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rachel - Interesting Sarah. Is your reaction straight away?
john,Hulk - I prefer sweet potatoes now, i have them in my currys and they soften quicker when cooking i fi... More »
James - Home made sweet potato oven fries with home made spicey ketchup, makes even the crappiest movie b... More »
Bev - Wow That was so mature of that young girl. Her family must be so proud of her. Don't let the same... More »
James - Her dad said it came as no shock to him, that she always stuck up for the underdog. I didn't say ... More »
Michelle - Bless her beautiful soul. She is going to grow up strong, with constant love and understanding an... More »
Mavis - Well done Michelle that is such good news. Sometimes your children can give you that confidence p... More »
Michelle - Awwww bless them. Michelle, you have the most adorable little boys and not only that, they are go... More »
Mishlyn - Such kind words everyone ❤ Thank you so much! We have been swimming everyday since 😃
john,Hulk - Happy birthday for thursday on your 39th , i remember my 40th like it was yesterday though i did... More »
Michelle - May you have an awesome bday Lisa. The older we get, the wiser we become. I think. Lol. No care ... More »
Michelle - Its very relaxing to watch birds or animals. I love going to the Kruger Park, there are so much t... More »
Mishlyn - Ohh so nice Lisa! I am really happy & proud of you too! ❤
Chel - Happy dance for you
Michelle - Lol. Today is your today to NOT get hurt John. Although it sounds like your'e in war!
john,Hulk - Haha, i can tell you some of the accidents i have had with myself Michelle,i have cut my arm with... More »
Michelle - Ok. hm...Sounds like the movie 'saw' to me. 😳 You are very lucky John. Still in one piece I gues... More »
Mishlyn - I did Chris in my younger years, can be hard indeed. Good for you Chel, it can be so helpful ta... More »
Sarah - I haven't ever had it affect me in this way. I am not massively body confident but am equally not... More »
Chris - I had therapy for something else but as we talked over weeks he asked about do I think people see... More »
Michelle - lol. Have to be careful John. I'm very healthy and I'm not going to let some paprika be the cause... More »
Sarah - Great experiment Michelle! Yes I do think some things creep up on us over time. So like, one port... More »
Michelle - True Sarah. I do that as well. When I eat i.e. potatoes, I eat them once a week and it does nothi... More »
carol - I have to agree and be very grateful for all the info and support received on this site. Thanks ... More »
Jane - I love this group and yes I've learned more from here than anywhere else and I don't feel alone o... More »
Michelle - Hi Jane, I'm so glad you love this group. All of our Flaymers are awesome right? So many differen... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Jon, Welcome :) Great to see you found us here! How are you doing?
Darwin michael - here, you don't suffer alone.
Helen - Hi Jon, Welcome!
Sarah - That is so great Gill,, just what everyone here wants to hear!
Gill - Before I found this on FB didn't know anyone with p so felt normal if that make sense and great s... More »
Michelle - Happy to hear about skin Gill. Keep us updated!
Sarah - Can't get better than that! Nice one Chris 💙
Cherryl - Go Chris 👍
Mishlyn - That is great Chris! Well done! I love to swim, It is always so cleansing, relaxing and empowerin... More »
Chris - Or the eyeballs Sarah 😂
john,Hulk - Ha ha, oh dear jayne, i dont know what to make of your comment haha :)
Jayne - John - make of it what you will lol
agb - My coworker uses it. I may have to look into it. Do you buy it at the drug store?
Sarah - You can buy it online but be sure of what you are buying!
Susan - That's great agb!
Mishlyn - Thanks so much everyone! 🌼 Sarah, when you say being yourself and not covering up for others.. it... More »
Mavis - Have a fantastic weekend Michelle
Mavis - Have a fantastic weekend Sarah
Bev - Hi Chris How did the TV interview go?
john,Hulk - my tv signal i have sorted, just give the word when we can watch you revealing the flakes :)
Sarah - Hope it went well, Chris!
Jen - Other than this last one no didn't get it.
Deleted account - I wrote Bless your heart . I only have it on my hands and feet it does about cripple me some time... More »
Deleted account - Jen it was nice talking with you and I pray you will be restored I tried to ask you a question ab... More »
Mishlyn - You're pretty great yourself Chris! :D Laughter is the best medicine of all!
Michelle - And you're an awesome person Chris with a witty sense of humor. I'm glad to be part of this great... More »
Sarah - Don't change your style Chris, we all need you just how you are! Picks us up 😃
Michelle - Thank you Sarah. I love life and I intend to live up to 91 if not 200. lol.
Susan - Lindakay that's very cool. Yes, those kids on the spectrum are very inspiring. My daughter too ... More »
john,Hulk - No one , just me myself and i :)
Michelle - I should really try the coconut. Everything sounds so delicious when you guys mention coconut. I ... More »
Fluke - CAREFUL WITH THE TOPICAL COCONUT OIL!!! Permanent use will block pores and keep toxins inside th... More »
Justin - I use coconut oil daily BUT ONLY IN MODERATION!

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