin D pills and vit C ah also Calcium thanks :) Finger... More »
Margaret R - and to you too!
john,Hulk - Thank you Margaret R Happy new year :)
john,Hulk - Thank you all you who have a lot of emotions lol :) Happy new year :)
Julie - Thank you Michelle. My husband has been to rehab a few times, but the sobriety doesn’t last long.... More »
Michelle - You know what Julie, I've learned that the less you worry, the less complicated life becomes, but... More »
Julie - Thank you.
Michelle - True, I did say that as well nikdm. Meany moons ago when I got P on my scalp (that's where it sta... More »
julie - the itch drives me crazy on the scalp any ideas
Gyanendra - Hi. Honey... I m from India. N there is very cheapest and effective treatment and controlling sol... More »
rachel - Great that your skin is clear in those areas now, bet it looks lovely :-)
Mavis - Great news Sarah
Mishlyn - Thanks so much everyone! It has been great but super busy! Work is amazing! Thanks Michelle!. I... More »
Clint - Michelle is on the move and don't let the grass grow under her feet...😎
rachel - It all sounds wonderful 🤗
Erica - Good for you! In the end you have only one life to live. Buy more dresses!
Joseph - Well done!!Keep on doing these kind of acts!
Jane - Well done Sarah..I wish I had your courage.
Mishlyn - You're right Peter, so much of p is psychological. Getting out of our heads can be such a battle.... More »
Sarah - I think most people would prefer psoriasis sex to no sex! Hehe! Thanks for sharing this Peter it ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Honey I didn't saw You, but I know You were beautiful :)
john,Hulk - Good for you Honey :)I take my helmet off to you :)
Sarah - Wahoooo! More days like this now Honey!
Bev - Good Luck to Conor and you Sandra
Mishlyn - I am happy to hear his skin is doing well! ❤
Sarah - Fantastic, so glad to hear this! Really hope it brings some great outcomes with it... for Conor a... More »
Mishlyn - Aww Pegge, I am so grateful to have you and everyone else here as well ❤ I said to my husband th... More »
Jane - Totally the short time I’ve been part of this forum I’ve realised I’m not a freak and ... More »
Sarah - Absolutely, positively! I can't imagine how I ever managed 20 years of psoriasis without Flaym.

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