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Dave - Any muscle pains Lucy, cold pack, wrapped in a teatowel, 20 mins on, 20 mins off....not heat for ... More »
john - live for the day lucy,glad you are feeling ok :)
Lucy - Cheers for that Dave. Jon, ok for now! 😂 give it a few hours and I’ll probably start woddling lik... More »
MishLyn - Love this Cyril 😊💖 Thanks for posting!
Brian - I drink turmeric with ginger. Good tea
john - great news, its good to educate aswell then clear skins will react better to psoriatic people whe... More »
Sarah - Ah Bren, what a coincidence! Although I guess there are many more people with psoriasis around th... More »
Diana - I watched a sad movie last night. Should not have done that, I plan on a comedy tonight. Laughter... More »
Nan195 - Hi Chris, my weekend was too good, rested on Monday and now the rest of the week starts. Thanks ... More »
Maria Corazon - My p is itchy during cold season and become reddish too.
Susan - Roxanne I never looked. Flaym asked. I don't do anything different. Kind of like a reward that... More »
Roxanne - Thanks Susan.
Dave - Hi Roxanne, nothing different apart from maybe being as involved as you can and keep posts rollin... More »
Sarah - Hehe I love a psoriasis anthem!
Paul - No, but I think of Paul Young's 'every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you'
Paul - LOL Love it Jessica :D gotta have a sense of humour. Good for you! :D
Ruby - 🙏
Sarah - Hi Sayed, welcome to Flaym! Glad you found us
Dave - I'm glad I haven't John and really feel for you guys that might have, can't be easy to treat either.
Dave - @Chris70 Mate, you've got to do what you've got to do. If that works for you then why not, its a... More »
Paul - No...I was a bit more self conscious as a teen, but I've never hid fact I found it to be ... More »
Susan - Good for you Beverly. I'm dating too and have a very special man in my life. Good for you for f... More »
Sarah - So many people still think that don't they! I'm glad we're educating people by being out in the w... More »
Nan195 - Hi Paul, welcome to this amazing Site where you will find answers, advice and communicate with th... More »
Paul - Thanks Nan ) I already am in fact
Jecyslims - patforever8 at gmail
Kathryn - Love it
Sarah - Haha! Good one to have up your sleeve, Jacqueline
Sarah - So poignant! And quite uplifting :)
Nan195 - Wonderful, thank you Jacqueline 🌹
john - or you could just do a music christmas video with fake snow then the camera wouldnt see your flak... More »
Sarah - I moisturise my skin like I'm doing a human bowling ball competition!
Stephen - Good on you, as my wife keeps saying to me, let them stare, It's what's inside that counts.
Cheryl - I like my isolation too sometimes, i usually get a month on end, my husband works overseas, so he... More »
Chris - I find music and reading very relaxing , always have but more so now
Susan - Yeah those teachers need a day! I love teaching because I get to learn too. I have taught many ... More »
michael - Without teachers and educators how would we pass on our beliefs and values to future generations
Jane :) - Thank you Susan and Michael! I really hope the students will find the value of education and its ... More »
john - i am not all the time serious gideon, got to have some good spirits now and again,not vodka thou... More »
john - sorry holiday for us flakers is not going to happen this week gideon, just checked my numbers :( ... More »
Jammie - yh sure why not?
Deleted account - Jenn Grant - Dreamer
Deleted account - If you love horses you will love Heartland. Horses bring me an amazing amount of peace....
Sarah - Like on Austin Powers where he keeps his ear skin in a tub... ick!
Kari - I used to get relief from the itch with the edge of the blade of scissors. I know now that the it... More »
James - I was called Freddie Krueger one time.
john - oh dear, that is funny but not good as you know what freddie kruger is james :(
James - I know who he is. I actually laughed cause I was in a "debate" with a colleague, and winning, and... More »
Susan - Very funny Gideon...
john - oh dear, you are funny ,keep em coming :)
Sarah - Thats why they call us Flakers!

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