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Michelle - Sorry Million. I meant Empath. Me...a lot Empathy? To people who really suffer yes. To animals? D... More »
Mishlyn - I am the same Michelle. I resonate highly with being an empath 😊❤
Sarah - I don't know what I am! But I was always a sensitive child, and think I am quite sensitive now as... More »
Mishlyn - Awww Chris, thank you :) I am so proud of you and your progress! So very inspiring! Well done!!
Sarah - Love a bit of Flaym solidarity! You guys rock! 👊👊👊
Sarah - Sad that you almost cancelled because of your skin, but so glad you didn't! So important. Good fo... More »
Mishlyn - Well Done Cheryl! Not an easy thing to do, but you did it!! I really feel letting go of fear and ... More »
Cheryl - Thank you - I hope others will gain the same strength through this support group too.
George - Just started the diet bev, I’ll keep my progress posted, thank you
lisa - Good luck Sarah!! Lots of hugs
Stacey - That's great!!!
Sarah - Light therapy seems to really relieve symptoms for lots of people, that is great! Have you been c... More »
Sadie - Hello, sorry I haven’t been on recently. It took me about 3 months to become completely clear aft... More »
Dakeyras - Pleased to learn this and good for you the wee flair up's you mentioned Sadie. Apart fr... More »
Michelle - I hope all the UK mom's had a wonderful mother's day yesterday. You are right Sarah. We do rock!
lisa - happy belated mothers day to all you amazing mums!my kids spoilt me rotton :)
john,Hulk - They have been scratching your back all day yesterday then lisa? its a great gift for mothers day... More »
Edvin - Now im trying coconut oil mix withherbs
Mishlyn - Very nice 😀 What herbs are you using Edvin?
Edvin - Im using henna mix with coconut oil
Sarah - Welcome back Theres! Flakes aren't the worst thing out there as you say. When you live in a house... More »
Carol - Perfect response from a perfect sales person
Roxanne - When my skin was bad I would never try on any clothes.
Mishlyn - Yummm Sarah! Sounds Nutritiously Delicious! :) Enjoy! Happy to hear your flare is subsiding! Che... More »
Bev - Glad your flare is getting better Sarah I love chicken Tikka too your is by far a healthier versi... More »
Sarah - Thank you Bev for thinking of me! Yes give it a whirl and let me know what you think of it!
Sarah - Sugar scrubs are ace, I had one before my wedding and it was so good. Sumonds and Jim, I'm so gla... More »
john,Hulk - yes the sun , its great for me in small doses, ,maybe its good to have holidays in november and t... More »
Michelle - I'm also very lucky to have moderate P. I thought mine was bad by only having it on my ankles. I ... More »
Lucy - Thanks Michelle 😊 and bev 😊 I’m sure they will 👍🏻 keeping it positive ❤️
Julia - I am so happy for you Lucy it seems to be working. Maybe it takes a little longer for your joints... More »
Lucy - Thanks Julie ❤️❤️
Susan - Mark does little dog poop count? Hahahaha
Sarah - I like your psoriasis measures people! That is cool to see how others check their progress. For m... More »
Michael - Me it's the red also!
john,Hulk - That great and i like the sound phrase of flaking action , like a snow storm is coming :)
Sarah - Very inspiring, Abe! The more we talk, the more others talk too. Encouraging openness is an aweso... More »
Mishlyn - That is fantastic to hear Abe :) I think the more we can talk about it, the more confidence we c... More »
Rita - For coconut milk, I use Dr Ben Kim coconut powder. Super tasty and lasts forever.
Susan - Rita I bet that would be awesome in my morning shake. Did you know that if you buy a can of thic... More »
Sarah - Never thought of buying powder, thanks Rita!
john,Hulk - Hello sarah, not since i was child,though i have had the waxworks figure look on my face many tim... More »
Sarah - John that sounds so painful! The things you have been through, you are a true psoriasis warrior f... More »
Theresa - Yes I put it on my hair on my days off, go shopping whatever, I live in south Florida and no one ... More »
John - Enjoy and relax with
john,Hulk - i hope that went well sarah, good to introduce the psoriatic diet, though none of my friends appr... More »
Nan195 - Congratulations Sarah, you did it well 🌹👋
Deleted account - I believe you have a lot of excellent dermatologists in your respective countries do you?
Ruben - I was so lucky to find one. But I have learnt more on here than from him. Appointments don't last... More »
jessica - Hi, I’ve just joined and I’d like to come to the next flake meet up can anyone point me in the di... More »
Jan - I have 23 and have no problems!!
Shirley - Thanks for letting me know Kim x
Shirley - Hi Eilish that good to know. No we shouldn’t be dictated by our pain or any other conditions. We ... More »
Mishlyn - It is such an amazing feeling Jessica :) I hope you are feeling better today!
Sarah - 👊
john,Hulk - it great jessica :)
Mishlyn - Happy New Year Laura!! :)
john,Hulk - thank you laura,hope no one kicks my butt? :) happy new year :)
Sarah - Love that Laura! HNY & welcome to Flaym!

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