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john,Hulk - Happy mother day to you mothers :)
Mishlyn - Thanks all! Happy Mothers day to everyone as well! The sun is shining bright today 🌞 25°C. My ski... More »
Susan - Thanks Jen. Hope you had a super Mother's Day too. For those on Flaym that are FB friends you k... More Β»
Mishlyn - Beautiful Sarah!! Good for you!! I hope you have a wonderful time!
Sarah - Yessss! Whole day! No cover ups. Only a tad of self consciousness. But I soldiered on through. On... More Β»
Fran - Proof positive that a winning smile and friendly attitude will distract most people from your pso... More Β»
natalie - Thanks Sarah. Hope your son is feeling better..
Sarah - Thank you he is looking clear this morning so far, and isn't crying or anything with it so that i... More Β»
Michael - hello . I have got rid of all my psoriasis , I got a miracle cream and our on holidays in Croat... More Β»
Ninad - Thanks for the revert! Will keep u posted for more updates πŸ˜ƒ
Sarah - I think #1 is the best for me! It keeps the healing process ticking along...
Linda Anne - At moment my skin on my hand is split dry and soar, creams not helping any ideas .
lisa - been too busy to sunbathe today but hoping to for a few hours tomorrow xx
lisa - thankyou everyone for the encouraging messages x
Ruben - That's what we are here for Lisa, to support each other :)
Sarah - Yesss Susan, a kindred spirit! How is your AIP going for you? Thank you everyone, a big milestone... More Β»
James - When my brothers and I were kids my dad would pick rhubarb from the garden, trim and wash it then... More Β»
Sarah - I used to do that too James! With my Dad!
john,Hulk - Ah its okay Sarah, i see, yes i think Lisa is very sweet and selfless too,thanks Sarah :)
lisa - Well ive put drwss n wedding stuff on groups on fb but no interest lol
john,Hulk - You could try gumtree Lisa ?, its free, i have sold many of items on there :)
Susan - Keith good word. Smoothies. LOL. I like it.
Clint - So we are a little rough around the edges
john,Hulk - Its funny Sarah,when i talk to clear skins about lifestyle changes etc , i make them feel the odd... More Β»
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Meric. What an awesome way to look at it. I think whatever level of acceptance ... More Β»
Michelle - There were so many spiderman movies already I can't keep track. I love avengers. I'm not a big fa... More Β»
john,Hulk - Spiderman Spiderman does what ever a spider can,Bugs bunny?i used to watch the wonder woman seri... More Β»
SiennaD - Well done I’m so happy for you x
Bev - Gosh well done Jade that's so great. I'm sure it's going to help your P as well
Jade - Thank you guys 😊 I am feeling better now, it’s tajen a while to shake it though!
Susan - Good for you Jade. Always very empowering to take our health into our own hands.
Michelle - Thank you Chris & Michelle. It really feels good to show off some legs lol.
Sarah - Wooohooo!
Clint - Add lemon πŸ‹ to that mix and you will be fixed
Catherine - Morning Sarah 😊 until now I've tried to cover up as much as possible ...but this last week I've ... More »
Sarah - That is amazing to hear of most of you airing your psoriasis! The more we do it the more normal i... More Β»
Connie - I do not cover up at all, if they can stand the way I look it is their problem not mine.
Chris - Yeah o had sunstroke last summer blinking horrible, always learn the hard way 😊
john,Hulk - That is nasty, i had that bad in tenerife last year, i call that holiday TENERGRIEF as i rememb... More Β»
Connie - Same here.
Mishlyn - Oohh so exciting! I miss those younger years and cuddles, lol. It really does go too fast. Enjoy!
natalie - thanks ladies
john,Hulk - good natalie :)
Chris - Good for you, amazing what we think we see but kids don't care at all
Mishlyn - So good to hear Natalie! Sometimes it can be hard getting out of a funk. Children and play can be... More Β»
Sarah - So many people report mood swings when changing diet / eating plan. It does have a big effect. I ... More Β»
Sarah - Raaa ouch! The thought of that!
Bryan82 - Lol no it was like eating three cream crackers in one go without water ha
MariaL - LolπŸ’—
Sarah - Amazing victories everyone! That is so great to hear these things that might seem small to others... More Β»
Susan - That's great Sarah. All those creams just take up space. I don't celebrate so much my psoriasis... More Β»
Catherine - That's beautiful Susan.πŸ’š I am not only a survivor I am a warrior!! πŸ’š
Susan - agb it's a bit tough, but more and more hairdressers are getting to know what psoriasis is. I lo... More Β»
agb - So glad you guys understand. Something as simple as getting a haircut is NOT that simple. We have... More Β»
Sarah - I think if I'd waited for my scalp to calm down I wouldn't have had a haircut in decades! I know ... More Β»
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Millionways, thanks! The eating plan I follow suggests yolks are less inflammato... More Β»
Catherine - Wow ve done really well ..what an inspiration !!! 😊
Mavis - So well done Sarah πŸ˜„

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